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Public Enemy

In the Public Enemy Showdown Mode, not every life is equal. Each team needs to protect whoever is their Public Enemy, which rotates regularly among players.

Take out the opposition's Public Enemy to score points, or kill other players while you're the Public Enemy yourself.

Public Enemy Mode Points System

  • Regular Player killing opposing Regular Player = 0 Points
  • Public Enemy killing opposing Regular Player = 1 Point
  • Regular Player killing opposing Public Enemy = 3 Points
  • Public Enemy killing opposing Public Enemy = 5 Points

Job Information
Game Mode Showdown Mode

In this world, there are only two ways to win: either be the Public Enemy or be the one to bring them down. Kill the opposing team's Public Enemy to score, but be careful: every kill they make is a point to the other side.

Location Brittlebrush Trawl; Butcher's Creek; Heartland Oil Fields; Saint Denis Plantation; Shady Belle
Job Variation Team
Weapons Setting Standard Weapons
Number of Lives Unlimited Lives
Number of Teams 2 teams
Players 4 - 16 players
Release Date June 4, 2019
Title Update 1.10 June 2019


This game mode can take place in the following map locations / variations:

  1. Brittlebrush Trawl
  2. Butcher's Creek
  3. Heartland Oil Fields
  4. Saint Denis Plantation
  5. Shady Belle


Coming soon.


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