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Release Date October 4, 2016
Title Update 1.36 Bikers
Game Edition GTA Online - Next Gen

Players can buy a Motorcycle Clubhouse via the new Maze Bank Foreclosures website, and can only own one Clubhouse at a time. Upon purchasing a Clubhouse, players will be given the title of Motorcycle Club (MC) President which allows them to have up to 7 players in their MC and gain exclusive access to new Club Work, Club Challenges, Member Challenges, Clubhouse Contracts, MC Businesses through The Open Road and more.

Clubhouses include a Garage that can store up to 10 Motorcycles, plus 7 additional ones (1 for each member of your club). They also feature more recreational activities, including a tended bar, Darts, Arm Wrestling and the Jukebox. Unlike Offices, a Clubhouse will include sleeping quarters by default so it can be used as a safehouse and spawn location with no additional cost.

Players can customize their Clubhouse with additions such as Murals, Styles, Club Emblems, a Gun Locker and a Custom Bike ShopMurals available differ based on the variant of the Clubhouse.

Clubhouses come in two variants: 1-story or 2-story. In the two-story clubhouse, all of the essential facilities such as the garage, Open Road computer, bed, clothing closet, gun closet, and boardroom are on the first floor. The living area with TV, bar, dart board, and arm wrestling table are upstairs.

Clubhouse Locations


Clubhouse Customization: Style

To the untrained eye it might look like a scuzzy pit, but it takes a lot of money and talent to get a pit looking this scuzzy. Hand craft your levels of grime with custom walls, floors, hangings and furnishings.

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