GTA Online 'Criminal Enterprises' UPDATE 1.61 Patch Notes, New Cars (Summer 2022 DLC)
Release Date July 26, 2022
Game Edition Game Edition: GTA Online GTA Online
Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

The GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Update (Summer 2022 DLC) has been released on July 26, 2022, including new gameplay updates and top community-requested upgrades to improve the overall GTA Online experience.

The Criminal Enterprises brings expansions to existing Businesses, new elaborate Contact Missions, increased payouts, new vehicles, collectibles, a nerf to the Oppressor Mk II, and the ability to launch Sell Missions in Invite Only sessions.

The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC, released on all platforms, has a size of 12 GB on Xbox Series X|S, 5 GB on PS5, and around 3 GB on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Below you find everything that is included in the new GTA Online 'The Criminal Enterprises' Update (GTA V Title Update 1.61), with all Contents, Patch Notes, Screenshots, Trailers, and more.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises: Operation Paper Trail

The new GTA update adds a set of 6 new Undercover Missions, called "Operation Paper Trail", that present the opportunity to be sworn in as special IAA agents to investigate a criminal conspiracy.

The sudden spike in gas prices has caught the attention of the IAA, who suspect the corrupt Duggan petrochemical family is rigging the system in their favor, and they’re going to need you to help them put the pieces together.

Agent ULP will get in touch to start Operation Paper Trail, which can be accessed by 1-4 players outside the IAA Headquarters.

Note: GTA+ Members receive a 50% extra GTA$ and RP when playing Operation Paper Trail.

GTA Online Summer Update: Criminal Enterprises - Operation Paper Trail

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update: New Vehicles

A total of 18 new vehicles are included with The Criminal Enterprise Update - 6 of these are available at launch, and the other 12 released in the subsequent weeks:


Buckingham Conada


Lampadati Corsita


Bravado Greenwood


Benefactor LM87

Omnis e-GT

Obey Omnis e-GT

Torero XO

Pegassi Torero XO


Benefactor SM722


Declasse Draugur


Obey 10F

10F Widebody

Obey 10F Widebody

Brioso 300 Widebody

Grotti Brioso 300 Widebody

Kanjo SJ

Dinka Kanjo SJ


Dinka Postlude


Übermacht Rhinehart

Ruiner ZZ-8

Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8

Sentinel Classic Widebody

Übermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody

Vigero ZX

Declasse Vigero ZX

Weevil Custom

BF Weevil Custom

  • These include 4 new Benny's Original Motor Works vehicles: 10F Widebody, Brioso 300 Widebody, Sentinel Classic Widebody, Weevil Custom.
  • Two new Imani Tech eligible vehicles (with Remote Control, Missile Lock-On Jammer, Armor Plating) are available: Greenwood & Omnis e-GT.
  • The existing Benefactor Stirling GT can now be upgraded at Hao’s Special Works, and so will the new Vigero ZX.
  • GTA+ Members get the new Lampadati Corsita sports car for free, along with two exclusive liveries (Graphic Montage & Geometric Shapes)

GTA Online Summer Update 2022: New Weapons & Content

Two new weapons have been added to GTA Online with The Criminal Enterprises Update in Summer 2022.

  • The Precision Rifle is available on launch and costs $450,000 (currently discounted at 400,500).
  • A second rifle, called the Service Carbine (codenamed Tactical Rifle) will be available at a later date and will require collecting its parts to unlock it.
  • Over 200 new items of Clothing have been added for both Male and Female characters in GTA Online
  • Two new Hair Styles have been added for both Male and Female characters in GTA Online
  • Over 60 new Tattoos have been added for both Male and Female characters in GTA Online

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises: Business Expansions

The Summer 2022 update in GTA Online expands upon the Criminal Careers of Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owner.

