Freemode Events are a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on September 15, 2015, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a PVP mode that can be played by 3 to 30 Players.

Compete in various events against the players in your session.

Freemode Events allows players to compete in various PVP modes directly from the free-roam session, without the need of loading screens or joining jobs.

The events will occur at random as long as the minimum players requirement is met in the current session, with a 20-minute cooldown between events. The Freemode Events also alternate with Freemode Challenges and Business Battles.

When an event is about to begin, all players in the session will be notified with a HUD message and a timer on the bottom right.

Freemode Events: List

Air Checkpoints

Compete with all your Freemode competitors in a mad dash across southern San Andreas. Who will be the first to race or fly through all the designated checkpoints for fame, fortune and reputation?
Freemode Events: Air Checkpoints GTA Online Freemode Mission

Players compete to collect as many of the 120 scattered checkpoints as possible within a 10-minute time frame. These checkpoints, visible on the player's radar, are distributed throughout San Andreas, challenging players to navigate through the skies efficiently. The event emphasizes quick decision-making and precision flying, as participants aim to fly through yellow circles marking each checkpoint, with the terrain and obstacles adding to the challenge.


Compete to collect the most checkpoints in the given time
Freemode Events: Checkpoints GTA Online Freemode Mission

Players engage in a competition to collect checkpoints scattered across a quarter of the San Andreas map. This challenge, taking place both on land and at sea, tests players' ability to navigate through 120 checkpoints that pop up on their radar. The event sets a straightforward goal: to gather the highest number of checkpoints within a 10-minute window. Each checkpoint acquired nets the player a cash reward, ranging from $750 to $1,500, echoing the mechanics of the Air Checkpoints but with the action strictly confined to ground or maritime paths.

Criminal Damage

Whet your appetite for destruction with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Get strapped with a favorite piece of heavy artillery and let loose over a given time period with no wanted level in sight. Wanton destruction is rewarded with every bullet hole and blast. The player with the largest property damage bill who causes the most destruction will win.
Freemode Events: Criminal Damage GTA Online Freemode Mission

Players cause as much financial damage as possible within 5 minutes. The event disables police response, allowing for unimpeded destruction. The winners are determined by the highest cost of damage incurred, with the top three players displayed on a leaderboard.

Hold the Wheel

A Sanchez, a Golf Cart or another otherwise humble mode of transport is made into an indestructible marked vehicle. Take command of it and avoid all the other jackers and assailants in your session to be the one in the driver’s seat when time runs out. Try and go for it solo to keep the entire GTA$ award for yourself, or shrewdly partner up with a gunner to ride with you for protection and split the earnings.
Freemode Events: Hold the Wheel GTA Online Freemode Mission

In this event, players fight for control over a designated vehicle marked on the map with a purple icon. These vehicles, chosen for their modesty, range from a Caddy to a Sanchez, and are made nearly indestructible for the event. The objective is to take possession of the vehicle and maintain control over it for 10 minutes. Players can work together, with one driving and the other defending, or compete solo to keep the entire reward for themselves. Despite the vehicle's enhanced durability, it can still be destroyed, leading to mission failure.

The event also features a "Sudden Death" phase if the vehicle is unclaimed at the end of the main timer. This phase lasts for 1 minute, during which players must rush to claim the vehicle to win instantly. The winner receives a $20,000 reward.

Hot Property

Hold on to the briefcase for as long as possible.
Freemode Events: Hot Property GTA Online Freemode Mission

This event challenges players to possess a briefcase for the longest within a 10-minute frame for GTA$ and RP rewards. The event emphasizes evasion and pursuit across various modes of transportation, including land vehicles, boats, and aircraft.

The event prioritizes visibility and strategy, disallowing certain hiding tactics while making the briefcase's location always visible to all players.

Hunt the Beast

Become the Beast – a stronger, faster (and hairier) version of your character - and flee relentless pursuers all over Los Santos and Blaine County.
Freemode Events: Hunt the Beast GTA Online Freemode Mission

This event enables the player to become a significantly enhanced version of themselves, known as the Beast, who must elude other players across Los Santos and Blaine County.

Once transformed, the Beast is tasked with visiting 10 random landmarks within 30 minutes while remaining undetected and alive. Other players are charged with finding and eliminating the Beast in the same timeframe. The Beast is temporarily revealed on the radar when visiting a landmark or if inactive from landmark visits for over 3 minutes.

Kill List

Destroy the Merryweather patrols.
Freemode Events: Kill List GTA Online Freemode Mission

Players combat Merryweather Security using military vehicles to earn GTA$ and RP. Available vehicles include the Hydra, Buzzard Attack Chopper, Valkyrie (requires 2+ players), Savage, and Rhino Tank. The event triggers when players enter these vehicles and face off against Merryweather in both air and land vehicles, ending once all targets are eliminated or the player's vehicle self-destructs.

King of the Castle

An every man for himself turf war where you’ll need to ascend and claim the designated ‘castle’ as your territory – and then fend off everyone else as they go all out to dethrone you.
Freemode Events: King of the Castle GTA Online Freemode Mission

Players contest to control a designated area, dubbed the "castle," to accumulate points and earn rewards. Upon the event's initiation, a location is randomly selected and marked with a purple "Castle" icon on the map, where players converge to establish dominance. The goal is to remain in or very close to the castle to gain points, over 1 point per second, for ten minutes. The player with the highest points from occupying the castle becomes the king and must defend their position against other players attempting to dethrone them.

Participants who succeed in overtaking the castle begin accumulating points, while the dethroned king respawns nearby, maintaining the cycle of contest and defense. The event emphasizes individual skill in controlling and defending the territory, with the top three performers awarded in a gold, silver, and bronze system. Rewards include $13,650 for the winner and a sliding scale of at least $1,650 for participation.

Dead Drop

This mission was deleted from GTA Online with the launch of 1.44 After Hours.

Fight for possession of valuable contraband and see if you can make the drop first in this ruthless smuggler’s run

Kill List Competitive

This mission was deleted from GTA Online with the launch of 1.44 After Hours.

Take out the most Merryweather patrols to win.
Freemode Events: Kill List Competitive GTA Online Freemode Mission

Moving Target

This mission was deleted from GTA Online with the launch of 1.44 After Hours.

You are the Moving Target. Deliver the vehicle.
Freemode Events: Moving Target GTA Online Freemode Mission

Penned In

This mission was deleted from GTA Online with the launch of 1.44 After Hours.

When you see the enormous dome appear over the Los Santos skyline, jump into the closest ride and find your way into it before the timer starts. Then, stay within the dome as it begins to move and shrink, smashing and bashing rivals out. Those who are left out of the dome for more than 7 seconds will explode. See if you can be the sole survivor at the very end.
Freemode Events: Penned In GTA Online Freemode Mission

Freemode Events: Job Info

Freemode Events: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date September 15, 2015
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

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