Rampages are a Side Mission in Grand Theft Auto III.

Take out gang members or destroy vehicles in a Frenzy.

This is an optional endeavor, but it is required for 100% completion of the game. It's not time-sensitive, meaning it can be played at any point, even after the main storyline is completed.

This side activity is also present in Grand Theft Auto V, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Liberty City Stories.

Rampages - Mission Details:

Rampages are challenges found in Grand Theft Auto: III that can be found throughout Liberty City. They task the player with killing a certain amount of enemies or destroying a certain amount of vehicles within 2 minutes, with various types of weaponry.

Rampage icons are marked with a white skull in a blue circle - there are 20 Rampages in total, 6 in Portland, 7 in Staunton Island, and 7 in Shoreside Vale. Rampages can be started at any point during the game, and each one has two different spawn locations, locations that alternate if failed.

It is strongly advised to complete the Rampages as soon as possible on each island. The more you progress through the story, the more gangs will become hostile to you, which will make it a lot harder to complete them.

Each Rampage completed awards an increasing $5000 to the player - therefore, the first rampage awards $5000, the next $10000, and so on. Completing all 20 Rampages awards a total of $1,050,000 plus a bonus of $1,000,000. Completing every Rampage is also required for 100% completion of the game.

Portland Rampages

1. Kill 20 Mafia members in 2 minutes using an AK-47

Location 1: Between two garages in Saint Mark's, south of Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club
Location 2: In an alley one block south of Toni's Restaurant

A health pickup can be found just south of the Rampage's first location, on a ledge, if one needs it. Try to lock on to the enemies from a distance and kill them before they can get in range. Enemies also have a strong tendency to spawn directly down the hill, so firing downwards will get their attention quicker when they are distant.

2. Kill 20 Triad members in 2 minutes using a Shotgun

Location 1: In an alleyway near Bitchin' Dog Food Factory in Trenton
Location 2: On a ledge behind the Hospital accessible by driving on the police station's ramp

Use cover in this rampage, cover such as the police station parking lot, where there is a low wall surrounding it. You can also stay near the hospital as there are two health pick-ups there.

3. Kill 25 Triad members in 2 minutes using an Uzi

Location 1: Found in Chinatown, in the same place where the flamethrower is found in "Trial By Fire"
Location 2: At the Supa Save parking lot

Perform drive-by shootings on the Triads to make this Rampage significantly easier. Using the bulletproof Patriot awarded at the end of "Marked Man" can also be of great help.

4. Murder 30 Diablo members in 2 minutes using an M-16

Location 1: In an alleyway in Red Light District, near a set of stairs
Location 2: Right behind the Old School Hall, just north of Callahan Bridge

Having completed Uzi Rider makes the Diablos hostile to Claude. This is beneficial, as they will quickly gather around the player - repeatedly jump away to get some distance, quickly turn around, and mow them all down using the weapon.

5. Destroy 10 vehicles in 2 minutes using Grenades

Location 1: EL Station by the hospital in Portland View, on the tracks, above Saint Mark's
Location 2: EL Station near Joey's Garage in Trenton, on the tracks

Before starting this Rampage, park a vehicle beneath the tracks. After beginning, drop off the tracks and blow up the vehicle. With luck, several other vehicles will be blown up, along with the firetrucks and police cars that arrive to investigate.

6. Destroy 13 vehicles in 2 minutes using a Rocket Launcher

Location 1: Alleyway of the building on the Chinatown/Trenton Border, across the road east of the Old School Hall
Location 2: Behind a wall, one building east from Greasy Joe's Cafe

Destroy all vehicles you find nearby. To avoid being hit by pedestrians, stand in the parking lot near the bridge. A higher Wanted Level will cause more police vehicles to arrive, making for more targets.

Staunton Island Rampages

7. Torch 16 Yakuza members in 2 minutes using Molotov Cocktails

Location 1: On the Newport - Fort Staunton Expressway. At the doorway of a house on the east side of the highway.
Location 2: In the corner of the alley at 8-Ball Autos's and the Pay 'n' Spray, next to the multi-level parking garage in Newport.

The Yakuza are not hostile to Claude at any point, so this is one of the easiest rampages in the game. Throw Molotovs at the spawn point and across the street, taking care not to set Claude alight.

8. Destroy 8 vehicles in 2 minutes using a Shotgun

Location 1: At the southwest corner of Belleville Park
Location 2: At the northeast corner of Belleville Park

For easy completion, park a vehicle in the middle of a junction to cause a traffic jam and then start pulling drivers out of their vehicles. Once several vehicles are emptied start shooting them to cause a chain reaction that should cause several more vehicles nearby to explode.

9. Burn 25 Yakuza members in 2 minutes using a Flamethrower

Location 1: In the southeast corner of the parking lot opposite Donald Love's hideout
Location 2: Located south of the church in Bedford Point

One of the easier challenges, as the Yakuza do not fight back unless tagged by a melee attack. Do not underestimate the range of the Flamethrower, because it reaches further than the fire animation implies.

