GTA Vice City Missions List: All Story Missions Guide & Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Missions Guide - GTA Vice City: All Story Missions List & Walkthrough

On this page you find the full list of all Story Missions in GTA Vice City, along with a complete guide and breakdown of what's required, what's optional, how to unlock the final mission, and more.

The game features a total of 59 story missions, but not all of them are mandatory. The requirements include 20 main storyline missions, plus the acquisition of 6 Assets and the completion of their respective missions (the 2 Print Works missions are mandatory).

The others are optional missions, such as 13 Gang Missions and 5 Pay Phone Missions. However, all 59 missions are necessary for 100% completion of the game.

The GTA Vice City missions below are listed in chronological order, even though some missions from different contacts become available at the same time, so they can be played in a different order.

Clicking on a GTA Vice City mission brings you to its full details, with Mission Objectives, Rewards, Video Walkthrough, and more information. The walkthrough also applies to the GTA Vice City Definitive Edition.

Initial Missions

Below you find the list of the first missions in GTA Vice City. Out of these 22 missions, 18 are mandatory for story progression, while 4 missions are optional (Avery's missions and "All Hands on Deck!").

In The Beginning...

In The Beginning...

An Old Friend

1. An Old Friend

The Party

2. The Party

Back Alley Brawl

3. Back Alley Brawl

Jury Fury

4. Jury Fury


5. Riot

Treacherous Swine

6. Treacherous Swine

Mall Shootout

7. Mall Shootout

Guardian Angels

8. Guardian Angels

Four Iron

9. Four Iron

Demolition Man

10. Demolition Man

The Chase

11. The Chase

Phnom Penh '86

12. Phnom Penh '86

Sir, Yes Sir!

13. Sir, Yes Sir!

Two Bit Hit

14. Two Bit Hit

The Fastest Boat

15. The Fastest Boat

Supply & Demand

16. Supply & Demand

Death Row

17. Death Row

All Hands On Deck!

18. All Hands On Deck!

Rub Out

19. Rub Out


20. Shakedown

Bar Brawl

21. Bar Brawl

Cop Land

22. Cop Land

Gang Missions (Optional)

The following are optional missions involving various gangs and groups in Vice City: the Cubans, Haitians, Bikers, and the band Love Fist.

These missions are not required for story progression.

Pay Phone Missions (Optional)

The following are optional assassination missions given via a Pay Phone by the mysterious character Mr. Black.

These missions are not required for story progression.

Asset Missions

The following are missions related to the acquisition of Assets, properties and businesses across Vice City.

Not all of these are required for story progression. However, you need to complete the missions of at least 6 of these Assets, one of which must be Print Works - while Phil's Place doesn't count.

Malibu Malibu Club

No Escape?

41. No Escape?

The Shootist

42. The Shootist

The Driver

43. The Driver

The Job

44. The Job

Phil Cassidy Phil's Place

Gun Runner

45. Gun Runner

Boomshine Saigon

46. Boomshine Saigon

Kaufman Cabs Kaufman Cabs


47. V.I.P.

Friendly Rivalry

48. Friendly Rivalry


49. Cabmageddon

Sunshine Autos

At least the first list of cars should be delivered to the Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

Pole Position Club

Spend $300 (5 minutes) inside the dance room of The Pole Position Club.

Boatyard Viceport Boatyard

Checkpoint Charlie

50. Checkpoint Charlie

Ice Cream Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory


51. Distribution

Film Studio InterGlobal Studios

Recruitment Drive

52. Recruitment Drive

Dildo Dodo

53. Dildo Dodo

Martha's Mug Shot

54. Martha's Mug Shot


55. G-Spotlight

Printworks Print Works (Mandatory)

Spilling the Beans

56. Spilling the Beans

Hit the Courier

57. Hit the Courier

Final Storyline Missions

After completing the missions for at least 6 assets (including Print Works), you will unlock access to the two final story missions of GTA Vice City:

Frequently Asked Questions - GTA Vice City Storyline Explained:

How many missions are in GTA Vice City?

