RDR2 Title Update 1.10 Patch Notes - More Game Modes & Content
Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date May 28, 2019

The Red Dead Online world grows with new Game Modes, Free Roam Events and more content.

New Game Modes

New Showdown Modes added to Red Dead Online, available from Rank 1:

Sport of Kings

Sport of Kings (4-8 players)

Public Enemy

Public Enemy (4-16 players)

Head for the Hills

Head for the Hills (2-8 players)

New Content

  • New Free Mode Events have been added to Red Dead Online:
    • Wild Animal Kills Challenge: Pit yourself against other sportsmen in a Free Roam hunting challenge with weapons and offensive attacks against other players disabled.
    • [June 4, 2019] Railroad Baron: Ride the rails and capture as many train cars as you can in this traveling variation of King of the Castle.
  • [June 18, 2019] A new Elimination Series Playlist is available from the Red Dead Online menu screen
  • New emotes have been added to Red Dead Online:
    • How Dare You
    • Hissy Fit
    • Boast
    • Hey, You
    • Respectful Bow
  • New permanent clothing items have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue:
    • Flora Corseted Chemise (Female only)
    • Paddon Shirt (Male only)
    • Flores Vest
    • Bellerose Hat
    • Strung Sombrero
    • Gibbston Pants
    • Chuparosa Poncho (all black tint)
    • Lightfoot Pants
    • Common Flat Cap
    • Horsfall Overshirt (male only)
    • Finley Jacket
    • Studded Spurs
    • Caldwell Hat
    • Cromwell Hat
    • Cabrera Pants
    • Durham Coat (new tint)
    • Fieldwork Hat
    • Riggs Fringe Coat
    • Descoteaux Hat
    • Alvarado Chaps
    • Gerden Morrow Spurs
    • Gibbston Pants (new tints)
    • Blackburn Boots (new tints)
    • Austin Boots (new tint)
  • New time-limited clothing items have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue:
    • Plaid Cap
    • Calhoun Boots
    • Racoon Hat
    • Shaffer Chaps
    • Charro Jacket (male only)
    • Vaquero Spurs
    • Clymene Coat (female only)
    • Griffith Chaps
    • Pelt Half Chaps
    • Cossack Hat
    • Gardenia Hat
    • Cossack Hat
    • Fanned Stovepipe Hat
    • Irwin Coat
    • Porter Jacket
    • Strickland Boots
    • Owanjila Hat
    • Concho Pants
    • Gator Hat
    • Ortega Vest
    • Woodland Gloves
    • Tied Pants
    • Vaquero Baroque Spurs
  • New content has been added to Red Dead Online:
    • Belanger Saddle
  • Fixed an issue to prevent crashes and improve stability




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