The Obey 10F Widebody is a Sports Car featured in GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, added to the game as part of the update on November 10, 2022.

The 10F Widebody is a variant of the standard 10F base model.

How to get the 10F Widebody in GTA Online:

The 10F Widebody is a Custom Vehicle, which can be obtained by first buying the standard for $1,675,000, and then converting it to this custom variant in the Benny's Original Motor Works for an extra cost of $575,000.

The 10F Widebody can be stored in any of your Properties/Garages as a Personal Vehicle. It can be customized at Benny's Original Motor Works.

Once acquired, you can request the delivery of the 10F Widebody from the Mechanic.

Also known as "Obey 10F Custom".

Obey 10F Widebody in Real Life:

The design of the Obey 10F Widebody is based on a real life Audi R8 Gen II.

Obey 10F Widebody Top Speed:

The actual top speed of the 10F Widebody in GTA V is 128.00 mph (206.00 km/h) when it's fully upgraded, as it's been accurately tested in-game by Broughy1322.

Can you sell the 10F Widebody in GTA Online?

Yes, you can sell the 10F Widebody at Benny's Original Motor Works for a resale price of $345,000 (60% of the original purchase), plus 50% of the value of your upgrades.

10F Widebody: GTA V Vehicle Info

  • Seats 2
  • Mass / Weight 1,650 KG
  • Drive Train RWD
  • Gears 7

10F Widebody: GTA V Performance

  • Top Speed - Real 128.00 mph (206.00 km/h)
  • Lap Time 1:02.546
  • Bulletproof No
  • Explosive Resistance

    Amount of explosives required to destroy the 10F Widebody, with 100% armor, and occupied by a player:

    Explosive Weapon Amount
    Homing Launcher / Oppressor Missiles / Jet Missiles 1
    RPG / Grenades / Sticky Bomb / MOC Cannon 1
    Explosive Rounds (Heavy Sniper Mk II) 2
    Tank Cannon (Rhino / APC) 1
    Anti-Aircraft Trailer Dual 20mm Flak 1

10F Widebody: GTA V Statistics

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Handling
  • Overall 78.33

Note: The above statistics are coming from the Rockstar official website.

10F Widebody: GTA V Appearances

  • Similar Vehicles

  • Model ID tenf2
  • Notes Also known as "Obey 10F Custom".
  • 10F Widebody: Vehicle Customization

