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Here you can find all the Cheat Codes available in Red Dead Redemption 2, and how to activate them on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Some cheats need to be unlocked during the game before you can activate them, you can unlock them by purchasing Newspapers from Newspaper vendors as you progress in the story.

Enter one of the following secret codes, after you have unlocked it, to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Attention: Save your game before activating any cheat code. Using cheat codes will disable your progress on earning Achievements and Trophies.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Red Dead Redemption 2:

On PS4: Open the Pause Menu -> Click on Settings –> Enter Cheats List by pressing Triangle. Now simply press again Triangle to digit your Cheat Code.

On Xbox One: Open the Pause Menu -> Click on Settings –> Enter Cheats List by pressing Y. Now simply press again Y to digit your Cheat Code.

Cheat Codes List:

1 - Infinite Ammo

Grants infinite ammo supply.

  • Cheat Code: "Abundance is the dullest desire"
  • Prerequisite:  Newspaper Required: New Hanover Gazette No. 27, purchased in Valentine during Chapter 1.

2 - Simple Weapons

Grants a loadout of basic weapons.

  • Cheat Code: "A simple life, a beautiful death"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

3 - Heavy Weapons

Adds Pump-Action Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, Mauser Pistol, and Semi-Automatic Pistol weapons to your inventory.

  • Cheat Code: "Greed is American Virtue"
  • Prerequisite:  Newspaper Required: Get newspaper after completing the Chapter 03 mission Advertising, the New American Art

4 - Stealth Weapons

Grants a loadout of stealth weaponry (Machete, Throwing/ Improved/ and Poison Knives, Tomahawks, Homing Tomahawks).

  • Cheat Code: "Death is silence"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

5 - Fog of War

Reveals the entire map.

  • Cheat Code: "You Long for Sight but See Nothing"
  • Prerequisite:  Newspaper Required: Purchase newspaper after completing the Chapter 03 mission Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern.

6 - Own All Outfits

Unlocks all outfits in Arthur's wardrobe.

  • Cheat Code: "Vanity. All is vanity"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

7 - High Honor

Raises Honor rating.

  • Cheat Code: "Virtue Unearned is not virtue"
  • Prerequisite:  Newspaper Required: Purchase a newspaper after completing the Chapter 04 mission Urban Pleasures..

8 - Reset Honor

Activating resets your Honor meter to neutral.

  • Cheat Code: "Balance. All is balance"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

9 - Set Dead Eye Level (3)

Allows you to set your level of Deadeye skill to Rank 3 (You can remain in deadeye after firing your weapon).

  • Cheat Code: "I shall be better"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

10 - Set Dead Eye Level (5)

Allows you to set your level of Deadeye skill to Rank 5 (You can remain in deadeye after firing your weapon)

  • Cheat Code: "I seek and I find"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

11 - Set Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars to Full

Refills all bars for health, stamina, and dead eye.

  • Cheat Code: "You flourish before you die"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

12 - Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars

Refill and Fortify all of your bars

  • Cheat Code: "You Seek More Than The World Offers"
  • Prerequisite:  Newspaper Required: ???

13 - Increase Horse Whistle Range

You can call your horse from any distance.

  • Cheat Code: "Better than my dog"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

14 - Drunk

Instantly makes you drunk.

  • Cheat Code: "A fool on command"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

15 - Create Race Horse

Spawns a race horse.

  • Cheat Code: "Run! Run! Run!"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

16 - Create War Horse

Spawns a War Horse.

  • Cheat Code: "You are a beast built for war"
  • Prerequisite:  Newspaper Required: ???

17 - Create Wagon

Spawns a wagon with one horse.

  • Cheat Code: "Keep your dreams simple"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing

18 - Create Circus Wagon

Spawns a circus wagon.

  • Cheat Code: "Would you be happier as a clown?"
  • Prerequisite:  Newspaper Required: ???

19 - Create Buggy

Spawns a horse with a cart.

  • Cheat Code: "Keep your dreams light"
  • Prerequisite:  Nothing




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The game has been released on October 26, 2018, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

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