The Diamond Casino Heist: Preparations are a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online, given by Georgina Cheng and Lester Crest and associated to the Retro Arcades property.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on December 12, 2019, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 8 Players.

Before being able to complete the The Diamond Casino Heist, the player must complete a series of setup and preparation missions.

Initial Preparation Missions

Firstly, the player must complete a series of setups. These setups are completed before choosing the heist plan and the crew.

Setup: Arcade Equipment

Okay, we're rolling. We're gonna turn that wreck into an arcade and a Heist HQ, so you've gotta collect some game cabinets and planning equipment. It's all paid for and waiting on the back of a flatbed. Pick it up and bring it in.

Setup: Casino Scoping

Okay. So, you're ready to scope out the target. The classic first step. Head on over there. Like I said before, how we can approach this thing will depend on what we discover at this stage, so be as thorough or quick as you like. There's a lot of information you can gather, but it's not all equally important.
Setup: Casino Scoping GTA Online

Setup: Vault Contents

Vault contents, we need to know what they're keeping down there. Hack into their internal security feed to see inside.
Setup: Vault Contents GTA Online

Crew Missions: Unmarked Weapons

Unmarked Weapons: Gang Cache

Let's go shopping for some weapons, eh? Some that won't trace back to us. Your gunman has a line... but you might not like it... Oh hell, it's a cache at a Lost MC clubhouse. You've gotta assault their base, fight your way past the bikers, find the guns and bring 'em home. Ooh, I'm out of breath just saying it.
Unmarked Weapons: Gang Cache GTA Online

Unmarked Weapons: Merryweather Weapons

Okay. Untraceable weapons. Or, uh... at least ones that won't trace to us. Your gunman found what we need on a Merryweather flight manifest, but we can't locate the plane. So, you'll have to procure a flight schedule from a mercenary compound. Sound fun?
Unmarked Weapons: Merryweather Weapons GTA Online

Unmarked Weapons: Military Weapons

Your gunman has a plan to get you weapons... it's not gonna be easy, but... at least they can't be traced back to us. So, you know who's got weapons when budgets are shrinking for everyone else? The military. They're loaded on a vehicle in Fort Zancudo. Give it your best shot.
Unmarked Weapons: Military Weapons GTA Online

Unmarked Weapons: NOOSE Van

You want some weapons that won't lead back to ya? I got you some weapons that won't lead back to ya. NOOSE found them on a raid on some doomsday preppers. I'm sending you live locations for all the NOOSE vans in the field, you gotta find 'em, identify the one with the weapons in it, and bring the guns back here.
Unmarked Weapons: NOOSE Van GTA Online

Unmarked Weapons: Police Seizure

We've traced some untraceable weapons for ya. If you're quick, you can head over there and grab them before they're seized by the cops.
Unmarked Weapons: Police Seizure GTA Online

Unmarked Weapons: Smugglers

Right, so your weapons. We don't want anything that can be traced back to us, so we're going after a little import export operation off the coast. Blast in there and take the shipment. I'm sure we could pull this off with any old thing from Ammu-Nation, but... we gotta be careful. I mean, I appreciate irony as much as the next lazy gen-exer, but I didn't come out of retirement just to be put in a jail cell. And... we have Georgina to think about... so... um... you know...
Unmarked Weapons: Smugglers GTA Online

Crew Missions: Getaway Vehicles

Getaway Vehicles: Drag Race

When we hit the casino, you'll wanna get out of there quick, right? Good, because your getaway vehicles are competing in a drag race at the airstrip right now! Get over there, interrupt the race and land your new set of wheels.
Getaway Vehicles: Drag Race GTA Online

Getaway Vehicles: Illicit Importers

Let's go get your getaway vehicles, huh? They're perfect, untraceable, they're not even legally in the US. Some illicit importers are bringing them through LS.
Getaway Vehicles: Illicit Importers GTA Online

Getaway Vehicles: Lost MC

Since you're big bad bikers, we should see about getting you some getaway bikes. Your driver, Zach, tells me the Lost MC have what we need. Go to their hideout and take a look around.
Getaway Vehicles: Lost MC GTA Online

