GTA 6 Cars & Vehicles List: All Leaks, Confirmations & Rumors

GTA 6 Cars & Vehicles List: All Leaks, Confirmations & Rumors

On this page, you find a complete guide to all vehicles and cars in GTA 6, with all the information known so far. This GTA 6 Vehicles Database will include the full list of all GTA 6 Cars, Motorcycles, Helicopters, Planes, Boats, and special vehicles that you will be able to buy or steal in GTA 6 when the game comes out for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Vehicles have always been one of the foundations of GTA games. While Rockstar Games has not released official information yet, we can already make some predictions on what GTA 6 cars and vehicles we can expect to see in the game. There have also been some leaks with a possible list of GTA 6 vehicles being revealed.

We will always keep this page updated, staying on top of any GTA 6 vehicles confirmation, whether in screenshots, trailers, latest rumors, or any type of leaks. For each revealed GTA 6 vehicle, we will add detailed information and statistics, along with pictures, their real-life counterparts, and much more.

We can expect vehicles in GTA 6 to look amazing, with incredible attention to detail to the body and interiors. What GTA 6 vehicles would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

List of GTA 6 Vehicles Confirmed from Leak

This is the list of GTA 6 cars and vehicles that have been confirmed to be in the game due to them appearing in the GTA VI leaked footage from September 18, 2022.

We are not allowed to post any direct pictures from the leaked footage, so the images shown below are still the ones from GTA 5. However, the following vehicles are confirmed to appear in GTA 6:

Brand New Cars Confirmed for GTA 6:

The following is a list of brand new vehicles that have never appeared in a Grand Theft Auto game before, but have been spotted in the GTA 6 Leaked Footage, meaning they will be making their debut in the series:

  1. Buick Skylark (early 90s)
  2. Buick Estate (1971)
  3. Cadillac Deville D'Elegance
  4. Cadillac Eldorado (1959)
  5. Chevrolet Caprice (90s)
  6. Chevrolet Malibu (2016-Present)
  7. Chevrolet Sonic
  8. Chrysler Lebaron Wagon (80s)
  9. Excavator with a grappling attachment
  10. Ford 5th Gen F150
  11. Ford Explorer or Tahoe mix (90s/2000s)
  12. Ford Ranchero (70s) (this seems to be the Protagonist's vehicle)
  13. G20 conversion van
  14. Honda Accord (2018-2022)
  15. Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler (80s) 
  16. Metromover
  17. Toyota Camry
  18. Toyota Rav 4 (2018-present) with styling cues from Lexus NX

Of course, these are the real-life counterparts of the mentioned vehicles. Their in-game names are not known yet.

Other GTA 6 Vehicles Confirmed Features

The following are other vehicle-related features that have been confirmed or leaked for Grand Theft Auto VI:

  • It is very likely that the game will feature both a 3rd person mode and a 1st person mode
  • The Cars Interiors have an incredible amount of detail and dynamic animations, such as:
    • Interactive Gas/Brake/Clutch Pedals
    • Steering Wheel position
    • Rearview mirror position
    • Armrest position
    • Seat position
    • Seat reclining
    • Sunvisor
    • and more
  • When inside a car, a prompt appears indicating that you can "Tap d-pad left to access the vehicle controls menu, or hold d-pad left to bring up the quick options."

How many vehicles will be in GTA 6?

The number of vehicles included in the Grand Theft Auto series has gotten bigger and bigger over the years, and with GTA 6 being the most ambitious project that Rockstar has ever created, we can expect at least 300 vehicles in GTA 6 at launch, which would be the highest in the series.

For comparison, here are some numbers from the previous games in the series:

GTA 5 featured over 250 vehicles at launch, but Rockstar Games have then added over 400 DLC vehicles throughout the years, with the total number of GTA V & GTA Online vehicles now being close to a staggering 700 vehicles.

