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Jim "Boy" Calloway

Once considered one of the fastest left-handed draws in the Wild West, in the present, Calloway is a drunk who has trouble remembering his past exploits. This causes his biographer, Theodore Levin, no end of grief, to the point where he's looking for outside help to interview previous associates of Calloway.

He's a former gunslinger that sends Arthur Morgan to interview other gunslingers for a book about him, as part of the Strangers Side Mission "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman".

Character Information
Role Gunslinger
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Valentine (The Heartlands, New Hanover)
Affiliation Theodore Levin
Weapon Calloway's Revolver
Nicknames "Boy"
Performer / Actor Frank Ridley
Mission Appearances
As Mission Giver
As Featured Character


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