Nightclub Management is a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online, associated to the Nightclubs property.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on July 24, 2018, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 4 Players.

A good nightcxlub needs great manangement. Help out your employees and associates in sourcing VIPs for the club, protecting the clubbers and generally increasing the reputation of your club.

Freemode Missions: Nightclub Management

Promote Club: Place Posters

At the end of the day, nothing beats a bit of physical marketing. You're going to do it old school and put fly-posters up around the city. Get to work.
Nightclub Management: Place Posters GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Drop Flyers

Okay, well, I guess we got to so some marketing. Instead of handing out flyers on Vinewood Boulevard, I want to airdropping them over the city. There's a chopper waiting ready to take off. Your flyers are on board.
Nightclub Management: Drop Flyers GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Deliver Supplies

Alright, three long decades in this business and one thing is still true: nightclubs run on booze. And no matter how much we charge, the cheaper we can get it, the better. Bring in the shipment of champagne I've located, and I'll make sure we got people here to drink it.
Nightclub Management: Deliver Supplies GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Recover Supplies

Great. Do I have a job for you. Crowds can smell if a club isn't right, and right now, our club isn't right. We've been robbed for a truck of booze. Get it and we can get back to running this place properly.
Nightclub Management: Recover Supplies GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Smash Developer Vehicles

So... here's what we're gonna do. For once in our lives, we're going to refuse to be gentrifiers. Some property developers are trying to piggy back off of what we're doing here... to open up mini-malls, or something. Run them off and get us some edge back.
Nightclub Management: Smash Developer Vehicles GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Collect Clubbers

Okay, let's try and get the buzz back in this place. You know, my momma always said, "Want to catch some flies, you need a pile of shit." Collect some pieces of shit rich folks for us, bring them to the club, and all the flies will follow.
Nightclub Management: Collect Clubbers GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Play Music from a Blimp

Okay, we need to do something big, something theatrical, something Vinewood, baby. We're promoting our DJ on the side of a blimp. Pick it up and fly it over the city. Everyone will know what's going on here.
Nightclub Management: Play Music from a Blimp GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Destroy Rival Supplies

Okay, we're losing customers to Bahama Mamas when we beat them on music, atmosphere, and general insanity. Take out those idiots' supply trucks and let's see if our customers don't come back here.
Nightclub Management: Destroy Rival Supplies GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Eliminate the Drug Operation

Look, I got nothing against recreational drug use. For a long period of my life, that was my number one recreational activity! But when we have a bunch of shady guys round town marketing themselves as our official suppliers, we got an image problem... and that, my friend. is the only kind of problem that matters. I got Yohan tracking down their distributor. In the meantime, go clean 'em up. Our patrons are just going to have to us an app and get it couriered in.
Nightclub Management: Eliminate the Drug Operation GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Recover Photographs

Fucking paparazzi, am I right? You know, there was a time in the 90's when I couldn't slip into the men's room without some fucking mouth-breather with a telephoto lens lying in wait for me. So when I get a call from one of out most valuable patrons saying she's being harassed by some freakshow with social media account calling himself an investigative journalist, I see red. Yohan cooked up a virus that'll torch his hard drive and any cloud backups of the photos. Here's his address. Go deliver it.
Nightclub Management: Recover Photographs GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Collect VIPs

Heya, yeah, so, I kinda promised Tony I'd get some famous people in, but... no one's answering my texts. We're not cool enough, alright? We've got to make do with a couple of D-list influencers for now. Go pick 'em up, bring 'em in, and, you know, hopefully the celebrities will follow.
Nightclub Management: Collect VIPs GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Locate Celebrity

Yo, I've got you a VIP to collect, bit of a celebrity actually, Total friend of mine. Poppy Mitchell. She hasn't actually said where she is, and... I'm kinda blocked on her Bleeter, but... I think we can figure it out from her Snapmatic profile.
Nightclub Management: Locate Celebrity GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Collect Celebrity

Okay, okay, you want famous? I've got not one, but two of my best celebrity friends coming in tonight. Miranda Cowan and her assistant. Get out there and collect them as soon as possible... they may seem angry and impatient and greedy, but... that just means they like you.
Nightclub Management: Collect Celebrity GTA Online Freemode Mission

Promote Club: Rescue Celebrity

Oh, hey, you want to get some celebs in here, this might be our chance. Got a little tip that Lacey Jonas is in the back of a police wagon. Who knows what she did this time... if we can get her out of there, she's probably so doped up on painkillers, she'll think she was on the way to the club already. Go get here while the opportunity's there.
Nightclub Management: Rescue Celebrity GTA Online Freemode Mission

Help your DJ: Steal Equipment

Alright mate. You know how particular Dixon is about the way things sound. He wants some new equipment for the club. You got a minute to run off and get it for him? Okay, okay. AKAN Records is where to go. Take one of their vans and bring it to the club.
Nightclub Management: Steal Equipment GTA Online Freemode Mission

Help your DJ: Collect Friends

Alright there? Dixon wants some folks brought into Los Santos to see him play. What do you think about flying out and bringing them in, eh? He'd appreciate it no end. Alright then. Go get the chopper and pick 'em up.
Nightclub Management: Collect Friends GTA Online Freemode Mission

Help your DJ: Recover the Vinyl

It's your old pal Dave. Yeah, some twats did a bunk with Dicko's records. Proper rare shit, too. You know what a wonk he is. Can you get 'em back to the club for us? Alright, well, they're at some yacht party in the middle of the drink. Might get heavy out there, so look out. You come through, Dixon won't forget this.
Nightclub Management: Recover the Vinyl GTA Online Freemode Mission

Help your DJ: Rescue the Friends

Hey, you got a second? Some of Black Madonna's people are being held up in the city. She'd sort it, only she's been DJing like a maniac. You think you can handle this? Very nice. This is where you're going. Grab them, save the day. And no friendly fire, please. I don't wanna tell The BM you shot her friends instead of saving 'em.
Nightclub Management: Rescue the Friends GTA Online Freemode Mission

Security: Deliver VIP

Hey boss, looks like one of our high value clients had a little too much fun. They're passed out in the VIP. This one might need the manager's touch, if you wanna help them out.
Nightclub Management: Deliver VIP GTA Online Freemode Mission

Security: Eject Troublemaker

The player can find a problematic patron somewhere in the Nightclub, such as the loading bay, the restroom, off the dance floor, or at the lower bar.
Nightclub Management: Eject Troublemaker GTA Online Freemode Mission

Nightclub Management: Job Info

Nightclub Management: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date July 24, 2018
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

Nightclub Management Video

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