    Total Cost to Fully Upgrade in GTA Online $514,379
    ModificationGTA Online Price
    No Armor$1,000
    Armor Upgrade 20%$7,500
    Armor Upgrade 40%$12,000
    Armor Upgrade 60%$20,000
    Armor Upgrade 80%$35,000
    Armor Upgrade 100%$50,000
    Stock Brakes$1,000
    Street Brakes$20,000
    Sport Brakes$27,000
    Race Brakes$35,000
    Bumpers > Front Bumpers
    Stock Front Bumper$2,200
    Carbon Splitter$4,600
    Secondary Carbon Splitter$7,400
    Forged Splitter$11,700
    Secondary Forged Splitter$14,500
    Carbon Winged Splitter$14,700
    Sec. Carbon Winged Splitter$14,900
    Forged Winged Splitter$15,100
    Sec. Forged Winged Splitter$15,300
    Carbon Street Splitter$15,500
    Forged Street Splitter$15,700
    Carbon Race Splitter$15,900
    Sec. Carbon Race Splitter$16,100
    Forged Race Splitter$16,300
    Sec. Forged Race Splitter$16,500
    Carbon Super Splitter$16,700
    Sec. Carbon Super Splitter$16,900
    Forged Super Splitter$17,100
    Sec. Forged Super Splitter$17,300
    Bumpers > Rear Diffusers
    Stock Rear Diffuser$2,200
    Diffuser Delete$4,600
    Bumper Delete$7,400
    Carbon Mid Fins$11,700
    Forged Mid Fins$14,500
    Carbon Diffuser Fins$14,700
    Forged Diffuser Fins$14,900
    XL Carbon Diffuser Fins$15,100
    XL Forged Diffuser Fins$15,300
    Carbon Bolted Diffuser$15,500
    Forged Bolted Diffuser$15,700
    Carbon Focus Diffuser$15,900
    Forged Focus Diffuser$16,100
    Carbon Race Diffuser$16,300
    Forged Race Diffuser$16,500
    Carbon GT Spec$16,700
    Forged GT Spec$16,900
    Carbon Focus GT Spec$17,100
    Forged Focus GT Spec$17,300
    Carbon Exposed Diffuser$17,500
    Forged Exposed Diffuser$17,700
    Carbon Canards$11,040
    Forged Carbon Canards$11,730
    Primary Vents$12,420
    Forged Vents$13,110
    Primary Vents w/ Canards$13,800
    Carbon Vents w/ Canards$14,145
    Forged Vents w/ Canards$14,489
    Primary Vertical Vent$14,835
    Carbon Vertical Vent$15,180
    Forged Vertical Vent$15,525
    Primary Vertical Vent Kit$15,870
    Carbon Vertical Vent Kit$16,214
    Forged Vertical Vent Kit$16,560
    Carbon Canard Fin$16,905
    Forged Canard Fin$17,250
    Carbon Dual Canard Fins$17,595
    Forged Dual Canard Fins$17,940
    EMS Upgrade, Level 1$9,000
    EMS Upgrade, Level 2$12,500
    EMS Upgrade, Level 3$18,000
    EMS Upgrade, Level 4$33,500
    Stock Exhausts$260
    Titanium Exhausts$750
    Aluminum Exhausts$1,800
    Carbon Exhausts$3,000
    Titanium Infinity Exhausts$9,550
    Aluminum Infinity Exhausts$9,750
    Carbon Infinity Exhausts$10,500
    Chrome Street Exhausts$12,000
    Titanium Street Exhausts$13,750
    Carbon Street Exhausts$14,625
    Chrome Turbo Exhausts$15,500
    Titanium Turbo Exhausts$16,475
    Carbon Turbo Exhausts$17,250
    Inverted Turbo Exhausts$18,125
    Titanium Inverted Turbo$19,100
    Carbon Inverted Turbo$19,975
    Blast Pipes$20,900
    Oval Inverted Exhausts$21,675
    Titanium Oval Inverted Exhausts$22,550
    Carbon Oval Inverted Exhausts$23,350
    Oval Turbo Exhausts$24,175
    Titanium Oval Turbos$25,025
    Carbon Oval Turbos$25,900
    Ignition Bomb$5,000
    Remote Bomb$7,500
    Stock Grille$200
    Exposed Radiator$750
    Exposed 10F Radiator$1,340
    Headlight Covers
    Stock Headlight Covers$5,400
    Tintable Lights$8,640
    Hoods > Hood Catches
    Latch Hood Pins$2,880
    Blue Latch Hood Pins$3,060
    Red Latch Hood Pins$3,240
    Gold Latch Hood Pins$3,420
    Hoods > Hoods
    Stock Hood$1,600
    Carbon Hood$3,000
    Forged Carbon Hood$5,000
    Ridgeline Hood$8,000
    Carbon Ridgeline Hood$9,600
    Forged Ridgeline Hood$11,000
    Carbon Hood Vent$11,600
    Forged Carbon Hood Vent$12,000
    R. Spec Hood$12,400
    Carbon R. Spec Hood$12,400
    Forged Carbon R. Spec Hood$12,500
    Primary Performance Hood$12,900
    Carbon Performance Hood$13,250
    Forged Performance Hood$13,600
    Aero Hood$13,900
    Carbon Aero Hood$14,150
    Forged Carbon Aero Hood$14,400
    Race Hood$14,650
    Carbon Race Hood$14,850
    Forged Carbon Race Hood$15,050
    Interior > Column Shifter Levers
    Benny's Shifter Levers
    Interior > Plaques
    Benny's Plaques
    Interior > Ornaments
    Benny's Ornaments
    Interior > Trims and Lights
    Benny's Trims and Lights
    Interior > Dash
    Stock Dash$10,200
    Carbon Dash$16,320
    Suede Dash$17,340
    Flocked Dash$18,360
    Woven Dash$19,380
    Interior > Doors
    Stock Doors$7,200
    Suede Doors$11,520
    Carbon Doors$12,240
    Flocked Doors$12,960
    Woven Doors$13,680
