Bunker Cargo is a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online, associated to the Bunkers property.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on June 13, 2017, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 4 Players.

Owning a bunker will allow your employees to produce illicit weaponry. Procure supplies for these weapons, and then resell them for big money.

What's the hesitation here, compadre? You like money right? Set up the business to start manufacturing weapons.

To keep the weapon production operations in a player's bunker running, supplies need to be sourced. The player has the option to buy these supplies for hefty amounts of money, which will lead to reduced profits from the business.

Additionally, the CEO may choose to steal the supplies for his bunker - this is cost-free but requires some extra effort.

Bunker Cargo: Steal Supplies Missions List

The following is a list of the possible "Steal Supply" missions.

Alien Egg

Here we go. Find the supplies then take them to the lab. And make sure they're not too damaged in the process.

Altruist Cult

Okay, looks like those whackjobs, the Altruists, might have the supplies you're after up in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Get up there, and get 'em out.

Cartel Hideout

Your supplies are at the recycling plant in La Puerta. It's some kind of cartel operation, we can't get eyes in there, but if you can get access there's more than enough there for your lab.


Our readings indicate a large stockpile of weapons on a cargo ship on Elysian Island. You'll encounter foreign agents so you might want to go quietly, but anything you find is yours.

Helicopter Packages

These supplies are on the move. Bring down the transport before they fly out of the state and you can salvage the hardware. We've allocated a Technical Aqua for your use.

Merryweather Convoy

So, some supplies get handed to you on a plate, others in private military convoy. That's life. Go to the GPS point, get hold [Spoken:'get a hold'] of them... somehow, and bring them to the bunker.


They might mainly work government contracts, but that doesn't make Merryweather security even nearly the good guys. Not like us. You've got the greenlight to resupply with some railguns they've got at Humane Labs. Take what you can and go back to the base.

Rhino Tank

Can you drive a tank? I hope so, 'cause that's how these supplies are coming. Pick 'em up and bring 'em in and the lab will handle the rest.
Rhino Tank GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Rival Competition

This one's more like quid pro quo, you take out some bad actors for me, I've got an easy resupply for you. It's a good deal all around.

Technical Custom

The lab thinks there's some milage in breaking down a Technical pickup with a minigun on the back. There's a heist crew with the requisite, you've just got to get it off of them.

Truck Packages

Okay, there's an outlaw motorcycle gang moving arms around the state. Far as we're concerned they're fair game. Take our buggy, take them out, and salvage the hardware.

Distract Police

This one's right out of the playbook. What we need's being watched by the police. One of you's creating as much of a diversion as possible. When the cops take the bait, the rest of you take the goods. We good? Good.

Ballistic Equipment

Your supplies are holding at LSIA, miniguns, ballistic armor shipping to a war zone. Get in there and get them back to your bunker and let's keep the world order just the way it is thank you.

Flight Data

Good news. Today is one of those days when the public and private sectors join hands and achieve something truly wonderful for the American people. One of your rival arms dealers is on the agency's hit list. We're just tying up a full seizure of their assets. The one thing we don't have access to is their R&D data. They're running it out of the country on an unregistered flight due to leave American airspace sometime in the next twenty-four hours. We need you to break into one of their sites, track that aircraft, and hack that data. You do that, we give you a generous share of their confiscated stock. Sending you the site's location now. I'll be in touch.

Smuggled Arms

In the intelligence community, sometimes it's about letting good things come to you. Like smuggled arms. If you happen to know exactly when and where a consignment is due to enter Los Santos; and if you happen to know they use a cargo plane to perform low-level drops just off the coast; and if you happen to know exactly where they keep the boat they use to pick up the goods... Like I say, sometimes you just need to be in the right place at the right time...

Bunker Cargo: Sell Missions List

After the crew in the bunker finalizes manufacturing the weapons they are selling using the resources the CEO has sourced, the CEO may choose to sell these weapons for great amounts of money. The sell missions are very similar in structure to the Special Cargo sales missions. The following is a list of the "Sell Product" missions.

Phantom Wedge

Okay, expect law enforcement to get in the way on this sale, but hopefully the Phantom Wedge we're lending you will get them out of it.
Stick to the route, stop for nothing, make the drop.

The player is tasked with delivering a Phantom Wedge to the drop-off zone in under 15 minutes. After the global signal disappears, police will start to give chase at a 3-star wanted level. The player must carefully use the abilities of the Phantom to get to the drop-off zone, where the Police will give up chase. If the truck is destroyed, the player can detach the trailer and carry it with a Cargobob or with a different Truck.

Insurgent Pick-Up Customs ambushed by Merryweather

Here Merryweather goes again. Pissing in our soup.
Get the weapons to the buyers and look out for those private security goons.
May be good to have someone manning the gun on the Insurgent too.

Up to three Insurgent Pick-Up Customs will be provided to the associates of the organization, and they have 30 minutes to deliver the product to 5 different spots. After every drop-off, Merryweather mercenaries will begin attacking the player. At the first 3 locations, there will only be ground vehicles spawned, but at locations 4-5, Merryweather mercenaries will spawn in Buzzard Attack Choppers

Insurgent Pick-Up Customs

We're all business today.
The guns are in an Insurgent. Get it to the buyers and your job is done.

An easy mission - up to three Insurgent Pick-Up Customs will be provided, and the player has 15 minutes to deliver them all to different locations. Either no distraction will happen, or the player may gain a 1-star wanted level which they can easily evade.

Dune FAV

Okay, we're dropping these shipments out of the way.
Take a dune buggy and head for the markers.
This one is time sensitive.

Up to three modified Dune FAV's will be provided, each with the same four drop-off points to tackle in 15 minutes. After every drop-off, the player will be chased by the Los Santos Triads or the Lost MC. After the last drop-off point, a fifth one will be revealed, where the player needs to get to and then leave before the time runs out.

The NPC's aim is good, and with the Dune FAV's having very little protection for the player, combined with the short time for completion, many players consider this mission very frustrating.


Okay, these buyers can't be seen to touch down on US soil, so they're picking up the shipments at altitude.
Get your Marshall off roader and get to the site.

Up to three Marshalls will be provided for the player to complete 5 drop-offs in 15 minutes. After the first two drops, two Buzzards with side gunners will begin chasing the player, and will respawn when destroyed. Thus, it's better that the player focuses on the delivery rather than attempting to take down the mercenaries.

Insurgent (Co-Op only)

So, we really, really do not want to be seen selling to these people.
We've set up surveillance scramblers on your Insurgents to give you some cover, but it's going to mean you absolutely have to stick together on the way to the sale.

Up to three Insurgents fitted with Signal Jammers are provided, ready to deliver to one single, common drop-off point in 15 minutes. Should the Insurgents not stick close enough together, the jammer gets deactivated and the player's vehicles become visible to all the players in the session. Otherwise, no other disruptions take place during the mission.

Bunker Cargo: Job Info

Bunker Cargo: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date June 13, 2017
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

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