The Gerald's Missions are a series of Contact Missions in GTA Online, given by Gerald .

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 4 Players.

Hone your skills and help Gerald maintain control of his corner of Los Santos’ much-contested drug turf to realize your ambitions as a rider.

Gerald's Missions: List of Missions

Learning the Ropes

This is the second mission in GTA Online as part of the starting tutorial, following Lamar's mission "Mall or Nothing". It is a PvE mission, which can be played co-op with up to 4 players.

The Vagos and Ballas are doing a deal. Steal the drugs and bring them back to G's crib.
Gerald's Missions: Learning the Ropes image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the meeting.
  • Get the drugs.
  • Deliver the drugs to Gerald's house.
  • Help deliver the drugs to Gerald's house.

Pier Pressure

Sticking punks up is the perfect hustle for a new kid in town. Marks ain't gonna recognize you, won't be able to come back. Take advantage of that low profile at a meet under the Del Perro pier. l don't care what happens to the Lost and Vagos dudes involved, long as the product finds its way to my spot. Oh yeah, there will be some change in it for you.
Gerald's Missions: Pier Pressure image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the meth.
  • Deliver the meth to the Gerald's apartment.

Death Metal

So, Roger's Scrapyard - you know that joint. The Ballas are conversating with some professional type dudes out that way on topic of uncut product. You gonna get hold of the package, and bringing it back to my joint. I'll break you off something, and we go about out day like nothing's gone down. Straight?
Gerald's Missions: Death Metal image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to Roger's scrapyard.
  • Steal the coke.
  • Deliver the coke to the Gerald's apartment.

Deal Breaker

Alright, so today you gonna stick up some cats up for they stash, if you down. It's some across the lines thing between the Ballas and the Vagos at the Los Santos State Gas Company yard in Banning. Get over there, interrupt it, and get the package. Bring it back to me, I'll break off some change, we pretend like nothing happened. That's the lick. You good?
Gerald's Missions: Deal Breaker image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the drug deal.
  • Steal the coke.
  • Deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.

Flood in the LS River

A'ight, so you wanna hustle? This is your hustle - the Lost and the Vagos is having a meeting of minds down in the LS River. It'd suit my purposes if they got stuck up. Light'em up, bring whatever they holding to the crib, you gonna make some bills. Straight up.
Gerald's Missions: Flood in the LS River image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the meth.
  • Deliver the meth to Gerald's apartment.

Meth'd Up

Alright, fool. I got a word on a hustle. It's outside a town at this serious dealer's spot, but you don't gotta deal with him. He's been selling chemical to some hillbilly types cookin out their RV. Boost the caravan and meet my dudes at the YouTool depot off the freeway. You get money, and I'm in the crystal game. It's all good.
Gerald's Missions: Meth'd Up image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the RV.
  • Deliver the RV to the pickup point.

No Hay Bronca

So, I got my homie Stanley selling products to the Vagos in Rancho. Only I got a bad feeling since we jacked most of that stuff of them to begin with, and I'm told they got the whole block down there. For my peace of mind I'd like your ass down there and the lookout tip. Keep my dude safe and don't lose the product.
Gerald's Missions: No Hay Bronca image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the deal.
  • Rescue Stanley.
  • Retrieve the package.
  • Go to the gang territory.
  • Destroy the gang's vehicles.
  • The gang leader is fleeing, take him out.

Gassed Up

A'ight, word is the Vagos got a new connect for the cocaine they bringing cross border. These some professional dudes who can distribute weight, so you know we wanna screw that up. First Exchange is happening at the Los Santos Stage Gas Company in Cypress Flats. Take 'em out and bring the package round my spot.
Gerald's Missions: Gassed Up image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the coke.
  • Deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.

Hit 'Em Up

I got something I need help with - a list of Ballas got to get clapped. You take of the dudes in the order I give you, they ain't going to get wise to it. Any deviation, the thing is blown. It's Big T, Little T, Small F and Terrance. Get to it, you goin' get paid.
Gerald's Missions: Hit 'Em Up image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to to the New Do Barber Shop.
  • Take out Big T.
  • Get to the hydro plant before Little T leaves.
  • Take out Little T.
  • Go to to the farm on Baytree Canyon Rd.
  • Take out Small F.
  • Go to to the motel.
  • Take out Terrance.
  • Take out the rest of the Ballas.

Violent Duct

Eh fool, I got a stick up for you if you interested. The Lost selling yayo down at Mission Row by the Unicorn, and we are talking weight. I can move this stuff if you can get the right discount, you know what I mean. Bring the package round to my spot, I'll hook you up, if you caught and they sweat you, you don't know me.
Gerald's Missions: Violent Duct image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the deal.
  • Steal the coke.
  • Deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.

Hard Labor

I’ve got some competition based at a construction site in La Puerta. If the head of the crew had an accident, maybe they won’t be so competitive, you get me? Go to the site, clap the dude, I’ll make it worth your while.
Gerald's Missions: Hard Labor image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the construction site.
  • Take out the gang members on the first floor.
  • Take out the gang members on the second floor.
  • Take out the gang members on the roof.
  • Take out the gang boss.

War and Pieces

Someone told me, so I'm telling you - the Lost MC about to sell a nice piece of white to some free love types at the Senora Desert Trailer Park. They hippies, but I guess the dudes love yuppie drugs. Who knows. Just bring the product round my spot, and I'll pay you for it.
Gerald's Missions: War and Pieces image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the coke.
  • Deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.

Chumash and Grab

The stickups keep getting bigger, dog. I got knowledge on a boat loaded with brown tar these Vagos eses brought up from Mexico, so much it sitting low in the water. If you can get from them at Chumash, and bring it to my people by the bridge at Lago Zancudo, I'll have some stacks for you. Look out though, they gonna have guards on land and sea.
Gerald's Missions: Chumash and Grab image

Mission Objectives:

  • Go to the pier.
  • Take out the Vagos.
  • Take out the Vagos approaching to defend the boat.
  • Steal the boat.
  • Deliver the boat to the drop off.

Dish the Dirt

You still looking for hustles, or you too big time now? This is a big ass hustle. These professional dudes selling weight to the Vagos by the radar array in the desert. They goin' have snipers and heavy cats protecting their stuff, but it'll be worth it if you can handle it. Deal with the shooters, get the package, and bring it back to my spot.
Gerald's Missions: Dish the Dirt image

Mission Objectives:

  • Steal the coke.
  • Deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.

Gerald's Missions: Job Info

Gerald's Missions: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date October 1, 2013
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox OnePlayStation 3Xbox 360

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