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Add Vehicles Upgrades

Your showcase of the Garages and Vehicles you own in GTA Online just got better.

With the VIP Membership, you can mark vehicles as "Fully Upgraded", and the cost of the upgrades of the respective vehicle will be automagically added to the Net Worth Value of your Garage and your Total!

We’ve made the math for all types of vehicles in GTA Online, making calculations of the exact value of the maximum upgrades for each vehicle.

Vehicle Upgrades Editing Vehicle Upgrades Result

All Properties Upgrades

Include every add-on, decor, upgrade, and customization for Properties, Businesses, and Garages, all counting towards your Net Worth Value.

This includes ALL upgrade options for all Properties in GTA Online, plus the Moonshine Shack in Red Dead Online.

Along with the Vehicle Upgrades, this allows you to showcase your collection fully and to display an accurate Net Worth Value.

Office Upgrades Clubhouse Upgrades Editing

Yacht Upgrades Editing Arcade Property Upgrades

GTA Online Weapons

Add all your owned Weapons to your GTA Online collection across all Weapon Classes, with their value automatically added to your total Net Worth.

Set each weapon to Weapon Wheel or Weapon Locker, and optionally upload custom images.

GTA Online Weapons 

Command Centers Customization

In addition to properties, you can also enter interior upgrades for your Mobile Operations Center, Avenger, Terrorbyte, and Kosatka.

Terrorbyte & Nightclub Upgrades Command Centers Customization

All Ads Removed

Ad-Free experience: Browse the whole website without a single advertisement.

Extra Features

Plenty of "Quality of Life" features are reserved for VIP Members, such as Red Dead Online Equipment / Items, the ability to set Weapons to Gun Locker, set a Horse Specialty, and more!

Support the Site

Developing the website features takes a lot of work and time, and the hosting costs for sustaining the server are pretty expensive as well. By joining the VIP Membership, you support our work and help us create more amazing features and content for you. Thank you!

More Features Coming Soon

More Features Coming Soon

As part of your VIP Benefits, you will get other advanced features to be launched in the future.

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