Bold. Iconic. Visible from space.

This is luxury living on the water - fully staffed and packed with perks. This floating apartment isn't for driving though - enjoy the amenities while your personal captain will move you between your choice of 12 scenic ports around Los Santos and Blaine County for a fee.

Release Date December 15, 2015
Title Update 1.31 Executives and Other Criminals
Game Edition GTA Online - Next Gen

For the ultimate room with a view, players have the option to purchase a Galaxy Super Yacht from the Docktease website for GTA Online.

The Yacht property does not count towards the property limit and they have a daily utility cost for owning one. Yachts cannot be sailed: they function as floating apartments and come fully staffed with your own personal captain to shift the boat between your choice of 12 scenic mooring locations (at a cost of $25,000), and a bartender to serve drinks for you and your guests.

Choose from a range of designs, with higher-end yachts featuring hot tubs, and additional complimentary transport options including helicopters and personal watercraft. Name your vessel and personalize it with a custom flag, hull color and a variety of lighting options. Each Yacht comes equipped with an anti-air defense system to help protect against unwanted attacks from rival Organizations and other Freemode attackers.   

Players are only able to own one Yacht and they have a selection from three models:

Yacht Models

The Orion Yacht
The Pisces Yacht
The Aquarius Yacht

Mooring Locations

GTA V Galaxy Super Yacht Mooring Locations
  1. Lago Zancudo
  2. Pacific Bluffs
  3. Vespucci Beach
  4. Los Santos International Airport
  5. Terminal
  6. Palomino Highlands
  7. Tataviam Mountains
  8. San Chianski Mountain Range
  9. Mount Gordo
  10. Procopio Beach
  11. Paleto Bay
  12. North Chumash

Up to three Yachts can be moored at each location at one time.



Yacht Customization: Fittings

Exhibit a bespoke level of decadence with your choice of gold or chrome fittings. Applied to your railings, anchor, porthole rims and helipad.

Yacht Customization: Lighting

Stand out or stay dark: the shapes and shade of your lighting rig speaks volume about your needs to impress.

Yacht Customization: Color Scheme

From imperial white to stealth-ship black, we have color schemes to perfectly match your delusions of grandeur.

Yacht Customization: Personalize

The player is able to select from 46 flags to place on the rear.

The player is also able to give a Custom Name to the Yacht (up to 20 characters). The default name is "Galaxy Super Yacht".



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