On this page, you find the ultimate guide and checklist to achieve 100% Completion in GTA San Andreas, with all the required tasks. These include story missions, side missions, collectibles, and activities. Your progress towards GTA San Andreas 100% Completion can be tracked in the Pause Menu, in the "Stats" section.

One of the most notable games of the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA San Andreas was released in 2004 and followed the story of Carl Johnson, a member of the Grove Street Families gang.

To ease your task of fully completing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, we've created this full list of all the tasks required to achieve 100% completion in GTA San Andreas. For each task, you can find out extra information by accessing the links to our GTA San Andreas Guides.

Obtaining 100% Completion in GTA San Andreas in The Definitive Edition of the game also unlocks the achievement / trophy "Remastered".

GTA San Andreas: Story Missions

In a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble and corruption, Carl Johnson is framed by a couple of corrupt cops and is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, having to complete tasks and missions for friends, acquaintances but also enemies.

GTA San Andreas 100% Completion - Story Missions

Complete all 100 Storyline Missions

There is a total of 86 mandatory story missions to complete in San Andreas, and an extra 14 optional missions, which are still required for 100% completion.

Therefore, the player has to complete all 100 missions available, from "In the Beginning" to "End of the Line". These also include the Asset Missions related to the Zero RC Shop, Wang Cars, and the Verdant Meadows Airfield.

The GTA San Andreas main story missions are divided as follows:

  • 28 missions in Los Santos
  • 10 missions in the Countryside
  • 26 missions in San Fierro
  • 9 missions in the Desert
  • 19 missions in Las Venturas
  • 8 final missions in the return to Los Santos

Find out how to successfully complete all the Storyline Missions in our GTA San Andreas Missions guide.

GTA San Andreas: Side Missions & Activities

CJ can participate in several types of events and activities when not on story missions, which help him improve his stats or earn an extra amount of cash.

Complete all Asset Missions

The following are missions related to the acquisition of Assets, which are properties and businesses across San Andreas.

These Asset Missions are all required for 100% completion of the game:

Asset PropertyMissions
RS Haul 8 Trucking Missions
Hunter Quarry 7 Quarry Missions
Vank Hoff Hotel Valet Parking Mission (5 levels)
Roboi's Food Mart, Hippy Shopper, Burger Shot 3 Courier Missions (4 levels)
Zero RC Shop 3 missions (already part of the main storyline)
Wang Cars 4 missions (already part of the main storyline)
Verdant Meadows Airfield 5 missions (already part of the main storyline)

GTA San Andreas 100% Completion - Courier Missions

Complete all 6 Vehicle Sub-Missions

From extinguishing fires, to driving passengers, prostitutes, and wounded civilians, to taking down criminals as a Vigilante, CJ can take on a multitude of roles in GTA San Andreas.

All these vehicles-related side missions are required for 100% completion of GTA San Andreas:

NOTE: It is advised to complete these Vehicle Sub-Missions early in the game, as they give you very beneficial rewards such as becoming fireproof, and upgrading your health and armor to 150.

Win all 25 Race Tournaments

Prove you're the best driver in San Andreas by competing and winning in the four sets of Race Tournaments available in the game:

  • Los Santos Race Tournaments: 9 races
  • San Fierro Race Tournaments: 6 races
  • Las Venturas Race Tournaments: 4 races
  • Las Venturas Air Races: 6 checkpoint races

Victory in all four tournaments, three of which involve road vehicles and one which involves aircraft, is required for 100% completion of the game.

Find more information on these races in our GTA San Andreas Race Tournaments guide.

Win all 4 Stadium Events

CJ is free to join Stadium Events at three locations in San Andreas, the Blackfield Stadium, the Corvin Stadium, and the Los Santos Forum.

Winning in all four available Stadium Events (8-Track, Blood Bowl, Dirt Track, and Kickstart) is required for 100% completion of the game.

Find more information on these side-missions in our GTA San Andreas Stadium Events guide.

GTA San Andreas 100% Completion - Stadium Events

Complete all 3 Vehicle Challenges

Completing all 3 Vehicle Challenges is required for 100% completion of the game:

Complete all 3 Exports & Imports Vehicle Lists

The player is required to deliver vehicles categorized in three lists to the Easter Basin Docks to complete the Exports and Imports vehicle lists.

Successfully delivering every required vehicle to the Easter Basin Dock is required for 100% completion of the game and also rewards the player with a great amount of money.

Find more information on this side-mission, including the complete list of required vehicles and their locations in our GTA San Andreas Exports and Imports guide.

Get at least a Bronze Medal in all School Challenges

Schools in San Andreas allow you to improve your ability with every type of vehicle, and award the player medals based on their performance.

Acquiring at least a bronze medal in each of the schools' challenges is required for 100% completion of the game.

Find more information on these activities in our dedicated GTA San Andreas Schools guides:

GTA San Andreas 100% Completion - Driving School

Complete all 4 Ammu-Nation Shooting Range Challenges

The Ammu-Nations which present shooting ranges have several challenges prepared for the player. Completing all 3 rounds for all 4 weapons is required for 100% completion of the game.

