Help Marshal Tom Davies save Valentine - and his own neck.

Job Information
Game Mode Story Mission
Mission Number 11
Mission Type Honorable Mission

Old Man Jones needs your help. Marshal Davies has been taken and it won't be long before he is hanged.

Mission Giver Old Man Jones
Location Tumbleweed (New Austin)
Job Variation Team
Weapons Setting Standard Weapons
Number of Lives 3 Team Lives
Number of Teams 1 teams
Players 2 - 4 players
Release Date May 14, 2019
Title Update 1.09 May 2019
Notes This mission is only available to players who are honorable.
Featuring Marshal Tom DaviesSam Freeman

Mission Objectives

The following are the Mission Objectives required to obtain the Gold Medal:

  • Complete th mission in under 8 mins 50 secs
  • Save Marshal Davies in under 40 seconds
  • Enemies Killed
  • Enemies taken out with headshots
  • Lives remaining
  • Damage taken
  • Companion damage taken


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