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Mission Information
Mission Number 17
Story Chapter Chapter 2
Mission Type Optional (Missable)
Protagonist Arthur Morgan
Mission Giver Leopold Strauss
Location New Hanover
Notes Optional Honor Mission, required for the "Lending a Hand" Trophy/Achievement.
Reward $119.00
Featured Characters Chick MatthewsCooperLilly MilletWrobel


At the camp, Strauss asks Arthur to retrieve money from debtors.

Mr. Wróbel

Wróbel lives in a small house found in the middle of a marked area, just west of camp. Confront him, then loot his house to settle the debt. Note that you can also take his horse from the stable outside.

Chick Matthews

You will find Chick Matthews under a wooden canopy, in the marked area to the west of Emerald Ranch. To identify him, you first need to talk to the man sitting on a nearby uprooted tree. Matthews uses this opportunity to get away on horseback.

Immediately gallop alter him; as soon as you catch up, stop him with the lasso. You can also kill him, though this leads to an honor loss. Either way, you will then obtain a treasure map, which you can examine by selecting it in your satchel. After viewing the treasure map, head to the waypoint and examine the hole in the tree.

Lilly Millet

Lilly Millet sits on a bench by a house at the northern edge of Emerald Ranch, to the east of Valentine. Confront her to trigger a fist fight with Cooper. Focus on defensive tactics and counterattacks to knock him out, then loot him to retrieve the money.

If a witness saw your crimes, be swift to stop them before they report you to the law.

Mission Objectives

This mission does not feature Gold Medal objectives and is not replayable.

Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

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