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Arena War Workshop

Release Date December 11, 2018
Title Update 1.46 Arena War
Game Edition GTA Online - Next Gen

The Maze Bank Arena provides players with an Arena Workshop, which is used to modify and upgrade applicable standard vehicles into Arena vehicles, as well as purchase and modify new Arena-Ready vehicles.

The Arena Workshop can be purchased from the new ArenaWar.tv website in GTA Online and can be customized with a choice of office style, workshop graphics, workshop color and mechanic. Optional add-ons also include personal quarters, and vehicle storage with two additional floors of Garages holding 10 vehicles each.

There is also a Career Wall in the Arena Workshop office to keep track of your Arena progress. In addition to cash & RP, every Arena event you complete awards Arena Points based on your performance. The more AP you earn, the more rewards you'll unlock such as discounts on specialty attire & Outfits, upgrades, modifications and more. 

Arena Workshop Price & Location

The basic Arena Workshop, with the cheapest office style and a single mechanic will cost $995,000. A fully-customized workshop with the best upgrades will cost $4,365,000.



GTA V Artwork ArenaWar

Arena War

GTAOnline VehiclePoster 145 Sasquatch

Sasquatch (Arena War)

GTAOnline 14603 ArenaWar Clique


Arena Workshop: Office Style

  • Business: Pure functionality (Free)
  • Modern: Pure class (+$180,000)
  • Urbane: Pure style (+$265,000)

Arena Workshop: Graphics

  • Plain: No frills, no fuss (Free)
  • Geometry 1: Urban Camo (+$120,000)
  • Geometry 2: Chevron (+$150,000)
  • Dystopia 1: Toxic Safari (+$185,000)
  • Dystopia 2: Fallen Idols (+$210,000)
  • Dystopia 3: Wastebrand (+$245,000)
  • Utopia 1: Le Chien (+$320,000)
  • Utopia 2: Sebastian Dix (+$350,000)
  • Utopia 3: Medici (+$395,000)

Arena Workshop: Color

Whether you're looking to hide the rust, the gas or the blood, getting the right color for your workshop is job one.

  • Standard: Grey/Black/Yellow (Free)
  • Other Color Schemes: 8 choices (+$265,000)

Arena Workshop: Garage Floors

Add up to two extra Garage floors to your Workshop, each holding up to 10 vehicles.

  • Garage Floor B1 (+$195,000, +cost of custom graphics if added)
  • Garage Floor B2 (+$265,000, +cost of custom graphics if added)

Arena Workshop: Mechanic

Your Arena Workshop comes with an on-site customization technician, capable of performing any arena-legal modification you can dream of. In addition, you can hire a guest mechanic from Benny's Original Motorworks to cater to your every lowriding need, and a weapons expert to upgrade your guns and weaponized vehicles.

  • Arena Mechanic (Free)
  • Benny's O.M.W. Mechanic (+$247,000)
  • Weapons Expert (+$728,000)

Arena Workshop: Personal Quarters

Because the arena isn't a job or a hobby: it's a way of life.

  • Personal Quarters (+$220,000)


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