The Third Way (Ending C) is a main story mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Lester Crest , involving protagonist Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips .

This is one of the three possible final missions and endings of the storyline of Grand Theft Auto V.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor take down all their enemies: ambush FIB agents and Merryweather mercenaries at the foundry in Murrieta Heights, then target Wei Cheng, Stretch, Steve Haines and Devin Weston.

Gold Medal Objectives (100%)

The following are the Mission Objectives required to obtain the Gold Medal in the mission "The Third Way (Ending C)":

  • Time: Complete within 21:30.
    • Skip all cutscenes.
    • Use the protagonists in this order to achieve as little travel time as possible: Michael, Trevor then Franklin.
  • Headshots: Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
    • Use Michael's ability.
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Use Michael's ability for better accuracy.
  • Stick, Tick... Boom!: Kill Cheng with a Sticky Bomb.
    • Throw a Sticky Bomb on Cheng's vehicle.
  • Lead Lobotomy: Kill Steve Haines with a headshot.
    • Use a Heavy Sniper to kill Haines.
  • Stretched Out: Kill Stretch with a melee attack.
    • Use the Knife to kill Stretch,

Note: You can complete each Gold Medal requirement in multiple playthroughs of the mission. You don't need to obtain them all in one single playthrough.

The Third Way (Ending C) - Mission Details:

This mission is triggered if Franklin chooses option C (Deathwish). According to further developments in GTA Online, this is confirmed to be the canon ending of GTA V.

At the end of Lamar Down, Franklin is approached by Haines and Dave to kill Trevor. Later on, after The Big Score, Devin visits Franklin at his house and tasks him with killing Michael. Once Devin leaves, Franklin has to make a choice, either:

  • Kill Trevor (A)
  • Kill Michael (B)
  • Deathwish (C)

Franklin picks the Deathwish option, not wanting to kill Michael or Trevor. He calls Lester saying he has a problem that they're all ultimately going to need help with. Lester asks Franklin to come and meet him at his place.

Once at Lester house, he explains that Haines and Dave want Trevor dead and Devin wants Michael dead. Lester doesn't really help and just says he should kill Michael then kill Trevor. Franklin doesn't like that option and he and Lester just state that they are fucked. However, Lester comes up with a plan that could just work.

He wants to create a trap and tell both the FIB and Merryweather that Michael, Trevor and Franklin are at the foundry in Murrieta Heights, melting down the take from The Big Score, when they'll actually be there to take down the mercenaries of both factions.

Ambush at the Foundry

Franklin calls Lamar, asking for his help in it all. Lamar is more than happy to help so Franklin goes and picks him up. Franklin explains the plan as they journey to the foundry. Franklin head into the foundry and Lamar says outside on lookout.

Michael and Trevor are already in the foundry as Lester called them to tell them the plan. Michael and Trevor are in another heated argument that Franklin breaks up, explaining that he's there to save their asses and will happily kill them both if they can't keep their cool. Lamar calls to say the heat has arrived. Michael and Trevor put their differences aside and get into position.

The trio ambush the FIB team. At this point, play can be switched between all three protagonists. Merryweather agents also show up and the group continues to battle the heat in waves. Lamar radios Franklin to say he's in some trouble outside. Franklin goes outside to help him fight off all the mercenaries outside.

Michael radio's Trevor but he doesn't respond. He was last seen being swarmed by a FIB team. Play switches to Michael, who goes to check on Trevor. He goes to Trevor's last known location to find Trevor all ok, he was just a bit winded after being knocked out. The pair continue to fight the waves of mercenaries from inside the foundry. Once clear inside, Michael and Trevor join Lamar and Franklin with the fight outside.

Tying up Loose Ends

After clearing all the waves of heat outside, they all regroup outside the main doors. Between Michael, Trevor and Franklin, they decide to take out all of their enemies, in particular Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, Stretch and Devin Weston.

