A hanger-on and good-time guy, Uncle is always around when the whiskey is open and nowhere to be seen when there's any work to be done.

Nobody is quite sure how old he is, how he's still alive, or if he's actually anybody's uncle. He's lived a colorful life that gets more vibrant with every story he tells. He claims to have had many wives and to have traveled to every corner of the globe.

He also asserts he has terminal lumbago. If he wasn't so entertaining, the gang would have cut him loose years ago.

Character Information
Role Companion
Gender Male
Born In Year 1849 (50 years old in 1899)
Nationality Nationality: United StatesUnited States
Location In 1907 he lives with the Marston family at Beecher's Hope (Great Plains, West Elizabeth)
Affiliation John MarstonVan der Linde Gang
Horse Chestnut Pinto Kentucky Saddler
Also Known As Uncle
Performer / Actor John O'Creagh
Notes Has lumbago.

"People call me lazy. I'm not lazy. Just don't like working. There's a difference."



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