John Marston

In 1885, Dutch saved a boy from a lynching at the hands of some homesteaders who'd caught him stealing in Illinois. That boy turned out to be 12-year-old John Marston, a bad kid who'd started robbing and killing at a young age.

His mother had died in childbirth and his father had been blinded in a bar fight, and died in 1881 when John was eight years old. Marston spent the next few years in an orphanage before running away to make his own luck on the streets.

He is now at a personal crossroads in his life. Husband in all but lawful status to Abigail, and the father of Jack, he isn't always clear about where his priorities lie. John was badly wounded during the Blackwater events that occur just prior to the beginning of the story.

Shrewd, fearless and strong-willed, he and Arthur Morgan are Dutch Van der Linde’s proudest protégés.

Character Information
Role PlayableCompanion
Gender Male
Born In Year 1873 (26 years old in 1899)
Nationality Nationality: United StatesUnited States
Location From 1907 the Marston family lives at Beecher's Hope (Great Plains, West Elizabeth)
Affiliation Van der Linde Gang
Weapon John's Cattleman RevolverJohn's Knife
Horse Hungarian HalfbredSeal Brown Thoroughbred (Rachel)
Also Known As Fake Alias: Jim Milton
Performer / Actor Rob Wiethoff
Notes Protagonist of the first "Red Dead Redemption" game

"Guess about all I got left now is doubts. Doubts and scars."



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