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Mission Information
Mission Type Stranger Side Mission
Mission Giver Charles Châtenay
Location Saint Denis (north-east)
Available after Mission The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)


The Artist's Way - Part I

Make a friend in the bar by buying him a drink.

The stranger behind this mission strand is found at Doyle's Tavern in Saint Denis.

The Artist's Way - Part II

An angry husband threatens Châtenay, claiming he slept with his wife.

One in-game day after the first encounter, you can meet Charles Chatenay again - this time in a precarious situation in a back alley at the heart of the city. Deal with the man pointing a gun at Chatenay to save him.

The Artist's Way - Part III

Châtenay unveils his latest work, at the gallery in Saint Denis.

Another 24 in-game hours later, pay him a visit at the nearby art gallery between 6am and 6pm. Assist him during the brawl, then walk with him.

The Artist's Way - Part IV

Disguised as a prostitute, Châtenay makes his way to the docks to escape Saint Denis, and the angry locals, on a boat.

Finally, 48 in-game hours later, you will find him disguised as a woman close to the gunsmith, where he will need you to escort him to the docks. Just as you reach his ship, a few men will attack. Punch them with a firearm equipped to knock them out instantly.

After two in-game days, you will receive a letter from Charles; he informs you that the drawing he gave you during the opening cutscene is now worth much more. Feel free to sell it at a fence if you need money.


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