Release Date July 24, 2018
Title Update 1.44 After Hours
Game Edition GTA Online - Next Gen

This property allows players to manage their own personalized Nightclub to generate legitimate income and run Club Management missions as VIP, CEO or MC President. Players can purchase a Nightclub from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website from a selection of 10 locations. 

Nightclubs also act as a Hub for the other illegal Businesses that players already own, via the expandable underground Nightclub Warehouse. Nightclub Warehouses allow players to accrue, store and sell a variety of additional goods in a single location for additional profit. Assign Warehouse Technicians to manage weapons, product or cargo, in order for them to automatically accrue over time.

The Nightclub can be customized with a choice of Nightclub Style and Nightclub Name – optional add-ons such as a Light Rig, Storage, Dancers and Dry Ice are also available. The Nightclub Warehouse Garage also comes stocked with a free Vapid Speedo Custom, 3 spaces reserved for Delivery Vehicles and up to three additional floors of garages for a total storage of 31 personal vehicles.

Nightclubs can also have a dedicated storage for the Terrorbyte, which comes with a Specialized Vehicle Workshop built to house and customize the Oppressor Mk II.

Nightclubs Locations



Nightclub Customization: Style

  • Style 1 (Default): This is the kind of authenticity that's made out of nothing but solid concrete.
  • Style 2 (Blue): Welcome to a world of possibilities: nothing is forbidden, but nothing is free.
  • Style 3 (Purple): It's amazing what can happen when your only guiding principles are limitless opulence, staggering elitism and the pursuit of overwhelming bodily pleasure.

Nightclub Customization: Light Rig

  • Classic: the perfect mix of spotlights, floodlights and strobes
  • Cathedral: the night sky is the limit with this spectacular LED tube rig (Purple & Yellow)
  • Lighting Storm: plug yourself into the current with this fast-paced geometric rig (Purple & White)
  • Surge: let the rhythm pulse over you in waves with this ribbon lighting rig (Yellow)
  • Dazzle: turn up the intensity with the ultimate laser show (Purple & Yellow)

Nightclub Customization: Name

There are 9 Name Options for your Nightclub in GTA Online. The default option, Omega, is free. Picking any other name costs $33,500.

Nightclub Customization: Storage

Add up to four extra floors to your Cargo Storage:

  • +2° Floor (+$395,000)
  • +3° Floor (+$809,750)
  • +4° Floor (+$1,245,250)
  • +5° Floor (+$1,702,550)

Add up to three extra floors to your Garage, each holding up to 10 vehicles. The 5th optional floor is exclusively dedicated to store the Terrorbyte.

Nightclub Customization: Dancers

Hire two podium dancers for your dance floor.

Nightclub Customization: Dry Ice

Add instant atmosphere to your dance floor during the key moments of your DJ's set.

Nightclub: Resident DJ

Choose your resident DJ for your Nightclub. Solomun is the first DJ available, others are unlocked in subsequent weeks.

Nightclub Warehouse Upgrades

There are 3 Upgrades you can purchase to increase productivity of your Nightclub Business Warehouse:

Equipment Upgrade: Purchase this upgrade to install higher quality equipment. This will improve the productivity of your Warehouse Technicians, allowing them to accrue Goods fater. (+$1,425,000)

Staff Upgrade: Purchase this upgrade to hire additional Bartenders and Bouncers. This will reduce the daiy popularity loss of the Nightclub. (+$475,000)

Security Upgrade: Purchase this upgrade to install security guards and surveillance equipment. This will reduce the likelihood of the Nightclub being attacked by enemies. (+$695,000)


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