In Grand Theft Auto V, cars were divided into multiple classes such as Supercars, Sports Cars, Sedans, Coupes, Muscle Cars, and more. The game also included a variety of other vehicles such as SUVs, Vans, Off-Road, and Military Vehicles. We can definitely expect the same Class System and variety of vehicles to return in GTA 6, with probably an even higher number of vehicles at launch.

It needs to be said that many of the GTA Online vehicles added with DLC updates included all kinds of crazy vehicles such as Flying Bikes, Weaponized Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, large Command Centers, Open-Wheel (Formula 1) cars, and more. It will be interesting to see whether Rockstar carries over this approach to GTA 6, or if they decide to scale back on the over-the-top style.

GTA 6 Cars & Vehicles That We Can Definitely Expect

Below we compiled a list of classic cars and trademark vehicles that are pretty much guaranteed to appear in GTA 6, due to them being a staple of the Grand Theft Auto series.

These include some of the most iconic vehicles of the franchise and those that made the most appearances in the GTA series, which means we can surely expect them to be part of the GTA 6 vehicles list as well.

  1. Ambulance
  2. Annihilator
  3. Banshee
  4. Barracks
  5. BF Injection
  6. Blista Compact
  7. Bobcat
  8. Boxville
  9. Buccaneer
  10. Buffalo
  11. Burrito
  12. Bus
  13. Caddy
  14. Cheetah
  15. Comet
  16. Dinghy
  17. Emperor
  18. Faggio
  19. Fire Truck
  20. Flatbed
  21. Hunter
  22. Hydra
  23. Infernus
  24. Jetmax
  25. Landstalker
  26. Manana
  27. Marquis
  28. Maverick
  29. Moonbeam
  30. Mule
  31. Packer
  32. Patriot
  33. PCJ 600
  34. Phantom
  35. Police Bike
  36. Police Cruiser (Police Car)
  37. Police Maverick
  38. Pony
  39. Predator
  40. Regina
  41. Rhino Tank
  42. Romero
  43. Rumpo
  44. Sabre / Sabre Turbo
  45. Sanchez
  46. Securicar / Stockade
  47. Sentinel
  48. Speeder
  49. Squalo
  50. Stallion
  51. Stinger
  52. Stretch
  53. Taxi
  54. Trashmaster
  55. Tropic
  56. Turismo
  57. Virgo
  58. Voodoo
  59. Washington

GTA 6 Vehicles List Leak: All Cars & Ground Vehicles

A complete list of the ground vehicles that will be in GTA 6 has been supposedly leaked on the web in 2021, although there is no official confirmation, so we recommend taking this with a grain of salt.

This leaked list of GTA 6 vehicles includes all the Cars and Motorcycles that would be featured in the game, not counting other types of vehicles such as Planes, Helicopters, and Boats which are yet to be revealed.

