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Mission Information
Mission Type Stranger Side Mission
Mission Giver Margaret
Location South of Emerald Ranch
Available after Mission Chapter 3
Reward An emerald worth $250.00
Mission Unlocks Lion
Featured Characters MargaretSally Nash


He's British, of Course - Part I

Margaret's animals have all escaped, putting a cramp in his animal taming routine.

This stranger is encountered between Emerald Station and Rhodes, sitting on an overturned circus caravan.

He's British, of Course - Part II

Margaret's "zebra" is found on the plains.

After your conversation, head to the highlighted area to the southwest of Emerald Station, where you will find the "zebra". Walk to it and calm it, or capture it with your lasso, before riding it back to Margaret.

He's British, of Course - Part III

Sally, the animal handler traveling with Margaret, needs help finding the pair's missing tiger. Their first trained lion, actually a pet dog, helps in an unexpected way.

Head to the northeast edge of Rhodes to find Margaret's assistant. Look for the trail in the nearby shrubs using Eagle Eye, then follow it northward until you find the dead "lion".

Put the corpse in the wagon then take cover behind the designated log. Once the "tiger" jumps inside. shut the door to lock it in. Drive back to Margaret's camp to complete the assignment.

He's British, of Course - Part IV

Margaret's second Lion is eventually found on Emerald Ranch.

Margaret's final missing animal is located at Emerald Ranch, inside the barn. Follow its trail, then head back outside and run to the stalls just north of the barn. This time, it's actual Lion.

Tag the beast's head multiple times during the automatic Dead Eye moment, then fire to take it out. Don't forget to collect your trophy - a Lion's paw.

He's British, of Course - Part V

Having recaptured the majority of their animals, Margaret and Sally take their show on the road.

Return to Margaret's camp to end the mission and receive an emerald.


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