    Interior > Seats
    Stock Seats$3,900
    Carbon Race Seats$6,240
    Carbon Sports Seats$6,630
    Ballistic Fiber Sports Seats$7,020
    Painted Sports Seats$7,410
    Carbon Bucket Seats$7,800
    Ballistic Fiber Bucket Seats$7,995
    Painted Bucket Seats$8,189
    Carbon Tuner Seats$8,385
    Ballistic Fiber Tuner Seats$8,580
    Painted Tuner Seats$8,775
    Carbon Performance Seats$8,970
    Ballistic Fiber Performance Seats$9,165
    Painted Performance Seats$9,360
    Carbon Rally Seats$9,555
    Interior > Steering Wheels
    Stock Wheel$8,400
    Sprint Professional$13,440
    Sprint Street Racer$14,280
    Sprint MKII$15,120
    Sprint Lightweight$15,960
    Sprint Featherweight$16,800
    Sprint Professional$17,220
    Rally Professional$17,640
    Lights > Headlights
    Stock Lights$600
    Xenon Lights$7,500
    Lights > Neon Kits
    Neon Kits
    White Stripes$18,240
    Black Stripes$19,380
    White Pinstripe$21,660
    Red Pinstripe$22,800
    Sponsor Bash$23,939
    Jackal Racing$24,510
    German Motorsport$25,080
    Half Camo$25,650
    Shark Racing$26,220
    Offset Red Stripe$26,789
    10F Graffiti$27,360
    White 10F Stripe$27,930
    Black 10F Stripe$28,500
    Team Wiwang$29,070
    Stock Mirrors$300
    Primary Mirrors$900
    Carbon Mirrors$1,500
    Forged Carbon Mirrors$1,700
    Primary Concept Mirrors$2,000
    Secondary Concept Mirrors$2,750
    Carbon Concept Mirrors$3,300
    Forged Concept Mirrors$3,900
    Blue on White 1$200
    Blue on White 2$200
    Blue on White 3$200
    Yellow on Blue$300
    Yellow on Black$600
    Roofs > Roof Fins
    Primary Fin$6,240
    Carbon Fin$6,630
    Forged Fin$7,020
    Primary Race Fin$7,410
    Carbon Race Fin$7,800
    Forged Race Fin$7,995
    GT Aerial$8,189
    Roofs > Roofs
    Stock Roof$200
    Full Carbon Roof$700
    Full Forged Carbon Roof$1,150
    Carbon Roof$1,600
    Forged Carbon Roof$1,950
    Inset Roof$2,400
    Carbon Inset Roof$2,500
    Forged Inset Roof$2,850
    Ridgeline Roof$3,400
    Carbon Ridgeline Roof$3,950
    Forged Ridgeline Roof$4,500
    Side Panel
    Stock Side Panel$300
    Primary Panel$900
    Secondary Panel$1,500
    Carbon Panel$1,700
    Forged Panel$2,000
    Primary Ridged Panel$2,750
    Secondary Ridged Panel$3,300
    Carbon Ridged Panel$3,900
    Forged Ridged Panel$4,350
    Stock Skirts$2,500
    Carbon Skirts$5,500
    Secondary Carbon Skirts$8,000
    Forged Skirts$10,500
    Secondary Forged Skirts$14,000
    Carbon Winged Skirt$14,500
    Sec. Carbon Winged Skirt$15,000
    Forged Winged Skirt$15,500
    Sec. Forged Winged Skirt$16,000
    Carbon Super Skirt$16,500
    Sec. Carbon Super Skirt$17,000
    Forged Super Skirt$17,400
    Sec. Forged Super Skirt$18,300
    Carbon GT Skirt$19,000
    Secondary Carbon GT Skirt$20,425
    Forged GT Skirt$21,025
    Secondary Forged GT Skirt$21,475
    Carbon Spoiler$7,050
    Forged Spoiler$10,000
    Primary Ducktail$13,000
    Carbon Ducktail$14,000
    Forged Ducktail$16,000
    Primary Flat Ducktail$16,500
    Carbon Flat Ducktail$17,000
    Forged Flat Ducktail$17,500
    Primary Full Ducktail$18,000
    Carbon Full Ducktail$18,500
    Forged Full Ducktail$19,000
    Primary Extreme Ducktail$19,500
    Carbon Extreme Ducktail$20,000
    Forged Extreme Ducktail$20,500
    Primary Super Ducktail$21,000
    Carbon Super Ducktail$21,500
    Forged Super Ducktail$22,750
    Primary Street Spoiler$24,000
    Carbon Street Spoiler$25,250
    Forged Street Spoiler$26,500
    Primary Aftermarket Spoiler$27,750
    Carbon Aftermarket Spoiler$29,000
    Forged Aftermarket Spoiler$30,250
    Carbon Race Spoiler$31,500
    Forged Race Spoiler$32,750
    Carbon XL Wing$34,000
    Forged XL Wing$35,250
    Carbon Aggressor Wing$36,500
    Forged Aggressor Wing$37,750
    Primary Sunstrip$900
    Fukaru Sunstrip$1,500
    Negative Fukaru Sunstrip$1,700
    Meinmacht Sunstrip$2,000
    Negative Meinmacht Sunstrip$2,750
    Powermetal Sunstrip$3,300
    Negative Powermetal Sunstrip$3,900
    Stock Suspension$200
    Lowered Suspension$1,000
    Street Suspension$2,000
    Sport Suspension$3,400
    Competition Suspension$4,400
    Race Suspension$4,600
    Stock Transmission$1,000
    Street Transmission$29,500
    Sports Transmission$32,500
    Race Transmission$40,000
    Turbo Tuning$50,000
    LSC Wheels
    Benny's Wheels
    Light Smoke$1,500
    Dark Smoke$3,500

10F Widebody: GTA V Screenshots

10F Widebody: Custom Paint Jobs

Artworks & Promotional Posters

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