Business Battles are a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online, associated to the Nightclubs property.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on July 24, 2018, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a PVP mode that can be played by 3 to 30 Players.

Fight the other Motorcycle Club presidents for valuable cargo. Whoever takes it to their warehouse, gets to keep it.

Business Battles: List


The Goods have been revealed. Compete to collect the duffel bags and deliver them to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Assassination GTA Online Freemode Mission

In GTA Online's "Business Battles" Freemode Event, players compete to collect duffel bags full of goods by first eliminating six NPC targets across San Andreas. After dispatching these targets, who are protected by bodyguards and located at three different spawn locations, the players are rewarded with $2,000 and RP bonuses per target. Following the elimination of these targets, the location of the duffel bags is revealed to participants, with those contributing to the eliminations receiving precise locations and others getting a search radius.

The duffel bags can spawn at various locations including Grapeseed, Rogers Salvage & Scrap, Harmony, Davis Quartz, the University of San Andreas in Los Santos, Pleasure Pier in Del Perro Beach, near Trevor's Trailer in Sandy Shores, and Cool Beans on Mirror Park Boulevard. Players who collect these bags are then pursued by NPC bodyguards in armored vehicles, adding an extra layer of challenge to delivering the goods to their Nightclub.


Enter the target vehicle and deliver it to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Assault GTA Online Freemode Mission

In GTA Online's "Business Battles" event, players engage in missions to secure target vehicles from various factions across three different scenarios: Fort Zancudo, Merryweather HQ, and the Union Depository. Each scenario requires players to eliminate hostile forces guarding the target vehicle, then deliver it to their Nightclub Garage, facing potential interference from rival players.

Fort Zancudo Scenario: The mission involves infiltrating Fort Zancudo to steal an Insurgent Pick-Up Custom. Players must contend with Merryweather Security and military personnel, incurring a three-star wanted level upon engaging enemies. Success hinges on eliminating these threats, securing the vehicle, evading the police, and ensuring safe delivery to the Nightclub.

Merryweather HQ (Port of Los Santos): This scenario tasks players with attacking Merryweather HQ to commandeer a Barrage. The area is heavily guarded by 20 Merryweather mercenaries. Players are required to neutralize these guards, capture the vehicle, and transport it back to their Nightclub. If the target vehicle is destroyed, two packages can be collected instead.

Union Depository: The focus here is on stopping a robbery by The Professionals in the Union Depository's underground parking and stealing the targeted Technical Custom. Players must eliminate the robbers, claim the vehicle, and deliver it to their Nightclub. Similar to other scenarios, if rival players intercept the cargo, it must be reclaimed.

Car Meet

Steal the target vehicle from the car meet. Deliver it to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Car Meet GTA Online Freemode Mission

In the "Business Battles" event within GTA Online, one mission scenario involves stealing a high-value vehicle from a car meet and delivering it to the Nightclub, offering rewards of Goods, cash, and RP. The target vehicles for this mission include a Hermes, Sabre Turbo Custom, or Dominator GTX, each surrounded by armed Street Punks and Street Racers at the car meet. Players have the option to engage these defenders directly or sneakily steal the vehicle without confrontation.

Once the target vehicle is commandeered, it becomes destructible, prompting a high-speed escape where players must evade or eliminate three waves of Street Racers in Sultan RSes and Banshee 900Rs en route to the Nightclub. The car meet locations vary, with possible venues on Magellan Avenue in Vespucci Beach for the Hermes, the Jetty parking lot in Pacific Bluffs for the Dominator GTX, and a lot on Eclipse Boulevard in Vinewood for the Sabre Turbo Custom.

Completing the mission involves both the strategic theft of the target vehicle amidst hostile forces and a skillful escape to deliver it safely to the Nightclub Garage. This mission rewards successful players with valuable Nightclub goods in addition to cash and RP, enhancing both their financial and competitive standing in the game. The car meet always features the same 15 NPC-modified vehicles, including Banshee 900R, Sultan RS, Elegy Retro Custom, Faction Custom Donk, and Slamvan Custom, adding to the immersive experience of crashing a dynamic car meet scenario.


Steal the target vehicle from the joyriders. Deliver it to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Joyrider GTA Online Freemode Mission

In GTA Online's Business Battle, players must seize a weaponized vehicle from joyriders associated with gangs like the Ballas, Vagos, or Kkangpae. The target vehicle, chosen from a selection including the Armored Boxville, Ruiner 2000, and Technical Custom, among others, is armed and actively used against the player. The mission offers two options: safely deliver the hijacked vehicle to the Nightclub or destroy it to collect two packages from the remains.

