• Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • Release Date December 11, 2018
  • Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Enter Arena War, where ruthless gladiatorial combat meets the bleeding-edge of vehicular modification technology in one spectacular - and highly combustible - competition.

Run your own workshop, craft your own juggernauts of destruction, and track your own carnage-filled career. Live from the Maze Bank Arena, this is Arena War.

New Arena Workshop Property

  • The Arena provides players with an Arena Workshop, which is used to modify and upgrade applicable standard vehicles into Arena vehicles and purchase and modify new Arena Ready vehicles.
  • The Arena Workshop can be purchased from the new arenawar.tv website in GTA Online and can be customized with a choice of office style, workshop graphics, workshop color and mechanic – optional add-ons such as vehicle storage and a personal quarters are also available.

New Vehicles

Head to the ArenaWar.tv website in game to purchase the all new Arena Contender Vehicles, each available in Apocalypse, Future Shock and Nightmare styles.

Released on Day of Update

Released on Subsequent Weeks

Plus, several existing or Story Mode exclusive vehicles are now made available to unlock in GTA Online as Pegasus vehicles by increasing Sponsorship Tier or Skill Level:

New Weapons

Three new futuristic weapons have been added to GTA Online Ammu-Nation:

New GTA Online Characters

New Characters introduced to GTA Online as part of this Title Update.

Other Title Update Notes

New Content – PS4, Xbox One and PC only

  • The Maze Bank Arena property has been added to GTA Online.
  • The Arena War Series has been added to GTA Online and can be accessed via the triggers in GTA Online Freemode or the Pause Menu
  • The Arena allows players to participate in the following Arena War Modes which are new vehicular based game types set inside the Arena:
    • Carnage (2-16 Players)
      • There’s no need to overcomplicate things: Americans have always known how to have good, old fashioned, rats-in-a-sack, murder-orgy fun. All we need to do is provide a fresh and unpredictable set of tools, roll the cameras, and get the hell out of the way. No mercy, no disqualification, no safe word.
    • Flag War (2-16 Players)
      • Two teams, two flags, one objective: what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine stays mine. The classic capture the flag formula reworked Arena War style to include enough gasoline-chugging violence to appeal to a mainstream audience.
    • Wreck It (2-16 Players)
      • It’s theoretically possible to win a round of Wreck It by crossing the line first in a fair-and-square lap race. But don’t worry: that’s never happened, because the alternative is coasting across the line after you’ve reduced any serious competition to heaps of smoldering scrap metal. Like the old saying goes, if it’s not a race to the death, you’re just not taking it seriously enough.
    • Tag Team (2-16 Players)
      • Arena War isn’t all about ruthless individualism. Sometime there really is safety in numbers - and in Tag Team you’re going to need it. Each team has one player in the Arena at a time, and their only objective is to immolate the opposition. If you’re taking heavy fire you can tag in one of your teammates, but remember, this only ends one way - and it’s you or them.
    • Games Masters (2-16 Players)
      • When it comes to brutal Arena designs, you can install the most exquisitely hazardous death traps on the market, but there’s just no substitute for the sheer ingenuity and sadism of a properly incentivized human being. One team collects checkpoints, the other uses every fiendish tool at the Arena’s disposal to make their plans go up in smoke. And be sure to hold onto your grudges: after every round, you switch places.
    • Here Come the Monsters (2-16 Players)
      • Say what you like about gladiatorial fights to the death as a form of mass entertainment – they’ve got no hangups about being fair. One team takes to the Arena in monster trucks capable of crushing metal and bone into the same bloody dust. The other guys get compact cars and a dose of anxiety meds – but if even one of them survives, they win. Let the games begin.
    • Hot Bomb (2-16 Players)
      • Life isn’t about holding onto good things, it’s about passing them on. Like inherited wealth, or a sense of entitlement. Or a high-explosive device. In Hot Bomb, one player has the bomb, and the only way to get rid of it is by crashing into someone else. Throw in a timer and a baying crowd, and survival of the fittest just got an upgrade.
    • Buzzer Beater (added on December 18, 2018)
      • A fast-paced race against the clock and every other lunatic in a rider’s seat where your countdown ends with a serious bang. With a looming countdown ticking ever-closer towards your explosive demise, collect checkpoints strewn across the Maze Bank Arena to add precious seconds to your lifespan. Outlast the other weasels who dare to challenge your crown and be the last rider left alive to claim victory.
    • Bomb Ball (added on December 25, 2018)
      • Let’s face it: although you can get behind the naked aggression and anarchic mob-rule, you’ve never understood the rules of soccer. Well, Bomb Ball gets rid of all those fussy technicalities and restrictions on violence, and boils things down to the real heart of the matter: shoving enormous explosive devices in to the other team’s half before they go off. Welcome to the beautiful game.
  • 90+ items of clothing have been added for male and female characters in GTA Online
  • Festive Content has been Enabled (December 18, 2018):
    • Returning / New Clothing
    • Tinsel / Trees inside interiors & Tree in Pershing Square
    • Firework Launcher
  • [January 29, 2019] A new Race mode has been added to GTA Online:
    • RC Bandito Races
  • [February 28, 2019] The Arena Creator has been enabled in GTA Online:
    • Arena Contender vehicles are compatible with all Races made in this Creator
    • Players can create Deathmatches and Standard Races in the Arena
    • Three Arena Themes are available, all with multiple variations:
      • Apocalypse
      • Future Shock
      • Nightmare
    • Eleven lighting styles are available:
      • Standard
      • Atlantis
      • Evening
      • Hell
      • Midday
      • Morning
      • Night
      • Saccharine
      • Sandstorm
      • Storm
      • Toxic
    • New Prop categories are available with the Arena Creator:
      • Arena Props (Futureshock)
      • Arena Props (Nightmare)
      • Arena Props (Apocalypse)
      • Arena Ramps
      • Arena Dynamic
      • Misc. Arena Props
    • Players can create their own Playlists containing their published Arena War content
    • Personal Arena Contender vehicles are available in both Arena Deathmatches and Races
    • Players can purchase mods for their vehicles in the vehicle select lobby
  • [April 25, 2019] New Simeon Yetarian Premium Deluxe Repo Work assignments have been added to GTA Online:
    • Under the Hammer
      • Simeon's received word that the La Mesa Police are hosting an auction of illicitly-acquired vehicles. They're already hot, so stealing them again is probably a victimless crime, right? Boost the vehicles for your favorite Armenian auto dealer and receive a handsome reward for your efforts.
    • Blow Up IV
      • There's a rival trader in town undercutting Simeon's prices. But Mr. Yetarian always has an Ace up his sleeve - this particular Ace works at the competition's warehouse and has "forgotten" to lock up for the evening. Head over to where the cars are stashed and convert them into junk metal for a tidy sum.
    • Sasquashed
      • There's an Arena War show happening outside the Maze Bank Arena. Simeon needs you to steal those monster trucks for him, then pay a visit to a couple of old friends.
    • GTA Today II
      • Simeon has a client with a very specific wish list - but he can only leave international waters for so long. At short notice, he requires a skilled team to resort to some assertive repossession techniques. Repo high-end vehicles around Los Santos and deliver them to the docks before the client ships out.
    • Do You Even Lift?
      • During a recent stroll through Rockford Hills, Simeon spotted some very beautiful cars outside some very empty second mansions. An unscrupulous person could airlift them right out without triggering the alarm. Acquire a Cargobob and rescue these poor vehicles from a lifetime of neglect.
    • RV Nearly There?
      • When a limited edition MTL Brickade RV goes missing during transit to Los Santos, Simeon hears about it. And when a filthy little tin can dealership in Sandy Shores mysteriously acquires just such an RV, he hears about that too. Go there and acquire this beautiful vehicle by any means necessary.
    • Burn Rate
      • Thanks to the petty vindictiveness of his competition, Simeon's latest shipment is going up in smoke. In order to avoid any unwanted attention from the authorities he's not calling 911 - he's calling you. Acquire yourself a fire truck and extinguish the fires as well as any lingering arsonists.
    • Simeonomics
      • A local international businessman is selling some luxury cars to a foreign buyer -- off the books, of course. The cars are set to leave town in the back of a privately chartered cargo plane. That's where you come in: intercept the shipment at LSIA, escape from the cops, get the vehicles to a safe location. Simeon will handle the rest.