They call Lester and tell him of their plan to kill their four major enemies. They need the location of them all. Haines is currently taping an episode of his show on Del Perro Pier. Trevor shotguns killing Haines. Stretch is at the B.J Smith Recreation Center. Michael takes him so everyone is keeping clear of known associates. Tao Cheng is at the beach club in Pacific Bluff, Franklin decides to go see him and ask about his dad. The trio split up and each head off to their hits.

The hits can be done in any order.

Killing Stretch

Michael heads to the B.J Recreation Center. He notices who Stretch is immediately and head over to him. Stretch is having a conversation with some Ballas, stating Lamar is disrespectful and trying to break the order of things. Stretch realises who Michael is and orders his crew to kill him. Michael quickly kills Stretch and can either escape or fight the Ballas. Michael then radios the group to say Stretch won't be a problem anymore.

Killing Steve Haines

Trevor goes to Del Perro pier and notices Haines is on the Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk. Trevor asks to be patched into his microphone as he wants to hear him before he dies. The best way to kill Haines is with a sniper rifle, from a distance. If Trevor gets too close to Haines, he'll notice him and order his death. Regardless, Trevor gets the job done. He'll gain a two-star wanted level and will have to lose the cops. Once he's lost all heat, he radios Lester to say the jobs done. Lester has also found the location of Devin. He's at his house in the Tongva Hills and a Merryweather team has been sent out to protect him. Trevor starts driving to his house.

Killing Wei Cheng

Franklin finds that Wei Cheng is also at the Pacific Bluff Country Club. He's about to leave the club as Franklin arrives. If Wei Cheng doesn't spot Franklin, he can kill him before he leaves. If he spots Franklin, he'll leave in a convoy of three cars and Franklin has to pursue him. Once he's dealt with, Franklin will need to deal with the remaining Triads from the other cars. Franklin radios the group to say the job is done.

Taking down Devin Weston

With all three hits complete, it just leaves Devin to take down. Play switches to Trevor, who is close to arriving at Devins house. Trevor is tasked with kidnapping Devin but first must deal with the Merryweather guards around his house. Devin has hidden in a box near his pool, in the hope that Trevor doesn't find him. However, Trevor finds him, knocks him out and places him in the trunk of Devin's Tornado.

Trevor radios the group saying he has Devin and wants them all the meet at the cliffs off the Great Ocean Highway, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. While Trevor is journeying to the rendezvous point, Devin wakes up and tries to reason with Trevor, offering him bribes and flattery. However, Trevor doesn't care and just wants him dead.

Trevor gets to the meeting point and waits for Michael and Franklin. Once the trio is all together, they decide what they want to do with Devin. They open the trunk and all take turns explaining to Devin why he's a bad person. They shut the trunk and all push the car into the ocean below. The car blows up after impact with the shallow seabed, killing Devin.

Now all their enemies have been defeated, the trio decided to lay low and go their separate ways. Trevor states that he wants them to be friends and Michael asks if he has a choice with Trevor jokingly replying no, not really. Franklin drives away but not before telling Trevor and Michael that they terrify him off middle age. Michael gets in his car and tell's Trevor he's officially retiring and drives away, leaving Trevor alone.

He walks off-screen and the credits start!

The Third Way (Ending C): Mission Objectives

  • Go pick up Lamar at his house.
  • Go to the foundry.
  • Enter the foundry.
  • Ambush the FIB team when ready.
  • Go to Lamar.
  • Take out the attackers.
  • Rescue Trevor.
  • Take out the attackers.
  • Go outside.
  • Take out the attackers.
  • Regroup outside the main doors.
  • Get rid of Mr. Cheng.
  • Escape the Triads.
  • Take out Stretch.
  • Escape the Ballas.
  • Bring down Haines.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to Devin's house.
  • Take out the guards.
  • Kidnap Devin.
  • Go to the rendezvous point.
  • Finish Devin.

The Third Way (Ending C): Mission Info

The Third Way (Ending C): Videos

PS3 / Xbox 360: Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

PS4 / Xbox One (First Person): Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

The Third Way (Ending C): Screenshots


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