Upon engagement, the joyriders head to their gang territory, where the player faces increased resistance. Destroying the vehicle avoids the risk of driving a damaged vehicle back to the Nightclub but still challenges the player with escaping gang retaliation. Successfully completing the task rewards the player with Goods, cash, and RP, enhancing their in-game status.

Merryweather Drop

Compete to steal the crates when they land. Deliver them to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Merryweather Drop GTA Online Freemode Mission

In this GTA Online event, players contest to claim cargo crates dropped by a Cargo Plane, requiring them to first clear a Merryweather Security-guarded area. The mercenaries, including formidable "black ops" personnel armed with Railguns, must be eliminated. After dealing with these forces, players receive ten flares to signal the cargo drop within a designated zone. The arrival of the Cargo Plane is contested by additional Merryweather reinforcements, including Mesa Grandes vehicles and Buzzard Attack Choppers.

Key locations for these drops include Sandy Shores Airfield, O'Neil Ranch in Grapeseed, and farmland near Martin Madrazo's Lock-up. Players must navigate to the drop site, use a flare to initiate the cargo drop, fend off Merryweather's reinforcements, and then secure the cargo. Successfully delivering the crates to the Nightclub yields rewards in Goods, cash, and RP, adding a layer of competitive play and strategic engagement to the mission.

Parking Garage

Compete to steal the target vehicle and deliver it to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.

In this GTA Online event, players race to locate, steal, and deliver a specific vehicle to their Nightclub, guided only by a photograph for identification. The target vehicles, which vary among events, can include models such as the Benefactor Panto, BF Raptor, and Weeny Issi Classic. These vehicles are parked in various parking structures across Los Santos, including Parking Building 2 at Los Santos International Airport (LSIA), the parking lot of the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Morningwood/Rockford Hills, and the Del Perro Parking Garage. Players must find the vehicle based on the photo, navigate potential competition from other players, and successfully deliver the vehicle to earn Goods, cash, and RP, enhancing their in-game progress and resources.


Compete to steal the duffel bags and deliver them to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Pick-Up GTA Online Freemode Mission

In GTA Online's event, players must dive into ongoing conflicts between two rival NPC factions to snatch two duffel bags full of valuable product. The confrontations occur at specific locations including the Kortz Center in Pacific Bluffs, where Gruppe Sechs and the Madrazo Cartel clash; the Raven Slaughterhouse in Cypress Flats, scene of a face-off between The Lost MC and Kkangpae; and the Devin Weston Holdings Hangar at LSIA, where The Professionals take on the Los Santos Triads.

Participants are tasked with infiltrating these battlegrounds, overcoming or sneaking past the fighting to seize the duffel bags. Once in possession of the cargo, players must fend off rival players who also aim to secure the bags for themselves. Successfully delivering the stolen goods to the Nightclub rewards players with Goods, cash, and RP, offering a significant boost to their in-game progress and resources. This event tests players' combat, strategy, and delivery skills under pressure from both NPCs and competing players.

Police Station

Compete to steal the target vehicle and deliver it to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Police Station GTA Online Freemode Mission

In this GTA Online event, players must infiltrate one of three police stations (Mission Row, Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, or Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station) to access a computer and download the location of a target vehicle. Upon initiating the download, players receive a two-star wanted level, which must be evaded without engaging in further conflict with the police to prevent escalation. The mission does not require completing a hacking minigame; instead, players wait for the download to finish. The vehicle's location remains exclusive to players who complete the hack until someone collects the vehicle.

The target vehicles are determined randomly and can be found at various significant locations, including the Great Ocean Highway Fleeca franchise, NOOSE Headquarters, Palmer-Taylor Power Station, Marina Drive in Sandy Shores, a foreclosed farm, and the Port of Los Santos. Once the vehicle is secured, players must deliver it to their Nightclub to earn Goods, cash, and RP. However, if the vehicle isn't delivered within the allotted time, it self-destructs, resulting in mission failure.

Vehicle Export

Blow open the rear door of the truck to access the target vehicle. Deliver it to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Vehicle Export GTA Online Freemode Mission

In this GTA Online event, players target a Pounder truck transporting a Mamba, containing valuable cargo, along San Andreas highways. The mission involves assaulting the truck, guarded by two Street Racers, and using explosives to force open its rear door and release the Mamba. Players are equipped with 5 Sticky Bombs if they run out of explosives after neutralizing the truck's guards. The objective is to blow open the truck's door, retrieve the Mamba, and fend off three waves of Street Racers in Sultan RSs and Banshee 900Rs during the delivery back to the Nightclub.

The successful delivery of the Mamba to the Nightclub garage rewards players with Goods, cash, and RP. Players must navigate the pursuit strategically, managing both the explosive breach and high-speed escape with the cargo to complete the mission.

