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Abigail Roberts (Marston)

Abigail Roberts is John Marston's romantic partner, and the watchful mother of Jack.

An orphan who grew up scraping out a living in dive bars and brothels in the West, she was introduced to Dutch's gang by Uncle around five years ago.

Abigail is a strong, single-minded, straight-talking woman who has seen a lot of life and knows what it takes to survive against the odds.

Her young son Jack is her great pride and purpose. She is determined to give him a better and more loving childhood than she ever had, even if it is an unconventional one.

Character Information
Role Companion
Gender Female
Born 1877
Nationality American
Location From 1907 the Marston family lives at Beecher's Hope (Great Plains, West Elizabeth)
Affiliation Van der Linde Gang
Also Known As Fake Alias: Agatha Milton
Performer / Actor Cali Elizabeth Moore
Notes Wife of John Marston

"If they so much as put one bruise on him I swear, I'll bring the fires of hell on them myself."



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