Dutch van der Linde

Dutch Van der Linde is the charismatic leader of a sizeable gang of outlaws and misfits, the Van der Linde Gang.

Dutch sees himself not as a criminal, but as a man fighting back against a corrupt system of power. He is radically opposed to government control. He values individual liberties above all else and dreams of living an independent existence, appropriating wealth from others and answering to no authority.

He took orphans and street kids under his wing, taught them how to read, instilled self-worth and the importance of independent thinking... all framed within his own ideologies and while they did most of his dirty work, of course. He believed in them in exchange for them believing in him.

Dutch is idealistic, anarchic, charismatic, well-read and well-lived, but possibly starting to unravel under the pressures of the encroaching modern world. He is reluctantly starting to realize that the way of life he holds dear is fast becoming an unrealistic proposition.

Character Information
Role Companion
Gender Male
Born In Year 1858 (41 years old in 1899)
Nationality Nationality: United StatesUnited States
Occupation Gang Leader
Affiliation Van der Linde Gang
Weapon Schofield Revolver
Horse White Arabian Horse
Also Known As Fake Alias: Hoagy Macintosh; Aiden O'Malley; Archibald Smith
Performer / Actor Benjamin Byron Davis
Notes He always has a plan. He just needs some more money. And some more time.
Mission Appearances
As Mission Giver
As Featured Character

They're chasing us hard, because we represent everything that they fear.



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