The Lester's Missions are a series of Contact Missions in GTA Online, given by Lester Crest .

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 6 Players. It is unlocked at Rank 14.

Lester Crest’s reputation precedes him — as one of Southern San Andreas’ most successful career criminals, the FIB and other agencies are constant flies in his prescription-strength ointment. Help him out of various binds in Lester Contact Missions.

Lester's Missions: List of Missions

Denial of Service

The Feds must have got a bump in funding, 'cause the streets are filled with surveillance trucks today. I can't operate with these a-holes s-ing on my civil liberties. Take out the trucks before I'm out of business, and I'll throw you a bone. I got some sticky bombs at my warehouse if you need them.
Lester's Missions: Denial of Service image

Mission Objectives:

  • Destroy the trucks.
  • Destroy the last truck.
  • Lose the Cops.

Master Data

There's a mobile data center disguised as a black truck pulling private information out of the air. Why do you care about this? Because it's creepy! You're going to put the truck in the hands of a man who only wants to make money off it - me. Not creepy at all. Oh, and watch out, it'll be protected.
Lester's Missions: Master Data image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the storage unit.
  • Take out the Triads.
  • Search the storage unit for the truck.
  • Get in the truck.
  • Deliver the truck to Lester's warehouse.

Cops Capacity

OK time to prove yourself. For reasons that don't concern you, I have an urgent need to thin out the police presence in Los Santos and I was thinking you could cause a diversion... pay some police stations a visit, cause some chaos, lead the cops on a merry dance out of town. I'll have grenades and an armored car waiting for you at the factory. Yes, that kind of chaos.
Lester's Missions: Cops Capacity image

Mission Objectives:

  • Collect the supplies from the warehouse.
  • Destroy the cop cars.
  • Destroy the riot van.
  • Destroy the police bikes.
  • Destroy the prison bikes.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to Lester's safehouse.

Crime Scenester

How do you feel about taking stuff from the cops? What if those cops were dirty? Really dirty? Really, really dirty? Okay, good. They've just taken some marked cash off a contact which could cause us some problems. Get it back to me before the LSPD trace it back to me.
Lester's Missions: Crime Scenester image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the crime scene.
  • Recover the cash.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Deliver the cash to Lester's warehouse

Landing Strip

Some business associates of mine have come to me with a little market saturation problem. I need you to extract a plane loaded with rival product and deliver it to Sandy Shores Airfield. I'd advise taking along a sniper if I were you. Convince me you're professional and I'll have more jobs like this. Oh, and get an apartment, something with space to prep properly. I don't like mistakes.
Lester's Missions: Landing Strip image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the plane.
  • Deliver the plane to Sandy Shores airfield.

A Titan of a Job

I assume you've heard of Merryweather Security? Those warmongers for hire making billions in the Middle East? Well, now they're trying to expand their domestic operations. Some associates of mine are prepared to pay top dollar for a Titan transport plane if it can be relieved from Merryweather's protection at Los Santos International. Use a helicopter to get into the airport and stay out of restricted airspace. The buyers are waiting at Sandy Shores Airfield.
Lester's Missions: A Titan of a Job image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the Titan.
  • Deliver the Titan to Sandy Shores airfield.

Last Chopper Outta LS

I just eavesdropped on a very interesting conversation. That diamond store that got hit last week? The ice is in a helicopter in a rooftop in Del Perro ready to be moved out to the East Coast. They'll have muscle so you'd better tag-team this - put someone on a nearby roof with firepower while the other moves in for the cargo. I wouldn't normally poach, but this crew are idiots ;) Meet me back at the warehouse.
Lester's Missions: Last Chopper Outta LS image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the helicopter.
  • Deliver the helicopter to Lester's warehouse.
  • Take out the enemy crew.

High Priority Case

I need another favor. Some documents are about to change hands that would be very useful for me. Security system plans - seems we both have eyes on the same prize. The exchange has been set up at a construction site on top of a skyscraper in Downtown so you'll need a helicopter. Bring the briefcase to the warehouse. Make this happen and I won't forget it.
Lester's Missions: High Priority Case image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the briefcase.
  • Deliver the briefcase to Lester's warehouse.

Quarry Quarry

So a little casual internet research on my part has revealed some interesting intel. A crew is planning to hijack some explosives from the Davis Quartz quarry for a bank job, which game me a great idea. Why don't we do the same thing, and maybe even take out the crew in the process? They'll probably have snipers so keep your eyes open. Deliver the explosives to the warehouse - I'll store them there for a rainy day.
Lester's Missions: Quarry Quarry image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the vans.
  • Deliver the van to Lester's warehouse.

By Land, Sea and Air

Merryweather's ramping up of domestic operations does have a silver lining - a sudden influx of state-of-the-art military aircraft. They have two armed helicopters in storage on the Pier 400 rooftop at the west docks that would serve me very well on another job. Deliver them to the warehouse and I'll make sure you're looked after. Those psychos are tooled up so watch yourself
Lester's Missions: By Land, Sea and Air image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the west docks rooftop.
  • Steal a helicopter.
  • Deliver the helicopter to Lester's warehouse.

Teaser Trailer

Don't ask me how I know but Merryweather are holding some seriously hush-hush tech at the docks. Some kind of electromagnetic weapon about to be shipped out to someone dangerous. We can't let that happen.The device is in a trailer so you'll need a truck to move it. Check one of the industrial areas nearby. Good luck. They've got a lot of men on this so go prepared.
Lester's Missions: Teaser Trailer image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the trailer.
  • Deliver the trailer to Lester's warehouse.