There are 59 main story missions in GTA Vice City in total. You can find them all listed on this page.

There are 20 main missions required, 22 optional missions, and 17 asset missions where only 2 are mandatory.

Below you find a full breakdown of what is required for story progression and what is not.

How to unlock the Final Mission in GTA Vice City?

In order to unlock the last mission in GTA Vice City, you must purchase and complete the missions for 6 Assets Properties. This is in addition to the Vercetti Estate which is automatically unlocked.

After completing the mission "Shakedown", you have a total of 9 available assets in GTA Vice City. The choice is mostly yours on which 6 you decide to purchase and focus on, with a couple of exceptions:

  • Print Works is mandatory, and the two Print Works missions must be completed
  • Phil's Place doesn't count towards the 6, as it doesn't generate monetary profit

Once you have a total of 7 Profitable Places marked with $ (also counting the Vercetti Estate), you will unlock the final two missions of the GTA Vice City storyline, "Cap the Collector", and "Keep Your Friends Close".

What are the Required Missions in GTA Vice City?

The required missions in GTA Vice City include 20 main storyline missions and the acquisition of 6 Assets (including Print Works).

  • 18 of the Initial Missions
  • The acquisition and completion of at least 6 Assets (7 with the Vercetti Estate)
    • The 2 Print Works missions are mandatory
  • 2 Final Missions

What are the Optional Missions in GTA Vice City?

There are 22 optional story missions in GTA Vice City:

  • 4 of the Initial Missions (Avery's missions and "All Hands on Deck!" are optional)
  • 13 Gang Missions (Love Fist, Mitch Baker, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet)
  • 5 Pay Phone Missions (Mr. Black)

These are not necessary for story progression, meaning they can be completed at any time, even after the main storyline is completed.

Despite many missions being optional, all of these missions are required if you want to achieve 100% completion of the game.

What to do if there are no missions in GTA Vice City?

Due to the way GTA Vice City's mission tree is set up, you might encounter a point where no more missions are visible and no map icons are available.

If you find yourself in this situation, this means that you completed all the initial mandatory missions, and you need to focus on the Asset Missions.

To progress forward, you need to purchase and complete the missions for at least 6 Assets Properties (one of which must be "Print Works", and "Phil's Place" doesn't count). This will result in a total of 7 Profitable Places (counting the Vercetti Estate), marked with a $ icon on the map.

Once you have a total of 7 Profitable Places, you will unlock the final two missions of the game.

What is the minimum number of missions required in GTA Vice City?

For you speedrunners out there, you might be wondering what is the least amount of missions required to get to the end of the GTA Vice City storyline.

As mentioned above, the mandatory tasks included 20 missions plus the completion of 6 Assets (with Print Works being mandatory).

If we choose the 6 assets with the least amount of missions (Phil's Place doesn't count), here is what we have:

  • Pole Position Club (0 missions, just spending $300 in the dance room)
  • Sunshine Autos (0 missions, but the first list of cars must be delivered to the garage)
  • Viceport Boatyard (1 mission)
  • Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory (1 mission)
  • Print Works (2 missions)
  • Kaufman Cabs (3 missions)

This gives a total of 27 minimum missions required to complete the GTA Vice City story mode.

However, it's a different story when it comes to 100% Completion of the game, as this requires completing all 59 Story Missions, plus Side missions and many more endeavors.

How to unlock the closed bridges in GTA Vice City?

When you start off Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you will be playing on the right side of the map - this being Vice City Beach.

The bridges that connect to the other side of the map, Vice City Mainland, are closed off due to hurricane warnings.

The hurricane warning will be lifted as you progress through the story, and access to Vice City Mainland will be unlocked after completing the mission "Phnom Penh '86".

GTA Vice City Side Missions

See our section dedicated to the Side Missions in GTA Vice City, for a guide on all optional endeavors in the game, including Races, Stadium Events, the Sunshine Autos Import Garage, the vehicles-based Sub-Missions, and more Challenges.

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