GTA 3 Missions List: All Story Missions Guide & Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto 3 Missions Guide - GTA 3: All Story Missions List & Walkthrough

On this page you find the full list of all the GTA 3 Missions, along with a complete mission guide, locations, mission givers and rewards.

There are 67 missions in total in the storyline of Grand Theft Auto III, with 50 main missions plus 17 optional Pay Phone Missions which are not required for story progression. However, the Phone missions are still necessary for 100% completion of the game.

The GTA 3 missions below are listed in chronological order, grouped by the Location/Area they take place in, and the walkthrough also applies to the GTA III Definitive Edition.

Clicking on a GTA 3 mission brings you to its full details, with Mission Objectives, Video Walkthrough, and more information.

Warning: Missable Missions in GTA 3

Generally, since some missions from different contacts become available at the same time, they can be played in a slightly different order.

However, GTA III has 10 missable missions that will become permanently inaccessible if you play them in the wrong order. If you miss these missions, you can still progress through the story, but you will be locked out of achieving 100% completion on the current save file.

If you want to achieve 100% completion and make sure you don't miss any of these missions, you must:

We listed the GTA 3 missions in the correct order below and marked the MISSABLE missions. It is strongly advised to make multiple save files that you can go back to in case you made a mistake and accidentally skipped a mission.

Portland Missions

Below you find the list of GTA 3 Missions taking place on the island of Portland. There are 22 main missions in this section before Staunton Island is unlocked. There are also 8 Pay Phone missions in Portland.

GTA 3 Mission - Give Me Liberty

1. Give Me Liberty

GTA 3 Mission - Luigi's Girls

2. Luigi's Girls

GTA 3 Mission - Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up

3. Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up

GTA 3 Mission - Drive Misty For Me

4. Drive Misty For Me

GTA 3 Mission - Pump-Action Pimp

5. Pump-Action Pimp

GTA 3 Mission - The Fuzz Ball

6. The Fuzz Ball

GTA 3 Mission - Mike Lips Last Lunch

7. Mike Lips Last Lunch

GTA 3 Mission - Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong

8. Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong

GTA 3 Mission - Van Heist

9. Van Heist

GTA 3 Mission - Cipriani's Chauffeur

10. Cipriani's Chauffeur

GTA 3 Mission - Dead Skunk in the Trunk

11. Dead Skunk in the Trunk

GTA 3 Mission - The Getaway

12. The Getaway

GTA 3 Mission - Taking Out The Laundry

13. Taking Out The Laundry

GTA 3 Mission - The Pick-Up

14. The Pick-Up

GTA 3 Mission - Salvatore's Called A Meeting

15. Salvatore's Called A Meeting

GTA 3 Mission - Chaperone

16. Chaperone

GTA 3 Mission - Triads and Tribulations

17. Triads and Tribulations

GTA 3 Mission - Blow Fish

18. Blow Fish

GTA 3 Mission - Cutting The Grass

19. Cutting The Grass

GTA 3 Mission - Bomb Da Base: Act I

20. Bomb Da Base: Act I

GTA 3 Mission - Bomb Da Base: Act II

21. Bomb Da Base: Act II

GTA 3 Mission - Last Requests

22. Last Requests

Staunton Island Missions

Below you find the list of GTA 3 Missions taking place on Staunton Island. There are 27 main missions plus 4 Pay Phone missions in Staunton Island.

Access to the third island, Shoreside Vale, is unlocked after completing A Drop In The Ocean.