Four Trailers

Drop whatever you're doing. I've been surveilling two trailers of weapons in Cypress Flats for a while now but they just got hit. I don't know who the crew is but they came in numbers. Get down there and stop this happening. This is my job not theirs. Deal with them and bring the trailers back to the warehouse.
Lester's Missions: Four Trailers image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal a trailer.
  • Take the trailer to Lester's warehouse.

Bust Out

I need the best for this and that's why I came to you. One of my guys has been arrested. They were holding him in Paleto County but he's being moved to Bolingbroke Prison on the next bus. Can you intervene and spring the fool? I'll make it worth your while. Bring him back to the warehouse - he can lie low here until the heat eases off. Just make sure the cops don't follow you.
Lester's Missions: Bust Out image

Mission Objectives:

  • Rescue Gustavo.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Escort Gustavo to Lester's warehouse.

Sinking Feeling

Guess what I overheard on the airwaves? A team of guys are planning to steal explosives from a blast crew in the metro tunnels. How do you feel about crashing the party? You can bring the goody bags back to the warehouse.
Lester's Missions: Sinking Feeling image

Mission Objectives:

  • Get to the tunel entrance.
  • Steal an SUV.
  • Deliver the SUV to Lester's warehouse.

The Parking Garage

I've had a tap into some of our competitor's phones. They've been getting careless with their burners recently. It seems the architectural plan for a certain well-known financial institution is going to be changing hands at a parking lot in Pillbox Hill. Could you persuade them to part with it? They'll have a lot of heat so probably best to split up your guys. Put some snipers on the roof while the rest go in for documents. Good luck.
Lester's Missions: The Parking Garage image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the parking lot.
  • Climb the ladders and get in position.
  • Take out the enemies.
  • Get the document.
  • Deliver the document to Lester's warehouse.

Hack and Dash

The FIB is using a lockup on Clinton Avenue to score some prototype vehicles equipped with new tech to siphon private data from home wifi networks (copied from Eyefind cars). They're watching us, I'm watching them. Can you pay them a visit and snatch their new toys? Word of warning - you'll have to hack the terminal to get into the lockup which is going to raise some bells. Expect a lot of heat.
Lester's Missions: Hack and Dash image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the compound.
  • Hack the terminal.
  • Steal the vehicles.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Deliver the vehicles to Lester's warehouse.

On Maneuvers

Some important clients of mine need access to a top-of-the range combat helicopter. Don't ask. According to some worryingly insecure high-clearance systems I've been playing with, the army is doing a training exercise with an Annihilator. So, tiny favor... could you get it for me? They'll probably call in air support, so go prepared. Thx.
Lester's Missions: On Maneuvers image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the army training grounds.
  • Steal the Annihilator.
  • Deliver the Annihilator to airfield.

Docks to Stock

Is there anybody I hate more than Merryweather's CEO Don Percival? OK, quite a few people. But he's enough of a snake to antagonize just for the hell of it. Merryweather are smuggling in some high-tech weapons. They're currently stashed under a bridge in a shipping container so you'll need a heavy-lift helicopter. See if you can borrow one from the army base?
Lester's Missions: Docks to Stock image

Mission Objectives:

  • Acquire a Cargobob.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to the compound.
  • Collect the container.
  • Deliver the container to Lester's warehouse.

Stocks and Scares

I need to find out who's been involved in some recent OTC stock transactions. Extremely covert, off-market stuff. Very lucrative, but no trail online. Merryweather (of course) have been contracted by the investors to secure the documentation and, if my sources are correct, it's being held at the port. If you could get me that info, I'd sleep a lot better tonight.
Lester's Missions: Stocks and Scares image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the Merryweather office.
  • Hack the terminal.
  • Crack the safe.
  • Steal the briefcase.
  • Deliver the briefcase to Lester's warehouse.

American Exports

This mission was removed from GTA Online.

Hot off the press (i.e. a senior Merryweather exec's email account). There are some particularly nasty weapons in a shipping container at the Airport bound for Africa. That can't happen. You'll need a heavylift heli - I've located a Cargobob at Zancudo army base. The container will be heavily guarded by Merryweather, so you'll have to clear the area Before moving in and you can expect some company when you're in the air.
Lester's Missions: American Exports image

Mission Objectives:

  • Acquire a Cargobob.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to the compound.
  • Collect the container.
  • Deliver the container to Lester's warehouse.

Chemical Extraction

This mission was removed from GTA Online.

I need you to go shopping. There's a particular type of plastic explosive, that I need for a particular job, that requires a particular base chemical. I have it on good authority that a large batch of that chemical is loaded into a van ready for transportation from Humane Labs. You might need to hack the security system to get into the garage. Collect the van and drop it at my safehouse in the desert.
Lester's Missions: Chemical Extraction image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the Humane Laboratory.
  • Hack the terminal.
  • Steal the van.
  • Deliver the van to Lester's Safehouse.

Docks to Stock II

This mission was removed from GTA Online.

Remember how good it felt getting under Don Percival's skin with that shipping container we jacked from Merryweather at the bridge? How about doing it again? Merryweather have another container under heavy guard by the docks. You'll need a heavy lift chopper and something to take it out of the structure with. Come on, it will be worth it for Percival's face alone. :-)
Lester's Missions: Docks to Stock II image

Mission Objectives:

  • Acquire a Cargobob.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to the compound.
  • Collect the container.
  • Deliver the container to Lester's warehouse.

Lester's Missions: Job Info

  • Unlock Rank 14

Lester's Missions: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date October 1, 2013
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox OnePlayStation 3Xbox 360

Lester's Missions Video

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