After a break in the weather, the gang have headed down from the mountains, and are now hiding at Horseshoe Overlook.

They are outside of Valentine, a muddy livestock town, and are figuring out their next moves while re-gathering their strength. Dutch is trying to figure out a new plane for the gang. Hosea is finding places to rob, while Karen and the girls are bored after being stuck in the mountains. Some old friends reappear.

Protagonist Arthur Morgan
Location Horseshoe Overlook (The Heartlands, New Hanover)

RDR2 Chapter 2 Missions List:

Reward Unlocks the "To Greener Pastures" Trophy / Achievement.
Unlocked Items A Better World, A New Friend (Hunting Requests)A Fine Night For ItA Test of Faith (Dinosaur Bones Collectible)All That Giltters (Treasure Hunting)American DreamsArcadia for AmateursBay Roan ArdennesBay Roan Morgan HorseChocolate Roan Dutch WarmbloodDapple Dark Grey Hungarian HalfbredDappled Black ThoroughbredDark Bay Andalusian HorseFundraiserGeology for Beginners (Rock Carvings Collectible)Grey Kentucky SaddlerIron Grey Ardennes (War Horse)Palomino Dapple American StandardbredPalomino Morgan HorseRed Roan Tennessee WalkerSooty Buckskin Dutch WarmbloodStone HatchetThe Noblest of Men, and a Woman (Gunslingers)The Smell of the Grease PaintThrowing Knife (Improved)Tomahawk (Homing)Tomahawk (Improved)
Featuring Van der Linde Gang

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