All Daily Fees in GTA Online: Breakdown of Costs for Each Property & How to Avoid Paying Them

How much do you pay in Daily Fees in GTA Online? A lot? You're not alone. But you probably want to figure out why you're getting charged those fees, and exactly what you're paying for.

This article breaks down the daily fee structure that we have in the GTA Online world. The guide is updated to 2020 and is divided based on the properties available to purchase.

Depending on which properties you own, how many you have, and what upgrades you applied, you can do the breakdown of your personal daily fees with the help of this list. This will help you figure out exactly how much you're paying for and why.

At the end of the list, we also have some best practices followed by veteran players to avoid losing a lot of money while paying the daily fees.

What are Daily Fees in GTA Online?

Daily Maintenance Fees are charges that are deducted automatically in GTA Online each in-game day, for services provided by the properties a player owns. Every garage you own (even if it’s empty) can be serviced by the Mechanic that will bring vehicles to you and repair them for free once you store them or call for a delivery.

Each property you own has fees based on its service and/or its staff. Those fees vary based on upgrades or options. Owning a significant number of properties, especially MC Businesses, can accrue a hefty sum.

Some fees are charged no matter what you’re doing. Some are only charged if you are registered as a CEO or MC President. All of the fees are listed as "Spent on property and utilities" in the Maze Bank transaction log.

When are Daily Fees charged?

The GTA Online fees are charged every 48 minutes (one in-game day) that you are in the same lobby.

Fees that are exclusive to being a CEO or MC President won’t be charged if you aren’t registered as either a CEO or MC President - but will be charged immediately if you register as one if you have been in the same lobby for 48 minutes or longer.

So here we go with the list of all the Daily Fees in GTA Online, including costs for all the properties and their respective upgrades:

Apartments / Garages: $75 + $50 each

Apartments are useful for hosting Heists (High-End only) and basic chilling. They also come with Garages to store your regular vehicles. You can own up to 8 Apartments / Garages.

  • Base Fee: $75 per apartment (regardless of size) - up to x8
  • Mechanic Fee: $50 per garage (regardless of size) - up to x8

Executive Office: $800 to $950

You have to get an Executive Office as a property to start CEO work. You can also optionally add up to 3 Executive Garages to the Office.

  • Office: $500
  • Assistant: $300
  • Mechanic Fee: $50 per garage - up to x3

Note: There is also a "weekly cleaning fee" of $50 attached to Executive Offices, although it appears to be broken or bugged. During the course of the week, the office becomes gradually messy, until the cleaning fee is incurred. However, for some reason, this is only charged once (after the first in-game week of owning the office) and never again.

Special Cargo Warehouse: $50 / $200 each

Crate Warehouses are used to store and later sell Special Cargo. You can own up to 5 Warehouses (of any type).

  • Small Warehouse: $50 per warehouse - up to x5
  • Medium Warehouse: $100 per warehouse - up to x5
  • Large Warehouse: $200 per warehouse - up to x5

Vehicle Warehouse: $50

Vehicle Warehouses are used to store and sell Vehicle Cargo. You can only own 1 Vehicle Warehouse, and it only has a basic mechanic fee.

  • Mechanic Fee: $50

Bunker: $4,700 to $9,400

The Bunker gives you access to the Gunrunning Business to run arms trafficking operations. You can also store the Mobile Operations Center inside it, which has no fee.

Note: These costs are incurred only when actively registered as an MC President or CEO:

  • Base cost: $4700
  • Equipment Upgrade: $1600
  • Staff Upgrade: $2325
  • Security Upgrade: $775

Hangar: $300 to $1,350

The Hangar is used to store Personal Aircraft and do Hangar missions.

  • Base Fee: $300
  • Aircraft Stored: $50 per Aircraft - maximum 20 Aircraft
  • Mechanic Fee: $50

Facility: $500 to $1,050

The Facility is used mainly for the Doomsday Heists missions. You can also store the Avenger inside it, and use the Orbital Cannon.

  • Base cost: $500
  • Orbital Cannon: $400
  • Security Room: $100
  • Mechanic Fee: $50

Nightclub: $800 to $2,250

The Nightclub property can be used to acquire special goods and later sell them. The Nightclub itself is also a business that earns you a daily income from the entry passes sold. You can also store the Terrorbyte inside it.

  • Base cost (pre-setup): $800
  • Staff: $150
  • Staff Upgrade: $150
  • Equipment Upgrade: $250
  • Storage Floors: $50 per floor - up to x4
  • Technicians: $100 per additional technician - up to x4 (no cost for the first technician)
  • Terrorbyte Fee: $100
  • Mechanic Fee: $50 per garage - up to x4

Arena Workshop: $50 to $150

The Arena Workshop is used to modify and upgrade Arena Vehicles. Only a basic mechanic fee is charged.

