Black Belle

Black Belle is the sole surviving member of the infamous Colter Tobin Gang. She was married six times to six different men and never divorced any of them. She's currently on the run from bounty hunters.

Arthur Morgan is sent to track her down and potentially interview her for a book about Jim "Boy" Calloway, as part of the Strangers Side Mission "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman".

She also appears in Red Dead Online as a Free Roam Mission giver.

Character Information
Role Gunslinger
Gender Female
Nationality American
Location Canebreak Manor (Bluewater Marsh, Lemoyne)
Weapon Lancaster Repeater
Also Known As Maybelle Elizabeth Colter (Real Name); The Grande Dame of The Gunslingers; The Dynamite Dowager
Performer / Actor Rebecca Watson
Mission Appearances
Game Edition Story Mode, Red Dead Online
As Featured Character



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