More information on this activity can be found in our GTA San Andreas Shooting Range guide.

GTA San Andreas: Collectibles & Miscellaneous

The state of San Andreas is large, and there are many collectibles to be found throughout. Each state has its own unique collectible to be found.

Purchase all Properties (29 Safehouses & 3 Assets)

Carl Johnson can expand his empire throughout San Andreas by acquiring several Safehouses, Hotel Suits, and Assets which provide extra income after completing their related missions if there are any.

There are a total of 37 Safehouses to acquire: 8 save points are unlocked automatically, while an extra 29 safehouses need to be purchased. When it comes to Assets Properties, there are 10 in total, though only 3 Assets need to be bought, while the other 7 are unlocked automatically.

Obtaining all of these properties is required for 100% completion of the game. You will have to spend $1,039,000 in order to buy all properties in GTA San Andreas.

Find more information on this in our complete GTA San Andreas Properties guide.

GTA San Andreas 100% Completion - Clown's Pocket Hotel Suite

Learn all 3 Gym Fighting Styles

CJ can go to one of the three gyms in San Andreas to train his muscles, each one being in a different town.

Every gym has a trainer that can teach CJ a different fighting style, and learning all three fighting styles in the game is required for 100% completion of the game:

  • Ganton Gym - Boxing Trainer
  • Cobra Martial Arts Gym - Kung Fu Trainer
  • Below the Belt Gym - Muay Thai Trainer

Find more information on this in our GTA San Andreas Gyms guide.

Spray all 100 Gang Tags

After being introduced to spraying over Gang Tags in Tagging up Turf, Carl has to search for a total of 100 gang tags around Los Santos to spray over.

The player can use a Spray Can found in CJ's house, in the upstairs bedroom. Spraying over all 100 tags is required for 100% completion of the game.

Here is a map of all the Gang Tag locations in GTA San Andreas:

GTA San Andreas Gang Tags Map Locations

Take all 50 Snapshots with your Camera

While in San Fierro, San Andreas, the player will find particularly scenic spots. Between 00:00 and 05:00, these spots can be noticed by a pinkish glow.

When attempting to photograph these locations with CJ's camera, a camera icon will appear to indicate that it indeed is a Snapshot Location.

There is a total of 50 Snapshots to be taken around San Fierro, and taking all of them successfully (success of a photo being indicated by receipt of a monetary reward) is required for 100% completion of the game.

Here is a map of all the GTA San Andreas Snapshots locations:

GTA San Andreas: Snapshots Map Locations

Collect all 50 Horseshoes

Horseshoes are found in Las Venturas, and are the pickup that increases the player's Luck stat. Some of them are encountered in hard-to-access areas, such as rooftops, so using a helicopter or jetpack is recommended for collecting them.

Collecting all 50 horseshoes is required for 100% completion of the game.

Here is a map of the GTA San Andreas Horseshoe Locations:

gta san andreas map horseshoes locations

Collect all 50 Oysters

Oysters are scattered around San Andreas, usually being found underwater along shorelines, or underneath bridges crossing bodies of water.

A total of 50 oysters can be found on the game map, and collecting every one of them is required for 100% completion of the game.

Here is a map of all the GTA San Andreas Oysters locations:

GTA San Andreas: Oysters Map Locations

Get 35% girlfriend progress with Millie Perkins

Millie Perkins is one of CJ's most interesting girlfriends, and reaching 35% girlfriend progress with her is required for 100% completion of the game.

She can be taken to dates between 12:00 and 22:00, namely to:

  • Food Dates, at restaurants and bars
  • Dancing Dates, to dance clubs
  • Driving Dates, driving around town with average speed to keep her happy
  • Special Date, by wearing the gimp suit which is obtained from Millie
  • "Coffee" - Millie invites CJ to her home for "coffee" when her relationship level is above 40%.

GTA San Andreas 100% Completion Rewards

King of San Andreas, the Ultimate Gangster! You've completed the game 100%, but what do you receive for it?

Achieving 100% Completion in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gives the player the following rewards:

  • $1,000,000
  • Infinite ammunition
  • Double vehicle strength for the player's vehicle
  • A Hydra jet spawning on top of Sweet's house
  • A Rhino tank spawning under the bridge above Ganton
  • The "Remastered" achievement / trophy (in The Definitive Edition)


gta sa 100 percent reward tank rhino 5

Tasks NOT Required for 100% Completion

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a great game, and maybe you want to keep playing it even after achieving the statistical 100%.

For this, we've prepared a list of the tasks that are NOT required for 100% completion, but that are still available in the game. The San Andreas community refers to the completion of these tasks as "110%".

Side Missions & Activities:

Collectibles & Miscellaneous:

GTA San Andreas 100% Completion Video Walkthrough

This was everything you needed to know to achieve 100% Completion in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

For all guides, walkthroughs, and a complete database of the game, check out our GTA San Andreas section.

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