  1. 190z
  2. 2-2
  3. 224 WRC
  4. 811
  5. 8F
  6. 9F (Cabrio)
  7. A-Type
  8. Adder
  9. Admiral
  10. Abominable
  11. Akuma
  12. Alpha
  13. Ambulance
  14. Angel
  15. Ardent
  16. Asbo
  17. Asbo MKII
  18. Asteroid
  19. Asterope
  20. Autarch
  21. Avarus
  22. B-Type
  23. Bagger
  24. Baller
  25. Baller (Ballas Varient)
  26. Bandito
  27. Banshee
  28. Banshee 900R
  29. Banshee (Sport)
  30. Bati 801
  31. BBC
  32. BBW
  33. BeeJay
  34. BeeJay XL
  35. Benson
  36. Bëndöver
  37. Bent-OVR
  38. Bestia
  39. BF-400
  40. Biff
  41. Bifta
  42. Bison
  43. Blade
  44. Blista
  45. Blista GT
  46. Blue 2F
  47. Bobcat
  48. Buccaneer
  49. Buckingham
  50. Buffalo
  51. Buffalo S
  52. Burrito
  53. Cab
  54. Caddy
  55. Caracara 2022
  56. Carbon RS2
  57. Carbonizzare Model 2023
  58. Cavalcade
  59. Chav
  60. Cheetah
  61. Cheetah Classic
  62. Chino
  63. Cognoscenti
  64. Cognoscenti 23
  65. Cognoscenti 55
  66. Cognoscenti (Cabrio)
  67. Comet
  68. Comet GT
  69. Comet Retro
  70. Comet Safari
  71. Comet SR
  72. Contender
  73. Coquette
  74. Coquette Classic
  75. Coquette GTR
  76. Crusader
  77. Cyclone GT
  78. D2
  79. Deluxo BTS
  80. Deveste 8
  81. Deviant
  82. Diablo
  83. Docktug
  84. Dominator GT
  85. Double T
  86. Dozer
  87. Dubsta 6x6
  88. Dukes
  89. Dump
  90. Dune Buggy
  91. Dynasty ATE
  92. Elegant
  93. Elegy Retro
  94. Elegy RH8
  95. Ellie
  96. Emerus
  97. Emperor
  98. Emperor Classic
  99. Enduro
  100. Entity XF
  101. Entity XXR
  102. Esskey
  103. Euros
  104. Everon
  105. Examplar
  106. F620
  107. Faction
  108. Faggio
  109. Faggio GA
  110. Fati 801
  111. FCR 1000
  112. FCR-900
  113. Felon GTR
  114. Feltzer Fiasco
  115. FIB Buffalo
  116. FIB Cruiser
  117. FIB Riot
  118. FIB TNK
  119. FIB Transporter
  120. Flash GT
  121. Floor-CHN
  122. FMJ
  123. Fortune XS
  124. Freecrawler
  125. Furia
  126. Furore GT
  127. Futo GT
  128. Gauntlet GT
  129. GB-2000
  130. Getawae (BMX)
  131. Ghost
  132. Glendale Classic
  133. GP2
  134. Granger HRM
  135. Greenwood
  136. Griefer
  137. Hakuchou Drag
  138. Hakumai
  139. Hauler
  140. Hearse
  141. Hellenbach
  142. Hellfire
  143. Hellfury
  144. Hellion Classic
  145. Hermes DLVRY
  146. Hexer
  147. Hotknife
  148. HPV-20
  149. Huntley SS
  150. IAA Cruiser
  151. IAA Massacro
  152. IAA Riot
  153. IAA TNK
  154. IAA Transporter
  155. Imorgon
  156. Impaler VLD
  157. Infernus
  158. Infernus Classic
  159. Infernus GTR-SS
  160. Ingot
  161. Innovation
  162. Intruder
  163. Issi
  164. Issi Classic
  165. Itali GTO
  166. JB 700AMP
  167. Jefferson
  168. Juggernaut
  169. Jugular
  170. Khamelion
  171. Kuruma
  172. LadRover
  173. LadRover XPL
  174. London Cab
  175. Lurcher XL
  176. Lynx
  177. Majestic
  178. Mamba
  179. Manana
  180. Manchez
  181. Massacre
  182. Massacro
  183. Minivan
  184. Minx
  185. Mixer
  186. Monroe
  187. N.O.O.S.E. Granger HRM
  188. N.O.O.S.E. TNK
  189. N.O.O.S.E. Transport
  190. Neon MKII
  191. Noodle
  192. Novak
  193. NRG
  194. Oracle
  195. Panto
  196. Pariah ‘24
  197. Patriot
  198. Phantom
  199. Phoenix
  200. PMP
  201. Polaris
  202. Police Cruiser (CCPD Variant)
  203. Police Cruiser (CMSD Variant)
  204. Police Cruiser (LCPD Variant)
  205. Police Cruiser (VCPD Variant)
  206. Police Infernus (LCPD Variant)
  207. Police Infernus (VCPD Variant)
  208. Police NRG
  209. Police Patrol (CCPD Variant)
  210. Police Patrol (CMSD Variant)
  211. Police Patrol (LCPD Variant)
  212. Police Patrol (South America Variant)
  213. Police Patrol (VCPD Variant)
  214. Police Riot
  215. Police Sovereign (CMSD Variant)
  216. Police Sovereign (VCPD Variant)
  217. Police Stinger (LCPD Variant)
  218. Police Stinger (South America Variant)
  219. Police Stinger (VCPD Variant)
  220. Police Stockade (CCPD Variant)
  221. Police Stockade (LCPD Variant)
  222. Police Stockade (VCPD Variant)
  223. Police Transporter (CCPD Variant)
  224. Police Transporter (CMSD Variant)
  225. Police Transporter (LCPD Variant)
  226. Police Transporter (South America Variant)
  227. Police Transporter (VCPD Variant)
  228. PP
  229. Pounder
  230. Presidente
  231. Primo
  232. R2
  233. Raider
  234. Rapid GTR
  235. Raptor GT
  236. Rat Bike
  237. Rat-Truck
  238. RaZor (BMX)
  239. RaZor SK8 (Skateboard)
  240. RE-7B
  241. Reaper
  242. Rebla
  243. Regina GRG
  244. Revolter
  245. Roman’s Cab
  246. Rumpo
  247. S.W.A.T.
  248. Sabre
  249. Sanchez 3
  250. Sanctus
  251. Savanna
  252. SC2
  253. Schafter
  254. Schlagen
  255. School Bus
  256. Schwartzer
  257. Sentinel
  258. Sovereign
  259. Space Docker MKII
  260. Spectre
  261. Speedo
  262. Stinger R
  263. Stratum
  264. Stretch
  265. Sultan
  266. Sultan RS
  267. Super Diamond
  268. TNK
  269. Tractor
  270. Turismo
  271. Uranus
  272. Utility Van
  273. Vacca
  274. Vader
  275. Vagner
  276. Vagrant
  277. Vamos
  278. Van
  279. Vindicator
  280. Virgo
  281. Virus
  282. Voltic
  283. Voodoo
  284. Vulture
  285. Walton
  286. Washington
  287. Wayfarer
  288. Weevil
  289. Wellard
  290. Windsor
  291. Windsor Drop
  292. WMP
  293. Wolfsbane
  294. X90
  295. XA-VX
  296. XAKHA
  297. XLR8
  298. XLS
  299. XPLDR
  300. Youga Classic
  301. Z-Type
  302. Zentorno R
  303. Zion

