GTA Online: "Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack" - Full Content Details

Now available, the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is the fastest way for new Grand Theft Auto Online players to jumpstart their criminal empires. Get access to a huge range of the most exciting and popular content in GTA Online including properties, businesses, weapons, vehicles and more - all content valued at over GTA$12,000,000 if purchased separately:


Launch business ventures from your Maze Bank West Executive Office, research powerful weapons technology from your underground Paleto Forest Bunker and more.


Tear through the streets with a range of vehicles, including a Supercar, Motorcycles, the weaponized Dune FAV and more.


Three powerful weapons to launch your reign over Los Santos and Blaine County.

Compact Grenade Launcher
Compact Rifle

Compact Rifle

Marksman Rifle

Marksman Rifle


  • Player Customization:
    • Outfits: Import / Export
    • Outfits: Stuntman Suits
    • Outfits: Racing Suits
    • Outfits: Biker Suits
    • Biker Tattoos

  • GTA$1,000,000 Bonus Cash!

A copy of Grand Theft Auto V is required to play and the content is only accessible in GTA Online. Content, including vehicles, will be marked FREE in-game, and has no trade-in value. After installation, start GTA Online and follow the instructions to claim your items from in-game stores and websites.

Available for $39.99 on: PlayStation 4 | Xbox OneSteam | Rockstar Warehouse



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