GTA 3 Mission - Sayonara Salvatore

23. Sayonara Salvatore

GTA 3 Mission - Under Surveillance

24. Under Surveillance

GTA 3 Mission - Paparazzi Purge

25. Paparazzi Purge

GTA 3 Mission - Payday For Ray

26. Payday For Ray

GTA 3 Mission - Two-Faced Tanner

27. Two-Faced Tanner

GTA 3 Mission - Kanbu Bust-out

28. Kanbu Bust-out

GTA 3 Mission - Grand Theft Auto

29. Grand Theft Auto

GTA 3 Mission - Deal Steal

30. Deal Steal

GTA 3 Mission - Shima

31. Shima

GTA 3 Mission - Smack Down

32. Smack Down

GTA 3 Mission - Silence The Sneak

33. Silence The Sneak

GTA 3 Mission - Arms Shortage

34. Arms Shortage

GTA 3 Mission - Evidence Dash

35. Evidence Dash

GTA 3 Mission - Gone Fishing

36. Gone Fishing

GTA 3 Mission - Plaster Blaster

37. Plaster Blaster

GTA 3 Mission - Liberator

38. Liberator

GTA 3 Mission - Waka-Gashira Wipeout!

39. Waka-Gashira Wipeout!

GTA 3 Mission - A Drop In The Ocean

40. A Drop In The Ocean

GTA 3 Mission - Grand Theft Aero

41. Grand Theft Aero

GTA 3 Mission - Escort Service

42. Escort Service

GTA 3 Mission - Decoy

43. Decoy

GTA 3 Mission - Love's Disappearance

44. Love's Disappearance

GTA 3 Mission - Marked Man

45. Marked Man

GTA 3 Mission - Bait

46. Bait

GTA 3 Mission - Espresso-2-Go!

47. Espresso-2-Go!

GTA 3 Mission - S.A.M.

48. S.A.M.

GTA 3 Mission - Ransom

49. Ransom

Shoreside Vale Missions

Only one main story mission happens in Shoreside Vale Island, which is the very final mission of GTA 3. In addition, there are also 5 Pay Phone missions taking place in Shoreside Vale.

GTA 3 Mission - The Exchange

50. The Exchange

Pay Phone Missions (Optional)

In addition to the main missions, Claude can pick up optional missions given by various characters via certain Pay Phones across Liberty City.

The Pay Phone missions are not required for story progression, so they could be played at any time, even after the main GTA III storyline is completed.

However, if you want to achieve 100% completion, it is strongly advised to play these missions as soon as available on the respective island. The more you progress through the story, the more gangs will become increasingly hostile to you, which will make it a lot harder to complete these missions.

In particular, make sure to complete all Portland's phone missions before "Sayonara Salvatore", as after that mission Mafia will make your life really difficult in Portland.

Portland (El Burro & Marty Chonks)

Note: Marty Chonks' Pay Phone does not have a blip on the map. It's located outside of his factory in Trenton, near Joey's Garage, and it only rings between 9:00 to 19:00.

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Turismo

1. Turismo

GTA 3 Phone Mission - I Scream, You Scream

2. I Scream, You Scream

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Trial By Fire

3. Trial By Fire

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Big'N Veiny

4. Big'N Veiny

GTA 3 Phone Mission - The Crook

5. The Crook

GTA 3 Phone Mission - The Thieves

6. The Thieves

GTA 3 Phone Mission - The Wife

7. The Wife

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Her Lover

8. Her Lover

Staunton Island (King Courtney)

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Bling-Bling Scramble

9. Bling-Bling Scramble

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Uzi Rider

10. Uzi Rider

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Gangcar Round-Up

11. Gangcar Round-Up

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Kingdom Come

12. Kingdom Come

Shoreside Vale (D-Ice)

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Uzi Money

13. Uzi Money

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Toyminator

14. Toyminator

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Rigged to Blow

15. Rigged to Blow

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Bullion Run

16. Bullion Run

GTA 3 Phone Mission - Rumble

17. Rumble

How many missions are in GTA 3?

There are 67 main story missions in GTA 3 in total. You can find them all listed on this page.

Out of these, 17 missions are optional Phone missions (not required for story progression), so the main missions required to progress the GTA III storyline are 50.

However, all missions are required if you want to achieve 100% completion of the game.

GTA III Side Missions

In addition, GTA III features other optional Side Missions that can be played, which are still necessary for 100% completion.

See our section dedicated to the Side Missions in GTA 3, for a guide on all optional endeavors in the game, including the vehicles-based Sub-Missions, the 4 RC Toyz Missions, 4 Off-Road Challenges, and more.

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