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Mission Information
Mission Type Stranger Side Mission
Mission Giver Algernon Wasp
Location Saint Denis (north)
Available after Mission The Gilded Cage (Chapter 4)
Notes This Stranger quest begins the Exotics Collectibles activity.
Reward $760.00, Exotic Hat, Algernon's Revolver
Mission Unlocks Algernon's Revolver


Exotics are rare items that can be collected as part of the "Duchesses and Other Animals" mission. This is triggered by speaking to a colorful stranger called Algernon Wasp. He can be found inside a wrought-iron greenhouse in a backyard just north of Saint Denis, after you complete "The Gilded Cage" in Chapter 4.

After the cutscene where Algernon introduces himself, there are five stages available in sequence. For each of these, Algernon gives you a list of exotic items he would like you to retrieve for him. Once you have everything ticked off, take them back to the collector and he will reward you handsomely.

Duchesses and Other Animals - Part I

Algernon Wasp, a fashion designer and collector of exotic flora and fauna, asks for assistance in tracking down some rare items for several commissions.

Requested Items:

  • 5 Little Egret Plumes
  • 5 Reddish Egret Plumes
  • 5 Snowy Egret Plumes
  • 15 Lady of the Night Orchids

Reward: $110.00

Duchesses and Other Animals - Part II

Algernon has another request for you at his shop.

Requested Items:

  • 20 Heron Plumes
  • 7 Lady Slipper Orchids
  • 10 Moccasin Flower Orchids

Reward: $125.00

Duchesses and Other Animals - Part III

Algernon Wasp asks you to collect some more Orchids and return them to him.

Requested Items:

  • 25 Gator Eggs
  • 3 Acuna's Star Orchids
  • 7 Cigar Orchids
  • 5 Ghost Orchids

Reward: $150.00

Duchesses and Other Animals - Part IV

Wasp needs more orchids for a display cabinet that he is making for a girl in New York.

Requested Items:

  • 30 Spoonbill Plumes
  • 5 Night Scented Orchids
  • 10 Rat Tail Orchids
  • 5 Spider's Orchids

Reward: $175.00

Duchesses and Other Animals - Part V

Having fallen for the Contessa, Algernon needs more orchids to woo her.

Requested Items:

  • 5 Clamshell Orchids
  • 5 Dragon's Mouth Orchids
  • 5 Queen's Orchids
  • 10 Sparrow's Egg Orchids

Reward: $200.00, Exotic Hat, Algernon's Revolver


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