Release Date October 1, 2013
Title Update 1.01 Game Launch
Game Edition GTA Online - All Platforms

Standalone Garages are the most basic purchasable properties available in GTA Online. Garages provide the ability to store Personal Vehicles, keeping them safe from the battlefield of Free Mode and retaining their customizations. They also act as a safehouse with limited functionality: unlike Apartments, there is no sleeping, eating, wardrobe or shower, but the more expensive garages will have radio and TV access.

Similarly to Apartments, Garages can be purchased via the website, or by directly interacting with the "For Sale" sign outside a property. Garages also come in three tiers: Low-End, Medium and High-End, each featuring a respective interior style.

Low-End Garages

  • Vehicle Storage: 2 vehicles; 1 bicycles
  • Price Range: $25,000 to $35,000

Medium Garages

  • Vehicle Storage: 6 vehicles; 2 bicycles
  • Price Range: $62,500 to $80,000

High-End Garages

  • Vehicle Storage: 10 vehicles; 3 bicycles
  • Price Range: $105,000 to $150,000


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