Vehicle Cargo is a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online, associated to the Executive Offices and Vehicle Warehouses property.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on December 13, 2016, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 4 Players.

Source vulnerable and stolen vehicles, modify them and resell them for big profits.

The Vehicle Cargo SecuroServ service allows the CEO of an organization to source vulnerable and expensive vehicles to resell for a profit. The missions can only be done in Free Mode Public sessions of GTA Online, and the players that are not part of the organization will be notified about the event. Destroying the target of a rival CEO will reward money and RP.

Vehicle Cargo: Sourcing Vehicles Missions

Vehicle Sourcing missions can be started from the office of the organization by logging in to the desktop and selecting the Vehicle Cargo option.

The vehicle will vary between Top, Mid and Standard Range randomly. The player will be tasked with collecting the car in one of the following missions, and will then have to bring it back to the organization's vehicle warehouse. The player will have to pay for the repairs needed for the car before sale, and the maximum amount of repairs will add up to $34,000.

Stationary Vehicle

Details should be with you on this car, it's parked at that location. This is straight forward enough, let's get this one back in good shape.
Stationary Vehicle GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Amateur Thief

Not good - some amateur took the car and now they're leading a trail of cops round the city. You're going to have to get the car off them and bring it in
Amateur Thief GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Detective Work

Okay, so SecuroServ couldn't get the car's present location, but they got a picture of its last sighting. Its on the way to you now. Try to narrow down the location from the pic, get the car and bring it in to the warehouse
Detective Work GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Mobile Vehicle

Okay, so the car is on the move, you're going to have to take it en route and bring it into the warehouse
Mobile Vehicle GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission


Today we're robbing an arms dealer. Only problem, his car won't start without its immobilizer. He's having a party, go over there, find the key on one of his guards, and bring it in. And try to do things quiet.
Key GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Car Meet

So, thanks to stupid thieves and social media, SecuroServ traced this stolen car to a race meet. Get over there, steal it again, and bring it to the warehouse.
Car Meet GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Heist Crew

You won't be able to drive this one out of there, it's heading off shore with some pretty nasty individuals, so it's going to need an airlift. Collect a heavy lift chopper and then collect the car.
Heist Crew GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Race Bet

Okay, the owner of this car's willing to give it to anyone who can beat his point-to-point personal best. Get out there, beat it, the car is ours.
Race Bet GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Photo Shoot

So, this car's being used in a photoshoot of some kind. Ignore the flashing lights, just get the vehicle and bring it in.

Movie Stunt

So, this car's being used in a stunt on a movie set. Head over there and take the car but look out, you probably won't be able to get out unless you complete the stunt yourselves.
Movie Stunt GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Closed Circuit

Alright, this car's doing laps around a closed circuit. Stop the car, take it, bring it to the warehouse. I wouldn't expect resistance.
Closed Circuit GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Traffic Stop

Yeah, so this car's being held on a routine traffic stop. Get over there and commandeer the vehicle before they move it on.

Crime Scene

So, this vehicle's been involved in an altercation of some kind. Cops are on the scene. Do what you can, pick it up, and drop it off at the warehouse.
Crime Scene GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission


Well, we don't have the location for this car, but we have the location for a car that's on the way to this car. Find them, tail them without being spotted, and get the vehicle. And, oh yeah, these are Little Seoul gangsters we're talking about.
Tail GTA Online Special Cargo Freemode Mission

Vehicle Cargo: Target Vehicle List

There are a total of 32 different vehicles to be stolen, each coming in 3 possible variations (plates, colors, and modification combinations). One of these variations will also fit into one of the Buyer Collections (see below for more details).

Top Range

Mid Range

Standard Range

Vehicle Cargo: Exporting Vehicles Missions

After the player has stolen a vehicle, he can deliver it to a buyer. One single player can only sell one car at a time, but with associates, a maximum of 4 cars can be sold at a time.

