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Thomas Downes

Thomas Downes first appears breaking up a fight between Arthur Morgan and Tommy during the mission "Americans at Rest".

He can then be found opposite the stable in Valentine, trying lo raise money for an orphanage. He has a wife named Edith and a son named Archie.

Thomas is an individual who borrowed money from the Van Der Linde gang but has not paid it back. Arthur will track him down on behalf of Leopold Strauss as part of "Money Lending and Other Sins - III"

He had a illness that he passed on to Arthur Morgan, when Arthur beat him down for Leopold Strauss's loan.

Character Information
Role Debtor
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Farmer
Location Downes Ranch, New Hanover
Family Archie DownesEdith Downes
Performer / Actor Peter Lettre
Mission Appearances



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