  • Mechanic Fee: $50 per garage - up to x3

Casino Penthouse: $500 to $1,350

The Casino Penthouse is useful for accessing the Casino Missions and basic chilling.

  • Basic "Crash Pad": $500
  • Additional Rooms: $100 per additional room - up to x8
  • Mechanic Fee: $50

Note: The garage counts both as a "room" and as a garage, which means that this garage actually costs $150 per day.

Retro Arcade: $500 to $550

The Arcade Property is used to start Casino Heists. It also generates a moderate-income on a daily basis.

  • Base Fee: $500
  • Mechanic Fee: $50

Galaxy Super Yacht: $1,000

The Yacht is used for basic chilling and Yacht missions.

  • Yacht Fee: The daily cost is a flat $1,000 regardless of the model

Kosatka Submarine: $150

The Kosatka Submarine HQ is the base of operations for planning The Cayo Perico Heist.

  • Staff & Utility Charges: The daily fee for the Kosatka is a flat $150.

Motorcycle Clubhouse: $50

Owning a Motorcycle Clubhouse gives you the title of MC President and access to MC Work. Only a basic mechanic fee is charged.

  • Mechanic Fee: $50

Biker Businesses: Variable

MC Businesses present a way to make money consistently with a Motorcycle Club as a front, but they don't come without their own set of maintenance costs. Players can own 1 of each Business Type, with their respective Daily Fees listed below.

Note: These costs are incurred only when actively registered as an MC President:

Cocaine Lockup - $4,500 to $9,000

  • $4500 Base cost
  • $1500 Equipment Upgrade
  • $2250 Staff Upgrade
  • $750 Security Upgrade

Methamphetamine Lab - $3,600 to $,7200

  • $3600 Base cost
  • $1200 Equipment Upgrade
  • $1800 Staff Upgrade
  • $600 Security Upgrade

Counterfeit Cash Factory - $3,000 to $6,000

  • $3000 Base cost
  • $1000 Equipment Upgrade
  • $1500 Staff Upgrade
  • $500 Security Upgrade

Weed Farm - $2,400 to $4,800

  • $2400 Base cost
  • $800 Equipment Upgrade
  • $1200 Staff Upgrade
  • $400 Security Upgrade

Document Forgery Office - $1,500 to $,2950

  • $1500 Base cost
  • $500 Equipment Upgrade
  • $750 Staff Upgrade
  • $200 Security Upgrade

Mechanic Fees Breakdown (up to $1,200)

As we've seen above, there are several properties that have garages attached to them. Each of these properties come with a $50 mechanic fee.

Here is a breakdown of these properties to have a clear understanding. You can account for $50 for each of these that you own:

  1. Dynasty 8 Garages - per Garage, up to x8
  2. CEO Office Garage - per Garage, up to x3
  3. Vehicle Warehouse
  4. Motorcycle Clubhouse
  5. Hangar
  6. Facility
  7. Nightclub Garage - per Garage, up to x4
  8. Arena Workshop - per Garage, up to x3
  9. Casino Penthouse Garage
  10. Retro Arcade Garage

Note: There is no Mechanic fee for having a Mobile Operations Center with Personal Vehicle Storage.

Maximum Total Daily Fees Charged in GTA Online

If you own every property and business and you've applied all the upgrades (plus you're registered as an MC President), the total Daily Fees in GTA Online can reach the massive sum of $50,250.

That's right, over 50k of standard maintenance fees and utility charges, automatically charged every in-game day! Quite a lot.

Maybe we should look at a few tips and tricks that can help us avoid these fees.

How to avoid Daily Fees in GTA Online?

Can you avoid paying for the Daily Fees in GTA Online? The answer is yes, it is possible to avoid them.

The simplest method, even if inconvenient, is to change lobbies before 48 minutes have elapsed. If you enter a new lobby, that unseen timer is reset.

If you don’t want to change lobbies, you can unregister as a CEO or MC President and at least not be charged those specific fees - but you will still pay the regular ones every 48 minutes.

Another method is to be in a mission, race, or other non-freeroam activity, as the timer does not apply there.

Avoiding Daily Fees while AFK

If you use methods to be in the game, but inactive, in order to let passive-income businesses accrue value, there are some methods (using security monitors) that keep you in the lobby that are still subject to fees.

For short-terms, or if the fees you are subject to are small or relatively insignificant, this is fine and more convenient. But for longer periods of time the accrued fees can exceed the value your businesses are earning.

Instead, using the Television inside a residential property while on an untimed mission can let you stay AFK as long as you want, while not paying any fees during that time; with a bonus of the mission’s reward money upon completion at the end.

That is basically about it! The more you know, right? Let us know what you think about the daily expenses and if you have any additional tips to share.

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