Executive Office & Cargo Warehouse:

  • Two new sources of Special Cargo have been added to the mix of Source Missions.
  • A new 'Export Mixed Goods' mission can be launched from the Executive Assistant, where a shipment of Special Cargo arrives daily outside your Warehouse.
  • New members of staff have been added to Cargo Warehouses: headed by their new manager, Lupe, these can be regularly assigned to source Special Cargo for each Warehouse for GTA$7500

Biker Clubhouse:

  • Clubhouses with the Custom Bike Shop now allow MC Presidents to modify customer bikes to specifications and deliver them back for GTA$ and RP, similar to what can be done with the Auto Shop.
  • Two new Clubhouse Contracts ‘Hit the Roof’ and ‘Life and Deathbikes’ have been added, posted on the meeting room wall at the Clubhouse.
  • A new Bar Resupply can be launched from the Clubhouse Bar: this will bring in patrons to the Clubhouse and provide players with a passive income

Bunker (Gunrunners):

  • Two new Resupply Missions have been added to restock the Bunker
  • New Gunrunning 'Ammu-Nation Contracts' are now available from the Bunker. Deliver any excess weapon parts manufactured at the Bunker to earn additional income
  • A new ‘Bunker Research’ mission is now available to acquire research for the Bunker
  • Bunker owners can now call Agent 14 to begin ‘Bunker Research’, ‘Request Transportation’, and check their current research level
  • Players can now launch Resupply Missions from the road or increase their research progress by sourcing data from a well-armed mark.


  • Two new Club Management missions have been added, giving you new ways to promote your above-board operations.
  • Nightclub owners can now contact Yohan to take on missions to source Goods for their Nightclub Warehouse
  • Nightclub owners can now call Tony to launch Club Management missions, to ‘Request Nightclub Limo’, and check their current club popularity
  • Inside your club, you’ll be able to eject troublemakers and transport passed-out VIPs to off-site locations.

GTA Online Summer Update: Criminal Enterprises

GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Patch Notes: Quality Of Life Updates

The Summer Update 2022 also features some changes that have been long-requested by the GTA Online community. Here are the new gameplay and experience improvements coming to GTA Online as part of 'The Criminal Enterprises' update:

Vehicles & Properties Changes

  • The Homing Missiles of the Oppressor Mk II are now less accurate, and its countermeasures now have increased cooldowns and fewer uses.
    • The Homing Missiles have reduced tracking, making it more difficult to hit targets at a close distance or sideways
    • The Chaff countermeasure usage has been halved from 10 to 5, and Flares usage has been halved from 20 to 10.
    • The Chaff countermeasures cooldown has been increased from 9 seconds to 22 seconds, and Flares cooldown has been increased from 2.5 seconds to 9 seconds.
  • The Sparrow helicopter now has Chaff and Flare Countermeasures available when being modified inside the Kosatka
  • All vehicles with access to the LS Car Meet can now be equipped with Low Grip Tires
  • Vehicles are now delivered faster when requested from the Mechanic.
  • Players no longer incur a charge for destroying another player’s Weaponized Personal Vehicle
  • The Avenger and Mobile Operations Center Vehicle Workshops can now be used to modify any vehicle that can fit, as opposed to only select vehicles (excluding the Oppressor Mk II, which can still only be modified inside the Terrorbyte).
  • The number of standard Apartments that players can own has been increased from 8 to 10, increasing total garage space by up to 20 vehicles.
  • The Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos websites now feature new filters and browsing shortcuts, which can be tabbed using L1/R1 or LB/RB on console.
  • Six existing vehicles have had new liveries and modifications added: Pegassi Zentorno, Grotti Turismo R, Ubermacht Sentinel, Benefactor Stirling GT, Cheval Picador, Benefactor Schwartzer
  • The Declasse Scramjet’s trade price has been removed as some players were unable to access it – this now only has a Buy It Now price 
  • Fixed an issue that affected the drifting capabilities of vehicles added as part of the Los Santos Tuners update
  • Fixed an issue that caused Low Grip tires to affect vehicle performance more than intended
  • During the Summer, there will be new Showroom Floors opening where players can test drive or purchase a range of new vehicles on the spot.