This is the full leaked list of the land vehicles in GTA 6. While this is just an unconfirmed rumor, it could have some credibility to it. And of course, this list would become even bigger when adding planes, helicopters, and boats.

A lot of these vehicles are a staple of the GTA series or were already present in Grand Theft Auto V, but there are also many new GTA cars with names we've never seen or heard before in the series, so the list is definitely interesting.

Some car names also seem to suggest that the GTA 6 map would have multiple cities and locations, with the Police vehicles coming in different variants for Liberty City, Vice City, Carcer City, South America, and more.

Will this leaked list of GTA 6 vehicles be true? What do you think? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

GTA 6 Cars & Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Vehicles in GTA 6?

It's Grand Theft Auto, so as you can expect, it will be possible to simply find and steal cars and vehicles from the street and various map locations.

Also, there will surely be various ways to purchase cars and vehicles, such as from the in-game internet like GTA V. There are rumors that it will also be possible to buy vehicles from car dealerships/showrooms.

It's also possible that, like GTA 5, the GTA 6 protagonists may already have their own personal cars and bikes, which will stick with you throughout the course of the game.

Once acquired, you will be able to store your vehicles inside the Safehouses and Garages owned by the protagonists. However, we hope that GTA 6 features a better system when it comes to saving the cars you purchased.

