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Mission Information
Mission Type Stranger Side Mission
Description After piecing together a map from scraps found near the bodies of the victims, a killer's underground lair is discovered.
Location Lucky's Cabine, near Valentine
Available after Mission Chapter 2
Notes Complete all three "Murder Scene" chance encounters to activate this mission. Only available between 10 PM and 5 AM.
Reward $22.00
Featured Characters Curtis MalloyEdmund Lowry Jr.


Arthur finds horrific crime scenes, with mysterious notes left behind by the killer.

Once you've assembled the pieced-together map by completing the three "Murder Scene" chance encounters, you can open the basement doors found at Lucky's Cabin, a short distance to the southwest of Valentine.

Inside, you will find a couple of collectibles and, more importantly, a knife to inspect. After the cutscene, press O/B to briefly stun your assailant, then knock him out with a barrage of punches. Hogtie him and take him to the waypoint in Valentine.

When the murderer assaults the sheriff, activate Dead Eye and shoot the criminal in the head. You will be thanked for this with a bill fold. Should you fail to intervene in a meaningful fashion, the sheriff will eventually overpower and kill his assailant - but you will not receive a reward.


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