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Mission Information
Mission Type Stranger Side Mission
Mission Giver Francis Sinclair
Location North-west of Strawberry
Available after Mission Chapter 2
Notes This Stranger quest begins the Rock Carvings Collectibles activity.
Reward Kentucky Bourbon; $10.00; Rock Statue; Old Brass Compass (allows to obtain the Raven Claw Talisman)


Geology for Beginners - Part I

Francis Sinclair asked you to help find rock carvings hidden throughout the world, for reasons he can't explain. Once found, the carving locations can be mailed back to Francis from any Post Office.

Rock Carvings are large designs engraved into stone that you need to find throughout the world to complete "Geology for Beginners".

This mission begins when you speak to Francis Sinclair, a stranger seated outside his cabin to the northwest of Strawberry. He asks you to locate 10 of these carvings and to send him their coordinates by post.

Rock Carvings Locations

  1. At the top of Mount Hagen, in the Grizzlies West
  2. On a rock ledge a few steps to the north of a wooden bridge that runs across Whinyard Strait, just north of Window Rock
  3. On a rock ledge near the top of the tall cliff overlooking Dakota River
  4. On a ledge just beneath the cliff edge, almost directly above a rope bridge spanning the Dakota River
  5. On the southwest shore of Owanjila Lake
  6. Near the peak of Mount Shann
  7. On a cliff that overlooks the burned-out settlement, just southwest of Horseshoe Overlook
  8. At the edge of the plateau that overlooks Heartland Overflow (head shout from Moonstone Pond)
  9. On a rock ledge close to the top of Roanoke Ridge, directly east from the Deer Cottage
  10. Near the east shore of Elysian Pool

Geology for Beginners - Part II

Upon returning to the Sinclair house in Big Valley, Francis Sinclair's mother answers the door...

After mailing the tenth set, you can complete the assignment by reading his invitation and visiting him again at his cabin.

You can pick up the old brass compass - an ingredient required to craft the Raven Claw Talisman at a fence.


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