• Release Date May 14, 2019
  • Platforms PlayStation 4Xbox One

This Title Update brings to Red Dead Online a host of new gameplay features, including new Cooperative Story Missions, Free Roam Activities and the addition of Poker, alongside over 400 bug fixes, balances and improvements that strengthen and stabilize the foundational world of the Red Dead Online experience.

New Content in Red Dead Online

  • Five new A Land of Opportunities Missions co-op missions have been added to Red Dead Online:
  • New Showdown Modes have been added to Red Dead Online, available from Rank 1:

  • A new Weapon has been added to Red Dead Online, and can be purchased from any Gunsmith or the Handheld Catalogue:

  • [May 21, 2019] An existing Story Mode Weapon, the Ancient Tomahawk, has been added to Red Dead Online at Fences (PS4 Early Access Content)
  • [May 21, 2019] A new Horse has been added to Red Dead Online (PS4 Early Access Content)

  • Poker has been added to Red Dead Online and can be joined from various Saloons across the open world. Players can now play Poker against other players in both Public and Private matches. All poker tables seat up to 6 players, available in 5 locations: Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine and Flatneck Station.

  • New Free Roam Mission givers have been added to Red Dead Online, handing out Missions in new areas of the map:
  • Three new Free Roam Mission types have been added into rotation in Red Dead Online, and can be launched from any Free Roam Mission giver:
    • Destroy
    • Jailbreak
    • Stolen Wagon
  • New variations of existing Free Roam Missions have been added to Red Dead Online
  • Several types of Dynamic Events have been added to the open world of Red Dead Online, which the player will encounter as they travel across the world
  • Three new Posse Versus Challenges – Contests have been added to Red Dead Online:
    • Bird Shooting Contest
    • Biggest Fish Contest
    • Herb Picking Contest
  • Over 370 items and variations of Clothing have been added for male and female characters in Red Dead Online, and can be purchased from any General Store, Tailor or the Handheld Catalogue
  • Over 70 items and variations of Horse equipment have been added in Red Dead Online, and can be purchased from any Stable or the Handheld Catalogue
  • New Emotes have been added to Red Dead Online, and can be purchased from any General Store, Tailor or the Handheld Catalogue:
    • Flex
    • Slow Clap
    • Beg for Mercy
    • Throat Slit
    • Flip Off
    • [May 21, 2019] Boast (PS4 Early Access Content)
    • [May 21, 2019] Hey, You (PS4 Early Access Content)