In GTA 5 story mode, vehicles could not be insured, meaning that once they were lost or destroyed, they were gone forever. We hope to see this changed in GTA 6, in a way that owned vehicles permanently remain with you, similarly to GTA Online.

Will there be Vehicles Customization in GTA 6?

Yes, absolutely. We can be certain that there will be vehicles customization in GTA 6.

After being first introduced in GTA San Andreas, modding vehicles with a multitude of aesthetics and performance upgrades became a huge feature in Grand Theft Auto V.

It will definitely be possible to upgrade GTA 6 cars and vehicles with a wide range of customizations, including Liveries, Car Body, Engine, Brakes, Lights, Suspension, Transmission, Wheels, Windows, Turbo Tuning, and probably even Explosives and Weapons in some cases.

There will likely be various mod shops, with different types of customizations offered by each.

Will there be First Person Driving in GTA 6?

Our prediction is that yes, there will be first-person driving in GTA 6.

While all classic GTA were exclusively third-person games, this changed when Rockstar release the PS4, Xbox One, and PC editions of Grand Theft Auto V, where they introduced a full-fledged First Person mode.

We expect that GTA 6 will feature both 3rd person and 1st person mode at launch, coming with first-person cockpit views for vehicles, fully modeled interiors, working speedometers, gas dials, radio, and instrument panel lighting.

Will GTA 6 have real-life cars?

Despite not using officially licensed names, the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto games have always been inspired by real-life vehicles.

The same will go for GTA 6, which will feature many replicas of real-life cars. However, they will not use the names or badges of the real vehicles, to avoid copyright and legal issues.

An important reason why Rockstar doesn't use licensed cars is likely due to real-life manufacturers not wanting to associate their vehicles with the chaos that ensues in a Grand Theft Auto game. All car brands advertise themselves as safe and reliable, so they wouldn't want players to freely use them in all sorts of crimes, shootouts, or be destroy them in crazy accidents.

This is why Rockstar prefers creating replicas inspired by real cars, but not using the exact car license or name. The in-game car manufacturers used in the GTA series are also based on real-life vehicle brands:

  • Albany: based on real-life Cadillac cars
  • Annis: based on real-life Nissan cars
  • Benefactor: based on real-life Mercedes cars
  • BF: based on real-life Volkswagen
  • Coil: based on real-life Tesla cars
  • Declasse: based on real-life Chevrolet cars
  • Dewbauchee: based on real-life Aston Martin cars
  • Dinka: based on real-life Honda cars and bikes
  • Grotti: based on real-life Ferrari cars
  • Lampadati: based on real-life Maserati cars, as well as Alfa Romeo
  • Obey: based on real-life Audi cars
  • Ocelot: based on real-life Jaguar & Lotus cars
  • Pegassi: based on real-life Lamborghini cars, as well as Piaggio & Ducati bikes
  • Pfister: based on real-life Porsche cars
  • Progen: based on real-life McLaren cars
  • Truffade: based on real-life Bugatti cars
  • Vapid: based on real-life Ford cars
  • Übermacht: based on real-life BMW cars

GTA 6 Car Cheats & Vehicle Spawn Codes

Every Grand Theft Auto game in the series is famous for its Cheat Codes, many of which allow you to spawn various cars and vehicles.

We can be sure that GTA 6 will come with several cheat codes that will spawn sports cars, motorcycles, planes, and hopefully even a return of the Tank cheat.

For all the details known so far (and in the future) about GTA 6 car cheats, check out our dedicated guides:

This was the guide for everything we know about GTA 6 cars and vehicles so far. What vehicles would you like to see in GTA 6? Let us know in the comments below!

For more information on Grand Theft Auto VI, visit our GTA 6 main section, where we'll post all the latest news, guides, and information on the next chapter of the GTA series

More GTA Vehicles Database

Below you find direct access to our complete GTA Vehicles Database for all Grand Theft Auto games in the series:

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