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Mission Information
Mission Type Stranger Side Mission
Mission Giver Sampson Black, Wendell White
Location Rhodes
Available after Mission The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)
Reward Honor


The Ties that Bind Us - Part I

Arthur comes across two men that escaped from a chain gang, Mr. Black and Mr. White, just outside of Rhodes.

You can find two prisoners (Mr. Black and Mr. White) outside Rhodes. They ask you to remove five wanted posters that are displayed in the town. One of them is in the hands of a bounty hunter outside the saloon. He will refuse to give it to you, so you will need to loot it after whatever measure of force you deem appropriate.

Two posters are found on telegraph posts: one opposite the doctor's office, the other outside the gunsmith. You'll need to beat up the man leaning against the latter first, so be mindful of witnesses. The final two posters are posted on noticeboards: one inside the train station, the other right next to the sheriff's office. 

The Ties that Bind Us - Part II

Mr. Black and Mr. White's wanted posters have been taken down, but what happens next is still to be decided.

Once you have retrieved all five posters, meet up with the two fugitives at a campfire directly south of the train station.

At this point, you can either capture the two convicts for the bounty reward (and end the mission strand here), or burn the posters to trigger the next part of this mission.

The Ties that Bind Us - Part III

Mr. Black and Mr. White are in need of some medicine and once again ask for your help.

The two fugitives have now set up camp by Dewberry Creek, to the north of Rhodes. They are both sick and ask for a health cure.

The Ties that Bind Us - Part IV

Mr. Black and Mr. White get the medicine they need.

If you decide to help, feel free to give them the item immediately; if you don't have one to hand, it can be crafted or purchased from any doctor.

The Ties that Bind Us - Part V

Mr. Black and Mr. White are found living away from most folks in a secluded part of Big Valley.

Helping them unlocks a final potential encounter with Mr. Black and Mr. White at least one in-game day later. This occurs in the wilderness, to the northwest of Strawberry. Head toward the raised wooden cabin to witness their bickering one last time.


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