Getaway Vehicles: Merryweather Shipment

Let's get these getaway vehicles, might be a little more, uh... weaponized since your friend Chester's sourcing 'em. He wants to go after Merryweather shipments. One's in transit and the other's under heavy guard on the runway. You got the deets, make a move on them however you want.
Getaway Vehicles: Merryweather Shipment GTA Online

Getaway Vehicles: Police Compound

Okay, let's get your getaway vehicles. This might not sound like the best idea, but you're gonna steal 'em off the cops. Trust me on this, it all makes perfect sense, I-I just don't have time to explain it to you. Get over there, sneak into the compound and jack 'em!
Getaway Vehicles: Police Compound GTA Online

Getaway Vehicles: Test Site

I'm guessing if you wanted an easy run for an easy getaway car, you wouldn't have chosen Chester as your driver, huh? Good. 'Cause this is gonna be a tricky one. The vehicles are surrounded by Merryweather operatives at one of their testing sites. Most likely, you'll have to go in all guns blazing... I can't see another way. Good luck.
Getaway Vehicles: Test Site GTA Online

Getaway Vehicles: Valet Service

Now, let's see if I can get you handed the keys for your getaway vehicle. Head over to the hotel I just sent ya, and we'll talk some more.
Getaway Vehicles: Valet Service GTA Online

Crew Missions: Hacking Device

Hacking Device: FIB

Ah! Looking sharp in that suit, if you don't mind my saying. You might remember I directed your attention to some keypads when you were looking around the casino. Yeah, if we wanna hack them, which we do, we're gonna need some FIB technology from their building on Pillbox Hill. But first, I'm directing you to some pretty awful G-men with passes to get ya in. Thanks to your wardrobe, you... don't have to pull a suit off a bloody corpse today, but, uh... you do need to take a security pass off one.
Hacking Device: FIB  GTA Online

Hacking Device: NOOSE

You'll remember I directed your attention to some keypads when you were looking around the casino. Yeah, their tech is some of the best in the business, government level. Which means we need to go all the way up the chain... to the server farm in the NOOSE headquarters. What do you need to get into a government facility? That's right, a government agent. I've found one with an appropriately awful human rights record for you to take out and impersonate. Use his card to get into the facility.
Hacking Device: NOOSE GTA Online

General Preparation Missions

After choosing the plan for the heist, the player will have a series of setup missions to complete. These missions are the same regardless of the approach chosen, however, they're all optional except for the first one.

Vault Keycards

Steal vault key cards allowing access to the security tunnel leading to the vault.
Vault Keycards GTA Online

Guard Patrol Routes

So, what was it? Oh yeah, we're going after the guard patrol routes. These dumb cowboys actually keep hard copies, so you're just popping the trunk of a security guard's car, and photographing the roster.
Guard Patrol Routes GTA Online

Duggan Shipments

Okay, okay, it is time to even out the odds a little. Duggan wants his guards armed to their big buck teeth, but we can cut off their supply. He's got a bunch of weapons and equipment shipments coming into the city. Get out there and destroy as many as you can.
Duggan Shipments GTA Online

Security Intel

Okay, you're going to Rockford Plaza. There's someone you might know there who may be able to help us with security intel... disgruntled ex-employee kinda deal. So, go over there, make contact, and try to... ingratiate yourself.
Security Intel GTA Online

Power Drills

Steal power drills for the safety deposit boxes inside the vault.
Power Drills GTA Online


Visit Vespucci Movie Masks to collect masks for The Diamond Casino Heist.
Masks GTA Online

Security Pass

I've done some digging and identified some 'weak links' we can exploit to get security passes to the back areas of the casino. Now, it won't get us all the way down to the vault, but it might get us through a couple of doors.
Security Pass GTA Online

Silent & Sneaky Approach: Prep Missions

These setup missions will only be available to the player if they choose the Silent & Sneaky approach to the Diamond Casino Heist.