Balancing and Improvements in Red Dead Online

  • Increases have been made to Gold payouts across multiple content types:
    • Free Roam Events
    • Free Roam Missions
    • A Land of Opportunities Missions
    • Showdown Modes
    • Open World Content:
      • Treasure Chests
      • Daily Challenges
      • Award Resets
  • A new HDR Calibration menu has been added. Players can now switch between the existing ‘Cinematic HDR’ and new ‘Game HDR’ styles, and a new option has been added to allow manual adjustment of Peak Brightness values for different displays
  • Added the ‘Hostility’ System to Red Dead Online that builds upon the changes to player Radar blips from the previous Title Update.
    • Depending on their actions, players will now be labelled with one of three Hostility levels - Low (dark blue Radar blip), Medium (pink) or High (dark red). Your current Hostility level can be seen in the Online Options section of the Player menu
    • Players with higher Hostility levels will still receive the same punishments as the previous update, causing them to appear at longer distances on the Radar/Map and respawning further away when dying
    • A player’s Hostility level will not be affected when killing players through PvP gameplay such as Showdown Modes or when instructed to via Free Roam Events with PvP elements
    • Players can attack other players with a High Hostility level without any negative changes towards their own Hostility level
    • A player’s Hostility level will slowly reduce over time when not performing any hostile actions towards other players
  • Players now have the ability to ‘Press Charges’ from the death screen after being killed by another player in a Red Dead Online session:
    • If a player decides to press charges, the attacker will gain Bounty and their Hostility level will increase for performing that crime (this increase was the default behavior before this update)
    • If a player does not press charges, the attacker will not gain any Bounty or Hostility level for performing that crime
  • A new ‘Playing Style’ option has been added to the Online Options section of the Player menu in Red Dead Online:
    • Offensive’ playing style is the default existing behavior in Free Roam, allowing standard PvP combat in all Free Roam activities with no additional protections
    • Defensive’ playing style gives players the ability to signal that they want to ‘opt out’ of PvP-based activities and aggressive interactions with other players in the session. Players with a Defensive playstyle selected:
      • Will be displayed to others with a faded Radar blip and a ‘shield’ icon above their head
      • Cannot lock-on to other players, and cannot be locked onto
      • Do not receive critical damage when shot, and take less damage in general
      • Cannot be lassoed, tackled or executed
      • Are unable to interact with some Free Roam Missions occurring in the session
      • Will be offered fewer Free Roam Missions with a PvP component from Mission givers
    • Players with an Offensive playing style will increase their Hostility level significantly when attacking or griefing players with a Defensive playing style set
    • Players with a Defensive playstyle will have their Hostility increased if they choose to perform any aggressive behavior towards a player that does not have a High Hostility level and be switched out of the Defensive playing style
    • Players with a High Hostility level will not be able to enter the Defensive playing style and must wait until their Hostility level is lowered over time
  • Daily Challenge Streaks have been added to Red Dead Online:
    • A player must complete at least one Daily Challenge from each day’s selection to prevent the streak from being broken and resetting back to zero days
    • After completing each Streak set at 7-day intervals, the player will activate the next level of thereward multiplier that applies to all future Gold earned through Daily Challenges the until the streak is broken
    • After completing a 28-day streak, the player is awarded with a one-time reward of a Treasure Map
  • Several new Daily Challenges have been added into rotation in Red Dead Online, and some existing Daily Challenges have been updated or removed. Daily Challenges related to killing other players in Free Roam have been removed.
  • Changed the way that lock-on aiming against other players in Red Dead Online is controlled. When locking on to a player’s torso and flicking the Right Stick upwards, the reticle will no longer automatically make adjustments toward the targeted player’s head, making headshots slightly more challenging.
  • Increased the speed that players in Red Dead Online are able to switch between different weapons when using the Weapon Wheel menu
  • Thrown weapons that required ignition (Dynamite, Fire Bottle) now light instantly when held in Red Dead Online, speeding up the time before being able to throw them
  • New Awards have been added to Red Dead Online related to Daily Challenges, dynamic world events, and other content
  • Changes have been made to notifications sent out to rival players in a Red Dead Online session while performing Free Roam Missions:
    • The time before sending out notifications to nearby players that an objective that can be captured/destroyed has been greatly increased
    • Rival players now need to be closer to an objective that can be captured/destroyed before they are able to participate
  • The Beta label has been removed from the Red Dead Online logo and text
  • Quality improvements and performance optimizations have been made to ambient occlusion in order to match the on-disc version of the game (1.00). Lighting changes were originally made in the Day One Patch (1.02) to prevent framerate issues.
  • Updates have been made to the Red Dead Online Character Creator, improving menu layouts and adding descriptions/illustrations
  • Awards in Red Dead Online can now be pinned to make it easier to check current progress. Once pinned, they will appear in the Log section of the Player menu.
  • You can now quickly switch between Ranks while on the Rank Unlocks menu screen using the bumper/shoulder buttons of the controller
  • Added descriptions to items in the Rank Unlocks menu in Red Dead Online to inform players where they can purchase newly unlocked items
  • The Progress section of the Pause Menu now shows the Total Completion percentage without needing to open the submenu while in Story Mode
  • The display of attacker information on the player death screen has been sped up in Red Dead Online so that it is visible before respawning
  • A new control scheme named ‘FPS2’ has been added to the Settings menu. This scheme moves the Sprint button to R1/RB with the intention of allowing running/sprinting at the same time as camera . In addition, Crouch has been moved to X/A in this layout.

Other Bug Fixes & Adjustments

  • Issues that caused a player’s Horse Bonding level to be reset after completing certain missions in Red Dead Online or display incorrectly on some menus when at maximum level, have been fixed.
  • Multiple issues that prevented Free Roam Missions from launching correctly in some Red Dead Online sessions or failed to launch correctly for every member of a Posse, have been fixed.
  • An issue that caused the ‘Stubble’ facial hair option and some other Barber Shop items to disappear from your player character after purchasing and left them unable to be reapplied, has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some animal and human corpses to disappear before the player had the chance to loot/skin/collect them while in a Red Dead Online session.




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