GTA Online Summer Update: Criminal Enterprises - Low Grip Tires

General Improvements

  • All Business activities, including Sell Missions, are now available to play in private sessions (Invite Only, Crew, and Friends)
    • You’ll be able to register as a VIP, CEO, or MC President in Invite Only, Crew, and Friend Sessions
    • Players can also continue to sell their goods in Public Sessions, and those who do will receive an increased high-demand bonus
  • Players now have easier access to Snacks and Armor through a single button while the Weapon Wheel is up.
  • Players are now able to purchase max ammo for all weapons at once in the Interaction Menu, rather than per each weapon type
  • Players on all platforms can now join different session types without needing to go back to Story Mode first. This is done by bringing up the Pause Menu, selecting Online, and "Find New Session".
  • If a player fails and Quick Restarts a mission, Snacks will be restocked to however many they started the mission with.
  • When delivering Security Contracts back to The Agency, players are now able to enter via Helicopter or walk in through the entrance on the roof, rather than needing to enter through the front door at ground level.
  • The Auto Shop Staff is now much more likely to successfully deliver a customer’s vehicle without issue.
  • To make getting around certain locations easier, players are now able to jog inside The Diamond Casino & Resort, The Music Locker, and Nightclubs.
  • Players are now able to immediately hang up on phone calls from several Contacts when they offer missions (including English Dave, Ms. Baker, and Hao)
  • PC players now have the option to disable the in-game chat box via the Settings menu.
  • To reduce instances of griefing, the Kill/Death statistic is no longer affected by kills made in Freemode. Going forward, this ratio will only be affected by kills scored in competitive gameplay.
  • After their initial visit, players are now able to spend more time scoping out Cayo Perico and can get caught more times before being kicked off the island.
  • The GTA+ section in the Pause Menu is now available and provides the following information: 
    • Current membership status: active/expired
    • Next billing date
    • Allows active subscribers to cancel their recurring membership / allows expired subscribers to re-subscribe
    • Several notifications and in-game messages about GTA+ have also been added

GTA Online Summer Update: Criminal Enterprises - Snacks & Armor

Race Creator

  • An 'Anti Grief Ghosting' option has been added to the Race Creator to enable the ghosting of players driving the wrong way for too long (like Open Wheel Races)
  • A 'Ghost to First Checkpoint' option has been added to the Race Creator to enable a non-contact start (like RC Bandito Races)
  • More model types have been added to the Fixture Remover, including Bins, Dumpsters, Fire Hydrants, Fences, Benches, Bus Stops, and Phone Boxes.
  • New options to set the specific time of day for a Race, and the ability to scale Checkpoint size.
  • The RC Bandito can now be used in the Special Vehicle Race Creator
  • Additional Race Creator upgrades on PS5 & Xbox Series X|S:
    • The number of fixtures that can be removed with the Fixture Remover has been increased from 40 to 100
    • The Checkpoint limit has been increased from 100 to 200
    • The maximum number of players allowed in Transform Races has been increased from 16 to 30

Payout Increases in GTA Online

The Criminal Enterprises Update also includes increased GTA$ payouts across various modes and activities in GTA Online, to reward players for their time.

This includes greater payouts across Races, Adversary Modes, as well as for the original Heists and The Doomsday Heist. Plus, increased paydays for Bodyguards, Associates, and MC Members, to encourage and reward cooperative play.

  • Races: all standard Race types - including player-created Races - now pay out an average of 50% more GTA$.
    • Premium Races prizes are now expanded to all players that finish the race
  • Adversary Modes: Payouts for all Adversary Modes are now increased by an average of 50% more GTA$.

  • Heists:
    • To encourage group play, all players joining Heist Setups now receive 50% more GTA$ than the previous payout.
    • The following Heist Finales now award an additional 75% GTA$ payout: The Fleeca Job; The Humane Labs Raid; The Prison Break Finale; Series A Funding Finale
    • The following Heist Finales now award an additional 50% GTA$ payout:: The Pacific Standard Job Finale; The Doomsday Heist: Act I; The Doomsday Heist: Act II; The Doomsday Heist: Act III.
    • The cost of Heist Setup fees has been reduced across the board to GTA$25K
    • The minimum cut for Finales is now set at 15% for each member
    • All Heists are now aligned to have the same cooldown timer of 1 in-game day (48 minutes) when playing as a group.
    • Solo playthroughs of The Cayo Perico Heist Finale now trigger a cooldown of 3 in-game days (about 2.5 real-life hours).
    • After stealing a high-value Primary Target in The Cayo Perico Heist Finale, the higher value Primary Targets will appear less often for the next 72 real-life hours, while the value of Secondary Targets will increase. This is intended to encourage exploration and cooperation between players.
  • Boosts for Organizations and MC Members:
    • Baseline Salaries for Bodyguards, Associates, and MC Members have been doubled for joining and participating in Organization and Motorcycle Club activities
    • Bodyguards and Associates now also receive payouts for participating in Sell Missions, and the MC Members payout for Sell Missions has been increased.
    • Fees related to renaming Organizations have also been reduced.
    • Beginning on July 26, GTA+ Members are no longer subject to GTA$ fees associated with CEO/VIP/MC President abilities.
    • Gang Renaming and Font Changing Fees have been reduced
  • First-Time Payout Boosts: Players will receive an email on their iFruit detailing first-time payout boosts across Criminal Careers. All CEOs, VIPs, and MC Presidents can benefit from these bonuses, even if they’ve already completed certain activities before July 26.
  • Limited-Time Payout Boosts: CEO/VIP Work, Motorcycle Club Work, Club Challenges, Clubhouse Contracts, and Member Challenges will award double payouts for a limited time.