Silent & Sneaky: Nano Drones

The first rule in the art of war is to know your enemy, which I interpret to mean observing their every move through a highly mobile, extremely discreet nano drone. Now, the cops use drones all over town, through you probably never noticed till now. Bring a bunch of 'em down, don't worry about being gentle, they're tough... and salvage the parts. I'll put it all back together, only much smaller, and we'll have the perfect nano tool for breaching the Diamond's "unbreachable" security.
Silent & Sneaky: Nano Drones GTA Online

Silent & Sneaky: Vault Lasers

Steal a set of lasers that can be used to quietly drill through the vault door.
Silent & Sneaky: Vault Lasers GTA Online

Silent & Sneaky: EMP Device

You know, I once got turned down for a comp-sci professorship over at ULSA. So... in retribution I hacked their staff server and left a back door so wide a drunken freshman could stumble through it. Ah... anyway, thanks to my incredible foresight, I know they have a piece of experimental R&D that might be of interest to you: and EMP device, capable of knocking out an entire casino's worth of electronics for several crucial minutes. Now, this thing weighs a ton, so you're gonna need a Cargobob.
Silent & Sneaky: EMP Device GTA Online

Silent & Sneaky: Infiltration Suits

Steal a set in infiltration suits that can provide nightvision and the ability to rappel down the elevator shaft.
Silent & Sneaky: Infiltration Suits GTA Online

The Big Con Approach: Prep Missions

These setup missions will only be available to the player if they choose the Big Con approach to the Diamond Casino Heist.

The Big Con: Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 1

If we're going in as a Gruppe Sechs team, we'll need an armored car to begin with... I know they do regular runs to The Diamond, but... nah, that would draw way too much attention. Here, uh... give me a second. Excellent, there's a standard Stockade under repair at an auto shop. They might not even notice it's missing.
The Big Con: Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 1 GTA Online

The Big Con: Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 2

The old Gruppe Sechs con... why do I love saying that? Well, if you're keeping count, we still need outfits, security passes and the plate of an armored car, which is on the casino's roster. I've got the location of where Gruppe Sechs store their trucks. Get over there and snap an image of the right plate, so we can copy it.
The Big Con: Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 2 GTA Online

The Big Con: Bugstars Gear Part 1

The pest play has worked for me before... pests get into all sorts of secret places... don't you know? So, um, Bugstar have some guys out on a job, sent you their location. Get over there and steal one of their vans. It'll also contain the outfits and equipment we need for the con.
The Big Con: Bugstars Gear Part 1 GTA Online

The Big Con: Bugstars Gear Part 2

I saved these outfits from an old job, you never know when you'll need 'em. You're dressed like trash collectors because there's a trash truck as the scrapyard swarming with roaches. Head over there and take it. If we wanna be pest control, we'll need some pests.
The Big Con: Bugstars Gear Part 2 GTA Online

The Big Con: Maintenance Gear Part 1

Of all the cons, I'm most confident of you pulling off "Maintenance worker". It's in your "range". Plus, people panic when things break down and... they'll just be pleased to see you. We need to be careful about this leading back to us, so... you're gonna steal the equipment and outfits off a legit crew. I've sent a location. Grab the bags of gear and get back.
The Big Con: Maintenance Gear Part 1 GTA Online

The Big Con: Maintenance Gear Part 2

Now, more prep for the handyman con. We need a maintenance van and some maintenance to do, something major... maybe we pour hazardous chemicals into the roof ventilation system. I don't know. Just... get a Water & Power van from the location on your GPS and we'll talk.
The Big Con: Maintenance Gear Part 2 GTA Online

The Big Con Fire Truck: Arsonists

Walking outta the casino dressed as a firefighter is going to be a solid tactic... providing everything has gone to plan up to that point. Anyway. there's been an alert, some kids have been playing arsonists and the fire department has responded in force. Get down there and steal a fire truck.
Big Con Fire Truck: Arsonists GTA Online

The Big Con Fire Truck: Fire Department

There's something a bit icky about posing as emergency services, but... you know what? I'm an icky kinda guy. No one's gonna stop some firefighters from walking outta there when the alarms are going, and that is just what we wanna do. You'll need a fire truck, of course, and some equipment... luckily, there are a few stations in the area. Grab a truck and bring it back here.
Big Con Fire Truck: Fire Department GTA Online

