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Here is a quick guide to show you where to find the secret Viking Helmet, Viking Hatchet, and an antique Viking comb.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for one day and already I have come across so many hidden locations and buried secrets within a small part of the world. I have stumbled across a very tucked away area which you would only find by the off chance. It is an old tomb, riddled with skeletons and crevices and holds two long-lost items of old. A Viking Helmet and a Viking Hatchet.

The location for the Old Tomb is far North West of New Hanover, tucked away in the south of the Roanoke Valley. The exact Old Tomb location shows a star-like symbol on the map (I'm not sure if this appears before you find it, I only noticed after I have discovered the location).

Old Tomb location on the map

viking helmet hatchet 1

Old Tomb entrance

viking helmet hatchet 2

 The Viking Helmet is placed on a stone shelf, alongside some skulls within the insides of one of the Old Tomb passages, which is easy to miss.

viking helmet hatchet 3

 The Viking Hatchet is buried in the skull of a long lost warrior whose skeleton remains on an altar.

viking helmet hatchet 4

viking helmet hatchet 5

Once you pick it up, the Viking Hatchet will then be equipped to a slot in the Melee part of your Weapon Wheel. This is a powerful weapon which can be thrown. 

viking helmet hatchet 6


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