GTA Online Summer Update 2022: New Cayo Perico Activities

As found by famous data miner TezFunz2, the game code has new Daily Collectibles called "Buried Stashes", with the coordinates located across the Cayo Perico Map.

These new collectibles may be enabled in the new GTA Update. They also reference a Metal Detector needed for locating the Stashes.

In addition, the official Criminal Enterprises Trailer, which can be seen below, showcased new Races taking place on Cayo Perico.

This could potentially mean that the Cayo Perico island may be opened for free-roam exploration, instead of being restricted to the Heist missions. Cayo Perico becoming freely playable would definitely be a welcomed addition to the game.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update: More Drip Feed Content

Below you find a list of everything that Rockstar Games will gradually release over the next few weeks and months as "drip-feed" content, as part of The Criminal Enterprise Update.

Unreleased Vehicles

As shown above in the Vehicles section, there are still several unreleased vehicles that will be coming to the game in the next few weeks and months.

Out of the 18 new vehicles, only 6 have been released on day one, and the other 12 are part of the drip-feed content. Check the list above for all the prices and pictures.

Vehicle Dealerships

There will be two new vehicle showroom locations where players will be able to test-drive and purchase selection of vehicles. These include:

  • Luxury Autos
  • Simeon's Premium Deluxe Motorsport

New Game Modes & Events

  • Cayo Perico Series: A series of races taking place on the island of Cayo Perico
  • Community Series: Various series of featured jobs created by community members
  • Hunted & Riders: An Halloween-themed Adversary Mode
  • UFO Photography Challenge: A challenge that tasks the player to photograph UFOs, and send them to Omega to unlock a bonus reward
  • Junk Energy Skydives: A new freemode parachute jumps challenge to earn cash and RP, with gold medals rewards as well
  • LD Organics Product: A recovery mission for Lamar Davis, which will reward you with some clothing items.


  • Crime Scenes & Service Rifle Parts: A freemode event that allows you to collect the parts necessary to assemble the Service Carbine Rifle
  • Jack O'Lanterns: Pumpkin Heads collectible, probably reserved for the Halloween event. The reward for collecting 10 of the 100 Jack O'Lanterns is a Horror Pumpkin Mask.


As part of The Criminal Enterprise Update dripfeed, there will also be a series of additional clothing items released, including:

  • The Diamond Strike Vest
  • The Diamond Varsity Jacket
  • The Cliffford Bomber Jacket
  • The "If Looks Could Kill" Varsity Jacket
  • The "Mummy" Mask and Outfit
  • The "Sasquatch" Outfit, similar to the one from Story Mode

GTA Online Update 1.61: Full Patch Notes (All Platforms)

As part of the GTA Online Update 1.61 there have also been a number of general improvements and fixes made to the game.

Click here to read the Full List of Bug Fixes on the Rockstar Support site.

And as always, the update will be followed by the usual weekly special events and bonuses, taking place over the coming months.

GTA Online: 'Criminal Enterprises' Screenshots

GTA Online: 'Criminal Enterprises' Artworks

GTA Online: 'Criminal Enterprises' Videos

Next GTA Update: GTA Online Movie DLC with Michael?

In recent weeks, a series of teases pointed to Michael De Santa appearing in GTA Online in an upcoming, movie-themed DLC.

This included Movie References in the recent Vespucci Job (Remix) mode, the earlier Franklin's mention of Michael during The Contract DLC, and Michael's actor Ned Luke himself teasing his appearance.

The speculation was also fueled by Rockstar Games adding a new NPC spawn point with a ped model named 'movie_set', in front of Record A Studios in Rockford Hills - as discovered by TezFunz2.

As Rockstar has a history of spawning certain events or objects to tease DLCs in the months leading up to their release, this led the community to believe that Movie DLC featuring Michael could be the focus of the next GTA Online update.

However, more recent findings by TezFunz2 seem to indicate that the Michael DLC will actually be kept for the December 2022 update.

GTA Online New Update - Michael DLC

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