Mission Information
Mission Type Stranger Side Mission
Mission Giver Jeremy Gill
Location North side of Flat Iron Lake (The Heartlands, New Hanover)
Available after Mission Chapter 3
Notes This Stranger quest begins the Legendary Fish activity.
Reward $45.00; Succulent Fish Meat x5; Special Spinner Lure


A Fisher of Fish - Part I

Jeremy Gill has asked if you can catch and post 13 Legendary Fish to him. They are spread around in various fishing spots. Once caught, the Legendary Fish can be mailed from any Post Office.

Each Fish Species has a single legendary specimen, the largest and most difficult to catch of its kind. You will need a special lure to attract a legendary fish.

Your search for Legendary Fish officially begins when you initiate the mission called "A Fisher of Fish": speak to Jeremy Gill, the man fishing on the pier on the northeast shore of Flat Iron Lake.

He will give you a map showing the location of 13 legendary fish, and ask you to send them to him by mail once you have caught them.

Legendary Fish Map Location

Note: There are two other Legendary Fish not included in this endeavor (for a total of 15): the Legendary Northern Pike, which is caught as part of The Veteran Stranger Mission, and the Legendary Channel Catfish, which is featured in Part II of this mission (see below).

Fishing Tips and Reeling-In Technique

You can use any of the Special Lures to catch legendary fish, but equipping the model adapted to the body of water where you are currently fishing will make it easier to specifically catch the specimen you're after.

For further advice, see the Red Dead Redemption 2 Fishing Guide and all the Legendary Fish with the best lure to catch each.

Legendary Fish are much harder to catch than standard fish, and will require long battles. There is, however, an Advanced Reeling-In Technique that will greatly help you to win these contests:

Every time the fish is tired out, don't simply reel in a normal. Instead, tilt the Left Analog Stick downward to pull your rod up, and then quickly reel in: after a second or two, do this again, pulling up and reeling in. Repeat this as often as you can until the fish resumes struggling and a new cycle begins.

A Fisher of Fish - Part II

Jeremy Gill rides out to Rio Bravo to catch a large catfish and prove he is not a fraud.

As you reach certain milestones in this activity, Gill will provide Rewards: a Lake Lure for the first legendary fish caught, and $45 plus x5 Succulent Fish Meat after catching 10.

Once you catch and mail all 13 species, and after reaching Epilogue 1 of the story, Jeremy will invite you to his shack, and then on a trip to Rio Bravo to try and catch the Legendary Channel Catfish. At the end, you obtain the Special Spinner Lure.


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