Factory Raid

Compete to steal the goods and deliver them to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.
Business Battles: Factory Raid GTA Online Freemode Mission

In GTA Online's Business Battles, players hack into secured locations, battle NPC enemies, and retrieve eight packages to deliver to their Nightclub. Each scenario presents unique challenges, including different enemy factions and complex layouts that require both hacking to enter and exit and strategic combat to overcome adversaries.

Clucking Bell Farms: Players face Triads with a straightforward entry but must hack to exit. The location features one-way doors and chase vehicles include Hakuchous.

Grand Banks Steel Foundry: Combat Merryweather Security in a dimly lit foundry with multi-level crate locations. Exits require unlocking, and the first package delivery is met with pursuit by Mesa Grandes.

Rogers Salvage & Scrap: The Madrazo Cartel guards this area. Players need to hack the entrance and navigate through a one-way timed door, with escape requiring another hack. Ballers are used by the cartel for the first package chase.

Players must carefully navigate each location, dealing with environmental hazards and enemy tactics, to secure and deliver cargo, earning Goods, cash, and RP for their efforts. The gameplay emphasizes tactical hacking, close-quarters combat, and escape under pressure from NPC factions.

UFO Battle

A Business Battle has started. Enter the hangar in Fort Zancudo to access the Goods. Deliver them to the drop-off to earn Cash and RP
Business Battles: UFO Battle GTA Online Freemode Mission

During select Events, notably around Halloween, GTA Online features a unique Business Battle where players infiltrate Fort Zancudo to retrieve Spaceship Parts. Active from 7PM to 3AM, participants are directed to a hangar guarded by Merryweather Security, which is protecting a UFO. The mission involves collecting eight Spaceship Parts and delivering them to Omega for a reward of $5,000 and 1,000 RP per part.

The walkthrough is straightforward: after the battle commences, players head to Fort Zancudo, gain entry to the specified hangar, and then secure the Spaceship Parts. Should rival players have possession of any parts, these must be reclaimed. Attracting police attention requires players to lose the cops before successfully delivering the parts to Omega's garage. This unique Business Battle blends the game's criminal undertakings with a touch of extraterrestrial intrigue, rewarding participants with cash and RP.

Showroom (Removed)

Compete to steal the target vehicle and deliver it to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.

This mission was deleted from GTA Online with the launch of 1.61 Criminal Enterprises.

Business Battles: Showroom GTA Online Freemode Mission

In this GTA Online Business Battle, players aim to steal a customized Vapid Ellie with the license plate "RA1NE" from Premium Deluxe Motorsport. To access the vehicle, players can enter the dealership directly through unlocked front doors but must complete a hacking minigame to unlock the garage door for vehicle retrieval. Inside, players encounter aggressive mechanics and Armenian Mob members defending the car.

The mission involves hacking a security panel using a "Bruteforce.exe" minigame with the password "YETARIAN", navigating through hostile NPCs within the dealership, and then escaping with the target vehicle. The dark grey Vapid Ellie can be driven out through a large plate glass window, a shortcut that bypasses the need for opening the garage door.

After leaving the dealership, players are pursued by chasers in Schafters until they successfully deliver the car to their Nightclub, earning Goods, cash, and RP. This Business Battle, part of a dynamic in-game economy and mission structure, was removed from public play following the July 26, 2022, update for the game, transitioning Premium Deluxe Motorsport to serve as an interactive auto dealership.

Aircraft Carrier Assault (REMOVED)

Compete to steal the goods and deliver them to the Nightclub to earn Goods, cash and RP.

This mission was deleted from GTA Online with the launch of 1.67 San Andreas Mercenaries.

Business Battles: Aircraft Carrier Assault GTA Online Freemode Mission

In the Los Santos Summer Special update for GTA Online, players are challenged to seize eight packages from the USS Luxington ATT-16, a military carrier stationed offshore southeast of Los Santos. The battle lasts 30 minutes, with four Dinghys available for use, though players can opt for their own quicker vessels like the Galaxy Super Yacht speedboats or submersibles like the Stromberg or Toreador.

Air entry or hover vehicles like the Deluxo or Oppressor Mk II will activate the carrier's defense system, prompting missile attacks. If a player is taken down during the assault, they'll respawn on a Seashark behind the ship. The mission involves collecting weapon packages distributed across the carrier, with four on the flight deck and four in storage, all while combatting soldiers and evading a Buzzard Attack Chopper.

To make air extraction feasible, players must deactivate air defenses by hacking two laptops in the control tower, enabling the use of aircraft like the P-996 LAZERs or Buzzards for escape. However, players utilizing a Kosatka submarine for approach are barred from participating until they exit the sub, and re-entry is blocked post-package collection.

Business Battles: Job Info

Business Battles: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date July 24, 2018
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

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