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Track all your GTA Online Vehicles & Properties, and Calculate Your GTA & Red Dead Online Assets Value!

In GTA Online each player can own up to about 400 vehicles, across dozens of different properties and garages. That's a lot to keep track of!

That's why we made MyBase, the interactive system that allows you to keep track and showcase to the world all the Properties and Vehicles you own in GTA Online and Red Dead Online, and much more!

Access Your Properties and Garages

Your GTA:O Properties and Garages

Keep track of all the Properties, Garages, and Vehicles you own in GTA Online and show your friends how you organize your life in-game.

Select which properties you own and organize all the vehicles you store inside each of them.

If you upgrade to the VIP Membership, you can also include Weapons, Property Customizations and Vehicle Customization!

Your Red Dead Online Assets

Your Red Dead Online Assets

Keep track of your Horses Collection, all your Weapons and Properties you own in Red Dead Online, and enter the Specialist Roles you're pursuing with your Progress Rank for each.

Name your Horses, show your Camp Customization and Upgrades, and more.

If you upgrade to the VIP Membership, you can also include add Moonshine Shack customization, enter your Equipment / Items and more!

Total Net Worth of your Collection

Total Net Worth of your Collection

See a counter of how many Total Properties and Total Vehicles you own, and the Total Net Worth Value of your collection!

Showcase how much your whole GTA Online and Red Dead Online empire are worth.

Each individual property and garage also shows its own counter and its monetary value.

Upload Custom Pictures

Upload Custom Pictures

Optionally upload your own custom images, to show off your customized vehicles, properties, assets and more!

Also, for each owned asset, you can write an additional note / label, to specify any special detail you would like to state.

Profile Customization

Your Character Information

Enter the details of your GTA Online and Red Dead Online Characters!

This includes your Character Name, Image, Style / Bio, Online Rank, Crew, Red Dead Honor Level and more!

Profile Customization

Profile Customization

Set the Privacy of your own personal page: share your profile with your friends to publicly show off all your wealth, or keep it all private as a personal record.

Customize your Name, Bio, Profile Image, optionally add links to your Social Media and Gaming accounts, and much more.

Vehicles Wishlist

Vehicles Wishlist

If you still don't have some vehicles but you've set your sights on them, you can also note them down thanks to a dedicated "My Wishlist" section.

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