Mark your territory and lay claim to as much land as you can, working your way behind enemy lines to capture territory from your opponents while defending what’s yours. Whoever holds the most land at the end of the Overrun Showdown Mode wins.

Job Information
Game Mode Showdown Mode

Welcome to a good old-fashioned land grab: lay claim to as many territories as you can, steal from your opponents, and defend what's yours. Whoever holds the most at the end wins.

Location Cotorra Springs; Dakota River; Saint Denis Square; Sisika; The Manor
Job Variation Team
Weapons Setting Standard Weapons
Number of Lives Unlimited Lives
Number of Teams 2 teams
Players 2 - 16 players
Release Date May 14, 2019
Title Update 1.09 May 2019


This game mode can take place in the following map locations / variations:

  1. Cotorra Springs
  2. Dakota River
  3. Saint Denis Square
  4. Sisika
  5. The Manor


Coming soon.


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