10. Explode 25 Yardies in 2 minutes using Grenades

Location 1: In the alley behind the Fire Station in Belleville Park, not too far away from the Shoreside Lift Bridge and Uncle BJ's Deli & Groceries
Location 2: Right side of an alley at the south side of the block south of the campus area

Completing this challenge after "Kingdom Come" will cause Yardies to attack on sight, making it much more challenging. Despite this, if lucky, and many Yardies spawn together, they can be bombed at the same time while clumped. Otherwise, run up to gang members, drop grenades near them and run away.

11. Pop 17 Yardie heads in 2 minutes using a Sniper Rifle

Location 1: On one side of the AMco building at the border between Torrington and Bedford Point, up some stairs
Location 2: Up the walkways at Kenji's casino's entry

Sniping the Yardies at ground level is much more effective than doing so from the rooftops. If the Yardies are hostile to Claude, completing the rampage from the second location is much more effective as it provides a lot more cover.

12. Annihilate 30 Yardies in 2 minutes using a Rocket Launcher

Location 1: On a small alley at the left of the Bedford Point church.
Location 2: In the bushes behind the right stairs of the building where the entrance to the large parking lot from Kingdom Come is.

Completing the challenge is a lot easier if done before Kingdom Come. The Rocket Launcher is an extremely potent weapon, and the Yardies won't attack by themselves unless provoked this way.

13. Destroy 15 vehicles in 2 minutes using an M-16

Location 1: Located south of the southern-most building on the campus area.
Location 2: In the northeastern corner of the construction site.

Cause a traffic jam by parking a vehicle on the road close to the Rampage icon. After beginning the Rampage, get close and quickly shoot all the vehicles before they can drive away. If lucky, explosions may chain together, destroying a large number of vehicles quickly.

Shoreside Vale Rampages

14. Splatter 20 Cartel members in 2 minutes using a car

Location 1: Behind the Fatburger billboard in front of the Airport's main entrance.
Location 2: Road that connects the Airport Tunnel and the Staunton Island Bridge. Left of that road, up a hill, near a big factory building.

Using the bulletproof Patriot rewarded for completing "Marked Man" is the easiest option to completing this mission. If this vehicle is not available to the player, several sports cars will need to be swapped as they will be fired at by the cartel members and catch fire.

15. Behead 20 Southside Hoods in 2 minutes using an M-16

Location 1: Behind the orange Squid billboard straight down the hills from Claude's hideout
Location 2: Behind the Gasoline Billboard near the apartment area near Claude's hideout.

Be aware of your surroundings not to get flanked. Otherwise, this mission is pretty straightforward.

16. Splatter 20 Southside Hoods in 2 minutes using a Shotgun

Location 1: Straight down the hill from Claude's hideout, over the edge to the left, on top of a garage
Location 2: Behind the SUMO billboard near the Staunton Island bridge

To avoid being overrun by enemies, start by shooting enemies from the safety of the garage's roof as a safe point. Beware, as enemies can spawn from above and drop down onto the garage. This is a difficult rampage so be ready to attempt it a few times.

17. Destroy 7 vehicles in 2 minutes by Drive-by

Location 1:Behind the raised gate of the Punk Noodles Factory in Pike Creek
Location 2: Behind a boulder near the lowest part of the dam.

Drive-by shootings aren't actually necessary. The rampage can be completed by using the Uzi, on foot - the car park at Francis Airport contains several parked vehicles to be destroyed with no opposition.

18. Destroy 15 vehicles in 2 minutes using the Rocket launcher

Location 1: On top of the roof of the Turtle Head Fishing co., accessible via some stairs in the back.
Location 2: Behind the Badfellas billboard past the airport entrance, up the hill.

Before starting the Rampage, park a car at the crossroads that the starting point overlooks. If a traffic jam is started, the vehicles will be clumped up and the challenge will be much easier to complete.

19. Remove 15 Colombian heads in 2 minutes using the Sniper rifle

Location 1: Located in an industrial yard between the southern road onto Cochrane Dam and Pike Creek LCPD Compound.
Location 2: On the roof of a garage in the same area as the first location.

Completion of the Rampage is very conditional on how many enemies spawn in view of Claude. After picking up the Rampage from the first spawn point, head up the ramp and start sniping from the lip of the ledge overlooking the streets below. When no more enemies are visible, move away from the ledge then back again to force more Cartel to spawn.

20. Fry 20 Cartel members in 2 minutes using a Flamethrower

Location 1: Behind the garage of the big, purple house with the Landstalker, near Claude's hideout.
Location 2: Behind the wall to the right of the Import/Export garage.

This mission is easiest to finish before "The Exchange" - run onto the road and start shooting the flamethrower to any enemy in sight. If "The Exchange" has already been finished, this Rampage can prove to be one of the hardest.

Rampages: Mission Info

Rampages: Video Walkthrough

Original Game Walkthrough (PS2, Xbox, PC):

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