The Big Con: NOOSE Gear

In all the chaos after you've robbed the casino, NOOSE uniforms will be a great way to get out without anyone giving ya trouble. You're gonna have to head into the belly of the beast. Go to Mission Row Police Station, see if you can steal some uniforms from the locker rooms.
The Big Con: NOOSE Gear GTA Online

The Big Con Vault Drills: Safehouse

So, we can con a lot of things, but we can't con a vault door. We'll still need a some heavy-duty equipment to get through all that metal... and luckily enough, I just heard about a young enterprising young criminal outfit who have what we need. I heard about them on the police scanner, so you'll be dealing with some cops, but... no matter. It's a godsend.
Big Con Vault Drills: Safehouse GTA Online

The Big Con Vault Drills: Fleeca Bank

Okay, I know you chose the big con, but even you can't charm your way through a vault door. We're in luck though... there's a professional crew robbing a bank using the exact heavy-duty hand drills we, right now... as we speak. And the cops have been notified, so... get over there and get those drills as quickly as you can.
Big Con Vault Drills: Fleeca Bank GTA Online

Yung Ancestor: Dead Weight

If the heist leader triggered the cutscene introducing Yung Ancestor during the "Setup: Casino Scoping" mission, they have an additional option for an entry approach which can be chosen after two missions are completed for Yung:

Alright, alright. Nice to meet you too. Come to the casino okay? You better be serious about this shit. 'Cause I can get you wherever you need to be to rob this place. No one says no to Yung Ancestor. But I'm gonna need your help first, see? Like, I had this accident. The kind that can put you away for fifteen to life. It's not cool. That's my career... I mean, I'm not singing in those fucking showers. Shit. Get here.
Yung Ancestor: Dead Weight GTA Online

Yung Ancestor: After Party

Hey, hey. Where you at? I got some folks up here in the penthouse... it's getting kind of wild in here, crazy shit, it's just... some of these dudes don't feel right... they aren't joining in. Get here soon, you and meel can talk to 'em. This the last thing, then I owe you one.
Yung Ancestor: After Party GTA Online

Aggressive Approach: Prep Missions

These setup missions will only be available to the player if they choose the Aggressive approach to the Diamond Casino Heist.

Aggressive: Thermal Charges

So, plan A was to steal our charges from a local munitions warehouse. Then some rednecks from up north stole them for a round of explosive baseball, so, plan B is to steal 'em right back. They've been partying for seventy-two hours straight, so this should be like taking candy from a really drunk baby.
Aggressive: Thermal Charges GTA Online

Aggressive: Vault Explosives

Do you know how hard it is to source some high-quality plastic explosives these days? 'Cause if we're taking on that vault door, we need the good stuff. The last batch from my usual supplier got picked up by some salvage crews working shipwrecks off the coast. The silver lining is: they leave their stash on the ocean floor overnight, I guess they figure no one is crazy or stupid enough to steal it. And that, my friends, is where you come in. I'm pinging you the GPS now.
Aggressive: Vault Explosives GTA Online

Aggressive: Reinforced Armor

Speaking from extensive personal experience, if you're planning on punching right through the front of a hornet's nest, you better be wearing gloves. Or in this case, the experimental new body armor being developed by our friends Merryweather Security over at Humane Labs. And trust me, when the supposedly armor-piercing bullets start flying, you'll thank me. Head over there.
Aggressive: Reinforced Armor GTA Online

Aggressive: Tunnel Boring Machine

So, if we're gonna do some tunneling to the vault, we need a drill. And not just any drill. Take whatever you imagined, multiply it by the size of a building, and you're somewhere close. The only one in-state is all packed up on a flatbed at a construction site. I'll ping you the GPS now. Get it to the sewers, and I'll take care of the rest.
Aggressive: Tunnel Boring Machine GTA Online

The Diamond Casino Heist: Preparations: Job Info

The Diamond Casino Heist: Preparations: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date December 12, 2019
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

The Diamond Casino Heist: Preparations Video

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