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Access Your Garages! Track all your Vehicles & Properties, and Calculate Your GTA Online Net Worth Value

Choose from three Types of Membership

MyBase is used by over 12,000+ GTA players around the world. Explore which option is right for you:

Basic Plan


Enough functionality for most players!

  • Track Properties and Garages
    Keep track and showcase to the world all the Properties, Garages and Vehicles you own in GTA Online, and enter basic addons
  • Total Net Worth of your Collection
    See the total number of assets you own and the Monetary Value of your full collection
  • Upload Custom Pictures
    Optionally upload your own images to show off your customized vehicles
  • Privacy Control
    Publicly show off all your wealth to your friends, or keep your profile private
  • Profile Customization
    Customize your name, bio, Profile Image, optionally add links to your Social Media and Gaming accounts
  • Vehicle Wishlist
    Note down the vehicles you've set your sights on in "My Wishlist"
  • More Coming Soon
    Stay tuned for plenty more Free features to come, such as a Red Dead Online MyBase with personal Horses and more

VIP (1 Month)

$4.99per month(paid monthly)

Same as the Year Plan, but if you don't want to go for the full year just yet.

  • All Free features, plus:
  • Add Vehicles Upgrades
    Ability to mark vehicles as "Fully Upgraded" to automatically add the cost of the upgrades to your Net Worth Value
  • All Properties Upgrades
    Include every addon, decor, upgrade and customization for Properties, Businesses, Garages, Yacht, Penthouse, Arcade and more, all counting towards your Net Worth Value 
  • Command Centers Customization
    Enter interior upgrades for your Mobile Operations Center, Avenger and Terrorbyte
  • All Ads Removed
    Ad-free experience: Browse the whole website without a single advertisement
  • Support the Site
    Developing the website features is a lot of work. By joining, you support us and help us create more features for you. Thank you!
  • More Coming Soon
    As part of your VIP Benefits, you will get other advanced features to be launched in the future.

Common Questions

Why a paid Membership? Where does the money go?

We love what we do, and we are truly happy that you love it too. But developing these advanced features takes a lot of work, time and resources, and the hosting costs are pretty expensive as well. You also asked us for a way to remove all ads from the site.

So for all of these reasons, we decided to launch an “advanced” Membership tier for the most dedicated players that want to fully refine their account or browse the site without ads, for a small price.

And by becoming a VIP member you also support our work, help covering for the server costs, and allow us to create even more amazing features and content for you.

Will my subscription extend automatically?

Yes,  to make it easy for you, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscribed period (month or year), so you don’t have to manually renew it every time.

However, you can cancel the subscription at any time by disabling the automatic renewal in the "My Subscriptions" page.

What happens at the end of the subscription?

If you disable the automatic renewal and choose to not renew, at the end of the subscription you would no longer have access to the exclusive features available as part of your membership.

This means that if you further edit/save your profiles without an active membership, you would lose the extra customizations you added with the VIP membership features.

My subscription expired or I canceled it, how can I renew it?

If you want to renew an expired subscription, simply pick a subscription and proceed to checkout. Make sure you log into your previous account, so that the new subscription gets added to your existing account.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept PayPal payments, and also Credit Card payments made through PayPal.

With recurring subscriptions, Paypal requires that another payment method (such as Credit Card) is also added to the Paypal account, so you will need to have an alternative payment method associated to your Paypal account.

I have no Paypal, how can I pay?

If you have a credit card you can still pay via Paypal. Just click on the “Subscribe using a debit or credit card” link when you are on the Paypal checkout page. You can fill your credit card details in the form that appears.

Are payments secure?

Absolutely. All payments are processed through Paypal, and they are 100% secure and encrypted. No payment information is stored on our systems.

Also, your email address and name information will never be given to anyone for any purpose.

How do I upgrade from the Month Subscription to the Year Subscription?

You can click the “Upgrade” option in your “My Subscriptions” page. This way, your  subscription will be moved into the Year Plan, and you will not lose the remaining days of your month subscription.

So if you make an upgrade to the year subscription when having 10 days left in your monthly subscription, those extra 10 days will be added to your yearly subscription.

Alternatively, you can make a new order for the Year Subscription, and disable the automatic renewal for the VIP Subscription.


Have more questions? Feel free to Contact Us.

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