New Features / Updates – PS4, Xbox One and PC Only

  • Participating in one of the new Arena War modes gives the player Arena Points (AP), a separate experience system that grants unique perks and trade prices for the vehicles featured in the update.
  • Arena War Wheel, where a player can win one of the available prizes, ranging from Money and RP to AP and Free Spins.
  • 2 new player actions have been added to GTA Online:
    • Champagne Drinking - This requires the purchase of champagne from the VIP spectating area.
    • Make It Rain - This requires the player to have GTA$1000 in their wallet
  • 2 new parachute bag flags have been added to GTA Online for the following countries:
    • Pakistan
    • India
  • New wake up locations have been added for when players pass out in the Nightclub after drinking the Macbeth Whiskey
  • Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR) is now available in Story Mode
  • The Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR) track “Page Blanche” has been renamed to “Incoherence”
  • The cooldown on calling a personal vehicle from the Mechanic has been reduced from five minutes to two
  • Changes have been made to how the following Freemode blips appear on players’ radars in GTA Online:
    • Stunt Series
    • Premium Race
    • Featured Adversary Mode
    • Adversary Series
    • Bunker Series
    • Special Race Series
    • Transform Series
    • Target Assault Series
    • Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series
  • Changes have been made to improve detection against vehicles for Proximity Mine and Vehicle Mine weapons. Additionally, these weapons will no longer activate until the player has moved outside the trigger radius
  • The number of targets in the Assassinate Targets Business Battle has been reduced from 10 to 6
  • Killing a target now rewards the player with an additional cash and RP bonus in the Assassinate Targets Business Battle
  • Changes have been made to drone controls on PC
  • Photo mode has been added to the Drone
  • Players are now notified when they have created a new template in the Creator
  • Players can now double tap R2/RT while holding R2/RT to perform the “double tap” variant of their chosen player action while dancing in the Nightclub
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Oppressor Mk II to fly at a faster speed than intended

GTA Online: Arena War Update - Title Update 1.46 Patch Notes Screenshots


GTA Online: Arena War Update - Title Update 1.46 Patch Notes Video

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