There are 3 options for the sale of the vehicles, each with different difficulties and different payouts:

  • Private: The buyer will take the car without any modifications. The payout is the least of the 3 choices but does not cost anything upfront. Little to no resistance is encountered by the player.
  • Showroom:  The buyer requires some minimal modifications to the car and also pink slips for it. The mission costs a bit of money but has a better pay-out than the Private sale. Additionally, the player must first pick up pink slips for the car before delivering it to the buyer.
  • Specialist Dealer The buyer requires heavy modification for the car, a fixed amount having to be paid by the player upfront. The player will also encounter heavy resistance when selling the car, but the best payout is obtained by this method.

If the player chooses the Showroom or Specialist Dealer sales, they will have 5 minutes to modify the vehicle before leaving to sell it. These modifications technically cost nothing over the initial payment, so the player may experiment with different designs for their cars at no cost.

Possible Payments

Different vehicle ranges and different buyers will award different amounts of cash. The following table showcases the maximum payout for each category (provided the vehicle is delivered in mint condition)

Vehicle RangePrivateShowroomSpecialist
 Top  $40,000  $70.000 - $10.000 = $60.000  $100.000 - $20.000 = $80.000
 Middle $25.000 $43.750 - $6.250 = $37.500 $62.500 - $12.500 = $50.000
 Standard $15.000  $26.250 - $3.750 = $22.500 $37.500 - $7.500 = $30.000

Buyer Locations

Private BuyerShowroom BuyerSpecialist Dealer
Barn in the Grand Senora Desert East Joshua Road, Grapeseed South  Americano Way, Richman
Backlot City The Chrome Dome, Helmut's European Autos, Paleto Bay  Buen Vino Road (Devin Weston's House)
Procopio Truck Stop Rex's Diner, RON Alternates Wind Farm  Buen Vino Road (Marlowe Vineyards)
Zancudo Treatment Works Premium Deluxe Motorsport  Ineseno Road, Pacific Bluffs
HJ SIlos Galileo Park Marina Drive, Alamo Sea  La Fuente Blanca (Martin Madrazo's House)
Container Port, Terminal Vinewood Garage, West Vinewood  Lake Vinewood Estates carpark
  Luxury Autos, Rockford Hills  Lake Vinewood Drive, Vinewood Hills
     North Sheldon Avenue, Vinewood Hills

Selling a collection

You have completed a Collection. Sell this to an interested Buyer to earn additional bonuses for all Members of your Organization

Some buyers require a collection of cars with specific license plates, for which they will pay an extra bonus for the entire organization, on top of the import price of the vehicles. The following is a list of the existent collections, the required cars, and their buyers.

Uninsurable X80 Proto (M4K3B4NK); T20 (D3V1L); Osiris (SL33K)  Jay Norris $35.000
Birds of Paradise Tyrus (C1TRUS); Cheetah (BUZZ3D); FMJ (C4TCHM3); Entity XF (OV3RFLOD) Curtis Cray Esq $50.000
Fading Power Coquette BlackFin (V1NT4G3); Nightshade (TH37OS) Keith Collins MD $20.000
No Direct Sunlight Bestia GTS (BE4STY); Feltzer (POW3RFUL); 811 (SL1CK)  DJ Playlist $35.000
Stay Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom (BOUNC3); Tampa (Ch3RG3D); Mamba (BLKM4MB4) Ms. M Schultz $35.000
Molten Metal Alpha (V1S10NRY); Reaper (D34Th3U); Massacro (BO55); Zentoro (W1NN1NG)  Ronnie Bonelli $50.000
Pastel Perfection Coquette Classic (T0PL3SS); Verlierer (PR3C10US); ETR1 (PR3TTY) Cloe Parker $35.000
Hip to be Square Omnis (W1D3B0D); Tropos Rally (1985); Jester (NOF00L); Sultan RS (SNOWFLK3) Tao Cheng $50.000
Shades of Blue Banshee 900R (DR1FT3R); Stirling GT (R4LLY); Seven-70 (4LLOY5); Turismo R (TPD4WG) Cris Formage $50.000
End of Empires Roosevelt Valor (OLDT1M3R); Z-Type (B1GM0N3Y) The Sultan of Amir $20.000

Vehicle Cargo: Job Info

Vehicle Cargo: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date December 13, 2016
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One



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